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Unlike her sister, who followed the footsteps of their parents, Liu Yang wanted to take a different path. She loves literature. And she's good at it. That is why she ran away and pursued her dream.

She did fulfill her dream but it ruined her relationship with her parents. They were so angry that they sever ties with her. Liu Yang knew that they're only thinking about her future but, what is the use of a bright future if every day feels like a death sentence to her?

Liu Yang laughed at herself for being stubborn. She scanned the living room and her gaze landed on the coffee table splattered with papers all over. Wan Li, the messy person, ever. He noticed that he forgot to bring his beloved coffee with him.

Liu Yang walked to her room, bringing her coffee and Wan Li's. As she entered her room, the foul stench of cigarette entered her nose. She coughed vehemently. Wan Li left the door of the room and veranda, open. She saw him blowing off a puff of smoke, his back facing her and walked towards him.

"You forgot your coffee." She said as she approached him. Her voice kind of hoarse. Clearly indicating she'd been crying heavily awhile ago. Wan Li turn to face her while taking a hard drag from the cigarette. "How many cigarettes have you smoked already?" she asked and secretly glanced at the ashtray beside him.

Wan Li accepted his now lukewarm coffee with his free hand. "Three I guess," he answered and took a sip from the cup. Liu Yang rolled her eyes at his lie. Three your butt! You smoke almost half of the pack! Her subconscious is scowling at him at the moment.

"Oh. You really do have a healthy lifestyle," she said with sarcasm. Then added, "You know I will love you more from now on."

Wan Li frowned. "What are you talking about?"

Liu Yang continued to look at the city lights from afar. A hint of smile is shown on her beautiful tear-stained face. "You'll be dying ahead of me because of your 'good' habits. I can't waste my time hating you."

Wan Li just chuckled and did not say anything. She looked at him who is also watching the city lights from afar. "You know you're right."

Wan Li looked at her and understood what she meant. Her eyes are still red from crying. "I know. I have a high IQ, don't you remember?"

Liu Yang rolled her eyes and laughed. She leaned her head and cling into his arm. "Thank you for having a high IQ."

As they were savoring the serenity of the night, Wan Li's phone rang. He pulled it out of his pocket and saw Li Jun video calling. "What does he want, calling me this late?" he's annoyed but answered the call anyway.

He raised his in front of his face. "What?" Wan Li greeted.

"Can't I make a video call with my best friend? Wait, why is it so dark over there? Where the hell are you?" On the phone screen, Li Jun gasped. His face show hints of disgust and astonishment. "Are you having sex with someone? You have a boyfriend?! Fuck Li, you're disgusting." But then he suddenly remembered, "Oh, wait. How can you answer my call if you are…having sex with someone? And the last time I checked you just broke up with your boyfriend."

Wan Li did not utter any word and is now fuming with anger. Li Jun's voice and way of talking irritated him.
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