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Wan Li, who just tuck the phone into his pocket, got startled.

"What is it?" he asked while turning to face her. As he did, he saw a man slowly moving forward. He saw the tensed look on Liu Yang's face.

Wan Li immediately drape his hand on Liu Yang's shoulders. She jolted in shock. They both looked at each other and he gave her a reassuring look, signaling her that it's alright. He cleared his throat and announced using his manly voice that the strange man could hear, "Darling, what's wrong?"

Liu Yang secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Her racing heart eased a little knowing that Wan Li is going to protect her. She whispered, "Thank you," to him.

The man in front of them was stunned as he saw the intimate gesture between them. He furrowed his brows, looking confused – more like in doubt and sized Wan Li up from head to toe. 'Am I drunk already? Are they really a couple? But the woman is too pretty and decent to be with someone like him?' He can't help but question himself.

Wan Li grinned. He knew what the man is thinking. His subconscious is rolling on the laughing while clutching his stomach. Liu Yang sensed the amused look on her friend's face and narrowed her eyes at him.

As the two of them are standing side by side, they felt someone hugging them from behind. They turn their heads and saw Li Jun's smiling face and both gave a sigh of relief. Crisis solved!

"Let's go." Li Jun ushered them side by side ignoring and leaving the man behind with a deeper frown on his brows.

The three arrived at the table that is located on a secluded part of the bar.

"No wonder we couldn't find where you were." Wan Li commented while taking a seat on the semi-circle leathered couch. He sat opposite Yu Mei who is drinking water.

"You know we have to consider the reputation of our Young Missy here." Li Jun retorted, emphasizing the title while looking at Yu Mei who just rolled her eyes.

Liu Yang just snickered and sat next to Yu Mei.

As the four of them were seated, silence fell. They exchange glances and after a minute, a deafening shriek could be heard.


The four of them squeal in unison that made people from tables nearby turn their heads. They ignored the curious gaze given to them and hugged each other.

"I really miss you so much, my bitches." Li Jun said while clutching his chest.

Teary-eyed, Liu Yang and Yu Mei nodded in response and hugged each other even tighter.

"We haven't been in contact for a year because we're always busy. It's always me and Yang. Didn't you know that I grew tired of her ugly face?" Wan Li mockingly said.

Laughter bubbled between them.

"You know what, we deserve a selfie," Yu Mei suggested.

"Dear, correction it's 'groufie' 'coz we're literally a group." Li Jun corrected her in perfect English.

Yu Mei grimaced. "Whatever." She raised her phone up as they gather up for a picture.

They took a bunch of pictures that you can already create an album out of it.

"I'm tired. Let's stop," Liu Yang whined. "Let's start the session. It's what we're here for." She suggested, the demon inside her is trying to unleash.

Li Jun and Wan Li are both shocked by her words. The three of them laughed while Yu Mei ignored them and is busy with her phone.

Liu Yang secretly peeked at her phone and saw that she's editing one of their pictures.

"You're going to post it on social media?" Liu Yang asked.

Busy with what she is doing, Yu Mei blurted what's on her mind. "No, I'm sending it to my boyfriend."

The bar is playing some mellow music that everyone is familiar with. Even though Yu Mei's voice is not loud enough, each and every person in their table heard what she just said.

Noticing their silence, Yu Mei raised her head to look at her friends. The three people have this weird expression on their faces while looking at her. "What?" she innocently asked.

Just then she realized she had uttered something she shouldn't.

Fear enveloped her beautiful face.

"Fuck!" is the only thing she said and subconsciously covered her mouth.
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