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Niu Mansion


Min Chu is already pregnant?! This is the reason why his brother is giving up the position of being the CEO of the company, right? Guan Ning scoffed inwardly. 'I'm a total fool!'

Everyone in the table, except for Guan Ning, is elated with the news, especially his mother. They were giving their congratulations and blessing to the couple except for him who remained on his seat gripping the chopsticks tightly with a stony face.

"Finally, the time has come! Our long wait is finally over!" Choi Minjun exclaimed in excitement and rose from her seat and give Min Chu a hug. "Today is such a blessing. When is it due?"

Guan Qing chuckled at his mother's excitement. "Mother, our baby is only three weeks old. No need to rush."

"Fine, fine."

Su Bin stands up and intentionally stomped onto Guan Ning's feet who winced in pain. He gave a menacing glare to his cousin who ignored him and sauntered towards the couple and gave his blessing.

Guan Ning composed himself and smiled faintly. In an audible tone, he said, "Congratulations, Ge, Min Chu." His brother smiled brightly at him, clearly, he's happy sharing the news to them while Min Chu looked at him reluctantly. He sighed and continued eating.

Returning to his seat, he gave Su Bin a side-eye glare as a warning.

In the midst of their joy, no one noticed Niu Yizhang's secret glance at Guan Ning towards Min Chu. He could clearly see from those eyes. A glint of anger is visible on his face but he masked it away immediately. 'This brat is still into his brother's wife!'

After the "harmonious" dinner, Niu Yizhang summoned his sons to his study leaving the women and Su Bin in the living room to watch the television and have some tea.

Inside the study.

The two entered the study quietly. Niu Yizhang is sitting on the couch waiting for them with a cup of tea on his hand.

"Sit." He said in a domineering tone.

His sons obliged who sit on the long couch in front of him.

Silence followed between them. Guan Qing waited patiently for his father to speak while Guan Ning slump lazily on the couch, looking bored. He would occasionally glance at his wristwatch as if waiting for someone. His father is silently observing his behavior.

Niu Yizhang slowly puts his cup of tea on the table and cleared his throat.

"You two know why I called here." He said in a calm manner while occasionally sipping tea.

"Is it about the company, Father?" Guan Qing asked.

"I've decided to step down as the chairman of the company."

The siblings looked at each other with confusion and shock in both of their faces.

Noticing their silence, Niu Yizhang continued, "Qing, I'm handing it down to you. At Guan Ning's welcoming ceremony as the new CEO, I'm going to announce my resignation and your promotion as the new chairman." He said casually.

Guan Ning remained silent in his seat while Guan Qing felt a headache coming.

"But Father, you should know that I'm stepping down to be with my family. I can't accept this." Guan Qing said, feeling aggrieved.

"You are my sons. It is right for me to hand the company in your hands." He gave a deep sigh before continuing while looking at his sons in front of him, "I am old now. I wanted to enjoy my remaining days with your mother and my grandchildren."

Feeling conflicted, Guan Qing could not help but massage his temples. He had been waiting for this moment to focus his attention onto his family. After becoming the CEO of the company, he had been busy that he sometimes forgot about Min Chu. That is why he was glad when Guan Ning returned and voluntarily gave his position up.

Guan Ning just watched his brother's dilemma on the side, saying nothing.

"I'll accept it, Father," Guan Qing finally said.

Niu Yizhang smiled. "Good. You don't have to stay in the company all the time. You can give the works to Guan Ning, that way you can take care of Min Chu and your child."

Guan Qing nodded. "Okay."

"That's all, you can now leave." He said as he waved his hand.

The two of them stand up in unison and is about to leave when they were stopped by a dominating voice behind. "Guan! Stay."

The two of them stopped in their tracks and looked at each other. Guan Qing gave him a light nod and proceeded to the door.

Before closing the door behind him, he took one last glance at the two.
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