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Meanwhile, in the living room of Niu Mansion.

Mrs. Niu and Min Chu are happily conversing about motherhood while sipping tea.

Su Bin, on the other hand, is gloomily sitting on a corner with his phone in hand, feeling out of place, bored and disappointed at the same time. He wasn't able to get a reply from his girlfriend, he's been waiting for ages.

After minutes of waiting, his phone dings. The message got him excited, hoping it was what he's waiting for, but it wasn't. Su Bin's shoulders went limp when he saw it was an email. He opened it and saw five profiles of people. He read them one by one to ease his boredom.

As he finished reading the last profile, he received a WeChat message from his girlfriend and happily opened it. He saw a picture of her with her friends with a smile on his face. 'Such a good girl.'

But his smile turned into a frown. Su Bin zoomed in the picture to see the person clearer. "This dude's so familiar," he blurted.

"Su Bin, you saying something?" Choi Minjun asked him with a questioning look.

"Uh, nothing, Auntie." Su Bin smiled at her. After hearing his reply, Choi Minjun returned her attention back to Min Chu.

Su Bin curiously looked at the profiles on his phone. He scanned through and found it. 'Bingo!' He laughed at himself internally. 'So, the one that they've been looking for is just around the corner, huh. And it's his girlfriend's friend. A close friend at that!'

He looked at the profile again with an arched brow. "Xu Wan Li. Hahaha! Idiot Guan Ning!" he grumbled to himself. Looking down further into the profile, his laughter bubbled up inside. In order not to catch attention from the ladies, he stifled his laughter inside that made his stomach ache.

He remembered Guan Ning said that the woman he's been looking is a friend of this Xu Wan Li. He looked at the photo again and noticed the other woman. "She must be her. Not bad, huh," he whispered. Looking at the photo, his heart warmed up.

From the other side of the couch not so far away, Choi Minjun saw Su Bin's look and narrowed her eyes. As she is about to ask him, the door of the study opened. They looked at the direction and saw Guan Qing's figure.


Because of the silence that hangs inside the room, the faint sound of the door closing can be heard.

Guan Ning reached for the kettle in front of him, poured himself a cup of tea and elegantly brought it to his lips.

Niu Yizhang is keenly observing his son. The boy whom he forcibly sent away is now a man. He still remembers the look on his face that day.

"What do you want to say to me, Father?" Guan Ning broke the silence. He spoke the word 'father' with a hint of sarcasm. "Are you going to tell me not to accept the position of being the CEO? Because I'd gladly grant your wish and go back to America for good." He smirked after his speech.

Anger rose inside Niu Yizhang's heart. How deep is his hatred to be like this? "Stop tormenting your Mother! Haven't you had enough?" He glared at his son.

Guan Ning's lips twitched when his mother was mentioned.

"I asked Guan Qing to go out because what I'm about to say concerns Min Chu."

Guan Ning looked at his father abruptly. This topic is much too sensitive for him.

His father gave a loud sigh and continued, "Stop pursuing her, Guan. He's already your brother's wife and for goddamn's sake, they're having a child." His father's tone showed concern. For whom? For him? Impossible!

"Who told you I'm pursuing her? I did accept everything a long time ago. You even forced me out of here because of her," Guan Ning's fury bubbled up again. 'Where did he get that ridiculous idea?'

"But you still love her, don't you?"

After hearing his father's question, Guan Ning retracted his gaze. He couldn't retort to it because somehow, it's true. He got this complicated look on his face and could not utter any word, therefore, he closed his eyes in pain.

Then he heard his father, "Find someone better for you. If you want, I'll help you with it."

He did not answer and looked down to his shoes with clenched fists. 'Better? But Min Chu is the best for me. In this life, maybe, no one can even surpass her.'

Niu Yizhang felt pity towards his son but he didn't show it. "There are so many prestigious women in Xinjiang. Your mother and I will help you find one."

For some unexplainable reason, a beautiful face entered Guan Ning's mind after he heard his father. He frowned and just got an idea.

"Is it okay for you if she's not from a prestigious family?" he raised his head and looked at his father straight in the eyes.

Niu Yizhang was taken aback by his sudden question. On one hand, he's happy, on the other hand, he's confused. "What do you mean?" He couldn't help but ask. He couldn't fathom the look on his son's face as he look at him. Is he amused or happy?

"What if she's not from a prestigious family? Would you accept her?" Guan Ning asked again. Noticing his father's silence, he gave a challenging smile. "You don't need to help me about that matter, then. I already have someone in mind."
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