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"I came from the hospital," Liu Yang answered and crossed her leg facing Wan Li.

"Hospital? Who got hospitalized?"

Liu Yang is confused. They don't know what happened? "Ms. Min is in the hospital. I was there when she fainted in her office. How come you don't know about this?"

Wan Li's eyes widen in shock. "Really?! The news didn't get down to our floor. Even here is eerily quiet. Maybe they suppress the news to avoid reaching the media. She's the wife of the CEO of the Niu Guan Ning after all." He said emphasizing the word 'the'.

Yinyang Publishing is a ten-floor storey building. The tenth consists of the Editor-in-Chief's office and several meeting and conference rooms, while the first floor is where the information desk is situated. The other floors are divided by a different team of staffs of different genres. Liu Yang, who's on romance fiction is on the eighth floor, while Wan Li is on the ninth.

Liu Yang just shrugged her shoulders and said in an uninterested tone, "Maybe," and recline in her seat. Then all of sudden, as if remembering something, she jumped from her seat that startled Wan Li.

"Girl, what is it? You scared me," he said accusingly.

Ignoring her friend, she uttered, "Actually I have a scoop." She enthusiastically shared Wan Li what she saw that noon at the hospital. No single detail left.

"Gosh girl, you are so lucky you are to meet him personally. I mean, I only see him on TV or the internet. You know it's my dream to meet him someday personally," Wan Li said while bouncing like a school girl who saw her boy crush.

Liu Yang rolled her eyes. "No girl. Ms. Min is the luckiest. They're married. It still broke my heart. Knowing that they're married," she sniffed and wiped the corners of her eyes with her hands as if she really is crying.

"What is the reason for Ms. Min's sudden collapse?" Wan Li asked.

"I don't know. Maybe she's pregnant?" Liu Yang guessed.

They looked at each other and gasped in unison with their eyes wide.

"I'm happy for them."

"Yeah, me too."


Guan Ning and Su Bin drove to the restaurant using their respective cars. As they arrive, they were escorted to a private room. Guan Ning lets Su Bin order the food. He's not picky after all.

While waiting, he looked at Su Bin and asked, "Any leads?"

Confused, Su Bin can't help but ask him back, "Hmmm? What are you talking about?"

Guan Ning pursed his lips. "Do you still want the car?"

Su Bin gaped at him. "Fine, bro! Jeez, what's with your temper lately? Do you PMS or something?"

"I'm just desperate to see her. So? Any news?" Guan Ning said with no emotion showing on his face.

"I haven't. Do you how many Wan Li I found living here in Xinjiang? Hundreds of them! It's not that easy."

Guan Ning looked exasperated. "Why are you working so slow! I hate it! Can I smoke here?"

Su Bin rolled his eyes and raised his hand indicating Guan Ning to go ahead with what he wanted to do.

Guan Ning pulled out his cigarette pack and offered it to Su Bin who willingly accepted the offer. They lighted their cigarette at the same time. Both took a long drag and blow a puff of smoke. Silence envelops the room. The only thing that could be heard is their lips dragging and blowing the cigarette.
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