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"Fuck!" is the only thing she said and subconsciously covered her mouth. "I…I'm…" with her eyes wide, Yu Mei stuttered as she tried to explain.

Liu Yang recovered from the big revelation. She shook her head, and even pinched her cheeks, checking if what she heard is just a hallucination. After confirming that it's not, she looked at Li Jun and Wan Li who were also shocked by the news.

"This is news. When was this?" Wan Li said with raised brows.

Yu Mei nervously looked at her friends. Are they mad? They probably are, right? "Please, all of you, don't be mad. I can explain."

The three of exchange glances and laughed.

"Why do you think that we would be mad?" Wan Li said in between his laughter. "We're just shocked. It's the first time we heard about it." Liu Yang and Li Jun nodded in agreement.

Yu Mei felt relieved. The corners of her eyes started to sting. She bit her bottom lip to stop herself from tearing but failed to do so. "I'm sorry for hiding it from you, guys," she said and sobbed.

Liu Yang hugged and patted her shoulders. Li Jun passed a box of tissue out of nowhere to her and gave it to Yu Mei. "It's okay, stop crying. What if some paparazzi is here and captured your crying face?" Liu Yang threatened.

The four of them laughed in unison. Yu Mei broke from her embrace and carefully wiped her tear-stained face, feeling better.

"So, mind telling us your 'love story.'" Liu Yang said while raising her hands; quoting the word.

"Let's order first before the story-telling, 'kay?" Li Jun started scanning through the menu given to them earlier. "What are we drinking?"

"Beer," Wan Li.

"Beer," Liu Yang said while nodding her head.

"Wine?" Yu Mei.

Li Jun fixed his sight on the menu. "Wonderful suggestions." He waved his hand at the staff nearby to take their order since he promised to treat everybody. "A bottle of tequila, please…hmm...and…fries."

"Is that all, sir?" the staff asked.

Li Jun looked up and smiled, "Also, juice. Thank you."

"Why bother asking us if you already had something in mind?" Yu Mei protested.

"Nothing. I just feel like asking." Li Jun said mockingly.

After a few minutes of waiting, their order arrived. Li Jun immediately dipped the mouths of the shot glasses with salt and poured the alcohol. He gave each one a glass and offered a toast.

"Long live, bitches!" Li Jun said while raising his glass. The others laughed while raising their glass up and downed the alcohol.

As the taste of the liquor slid down their throats, all of them felt a burning sensation through their chests. All of their faces scrunched up because of the bitter taste.

Liu Yang reached out for a lime and sips its juice to immediately wash away the taste of the alcohol. The others did so as well.

"Hoo! Let's get wasted tonight!" Li Jun shouted. "I miss being wasted, really."

Wan Li scoffed beside him. "Honey, in your line of work, I thought being wasted is a normal thing."

Li Jun pouted. "That's not true. Yes, in my line of work, attending parties is a norm, but that does not mean we always get wasted." He looked at everyone, "What I really mean is, I miss being with you, guys. That kind of wasted, you know." He explained, looking pitiful and cute.

Li Jun works as an Assistant Fashion Designer of a famous clothing brand in the city and attends social gatherings in and out of the country that involves famous celebrities and fashion personalities. It is known at gatherings that liquor is always present but that does not mean that the people attending the gathering ended up getting wasted.

Most of all, he has a high tolerance at liquor so, he doesn't really end up belching out his gut on the sidewalk.

On the opposite side of the table, Liu Yang and Yu Mei both giggled.

"We all know that Li Jun has a high tolerance in alcohol. Unlike someone…" Liu Yang said while looking at Yu Mei with a smirk on her face. The latter innocently looked at Liu Yang and blinked her doe eyes many times.

"What?" she then looked at the guys on the opposite and noticed the same look from them. She frowned and laughed faintly. "Why are looking at me like that?"

She slowly reached out for the fries in front and put it into her mouth, chewing it gracefully. She felt unnerved by the stares given to her by her friends. She knew what they're doing and think of a topic to stop them.

"So, Jun, you said you have something to tell us." Yu Mei said while looking at Li Jun straight in the eyes. She had to act unfazed to stop them from prying the issue.

Wan Li and Liu Yang scoffed lightly at the same time while Li Jun raised his brow. "Oh, honey, your story is insignificantly significant as of the moment than mine."

'Shit! They've seen through my ploy!'

Yu Mei closed her eyes and raised her hands in defeat and saw how elated her friends was as she did.

"So, spill!" Wan Li urged and leaned on the table with his head propped on his hands, ready to listen.
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