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Thankfully no one noticed her when she peaked her head at the door. She closed the door back again, slowly.

Liu Yang straightened herself up, and braced herself. She pushed the door wide open, and entered the conference room full of people.

Due to the sound of the door opening, everyone in the room looked towards it. Liu Yang froze for a while, but got back her composure and plastered her most enigmatic smile. She scanned the room and landed her eyes on her bestfriend, Xu Wan Li who has an empty seat next to him, and started to walk towards him. The only sound that can be heard are the sound of the heels of her shoes touching the ground.

"Apologies everyone, Ms. Min, for being late. The streets are rather busy today," she said and bowed before sitting.

Their editor still had her cold expression on her face. "Thank you for arriving 10 minutes after the time Ms. Liu. Finally we can start the meeting."

Lui Yang was dumbfounded after hearing Ms. Min's statement. Her hands were already sweating and her heart's already in her throat and is about to jump out of her chest. She couldn't help but gulp a mouthful of saliva and said, "I'm terribly sorry Ms. Min. It won't happen again."

This time, Min Chu did not utter any word and ignored Liu Yang. She grabbed a handful of papers and slammed it on the long table.

Bang! The sound is loud enough for everyone to hear. Everyone in the room jumped out of their seat. They stared at the paper splayed on the table and noticed that they are manuscripts of the novels to be published next month.

"Yangyang, isn't this one of your novels?" Xu Wan Li whispered at Liu Yang and passed the paper in his hand with a questioning look.

Liu Yang also looked confused. Why is Ms. Min handling these copies to them when they're all due to be published? They all even submitted it right before the deadline. She asked herself.

Everyone also looked confused and gave a questioning look at their Editor-in-Chief. She only gave them a cold stare.

"I know you are all going to ask about those manuscripts I handed to you. Wanna know why?" Min Chu said this while scanning everyone in the room, and raising her left brow, looking even more intimidating.

"Yes Ms. Min. Why?" asked one of the editors.

Min Chu glared at the editor and he cowered in his seat. Then she continued, "My husband, I mean, the CEO of Yinyang Enterprises, is not happy about current situation of Yinyang Publishing. We all know that Yinyang Publishing is only a subsidiary company of Yinyang Enterprises. If we don't make it to the end-of-the-year quota, then they don't have any other choice but to drop our small time company. I know all of you don't like that."

"Ms. Min? Then why don't we publish all these submitted manuscripts so that we can make it on time," Xu Wan Li suggested.

"That is the real problem. I handed you those manuscripts to take a closer look at your authors work and your personal works." Min Chu sternly said.

"But Ms. Min we are certain about our works are ready for publishing. That is why we submitted it to you." Liu Yang firmly said and earned approval from other editors.

"Really?" Min Chu said while arching a brow and mockingly smiled.

She then slammed the table "PAH!" and roared, "Don't you recognize the similarities between all of the manuscripts in your hand and the previous novels you wrote that are already in the market?!"

Everyone's face paled and can feel their backs sweating coldly.
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