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Wan Li stopped what he's doing. He breathed in and out deeply, and rose from his seat. He looked at Liu Yang and act like he's still angry. He puts his hands in his pocket. He pouted his lips and looked at his feet. Liu Yang waited patiently for him to speak. Then he finally said, "Okay, I forgive you." He only forgave her because he heard the magic word: 'my treat'.

Liu Yang smiled and is bouncing like a child receiving a Christmas present. "But with one condition." The smile on her face froze and she stopped bouncing. "What condition?" She asked him, with her heart on her throat. Why is she nervous?

"You have to buy me another pair of shoes. I want the latest edition of Nike." Wan Li said demandingly.

"Ha!" Liu Yang is flabbergasted. She gulp a mouthful of saliva. She really can't take Wan Li's tantrum sometimes. "Fine!" With a heavy heart, she still gave in.

Wan Li finally smiled and cling to her arm. "Let's go! I'm really starving." Liu Yang can't help but roll her eyes and laugh.

After having lunch together, they immediately go back to the publishing to finish their respective works. As Liu Yang sat on her chair, she's summoned by their Editor-in-Chief. She immediately went to the office.

She was greeted by the secretary who pressed the intercom at her arrival. "Ms. Min, Ms. Liu is here."

"Let her in." She heard Min Chu said.

The secretary pushed the door and let Liu Yang in. She saw Min Chu in her desk and is busy reading some files. The door behind her closed. She scanned the office.

The Editor-in-Chief's office is spacious. You can see the city view from the floor to ceiling windows. She noticed that Min Chu is a minimalist. You can only see black and white colors inside. All the files are neatly arranged in their proper places. Liu Yang find it classy. Maybe this is why the CEO fell in love with her. Her simplicity, she thought.

"Ms. Min, you're looking for me." She finally said after scanning the room.

Min Chu look up and replied with, "Hmmm. Take a seat."

Liu Yang took a seat. Min Chu stood from the chair but the moment she stood up, she lost her balance. She grip the sides of the table for support.

"Ms. Min!" Liu Yang immediately run to her side and supported her. "Are you alright?"

Min Chu nodded and is clutching her head. Why does she feel dizzy all of a sudden? She already ate her lunch.

"Ms. Min you look so pale. Come, let's take a seat first." Liu Yang guided Min Chu towards the sofa. But before they can even reach the seat, Min Chu already collapsed on the floor under Liu Yang's care.

"Ms. Min! Oh my God!" Liu Yang's eyes widened in shock. She froze on the spot for a second. She doesn't know what to do. Then, realization came crashing, she ran towards the door and call the secretary.

"Secretary Ji! Ms. Min collapsed! Call the ambulance! Quick!" she told the secretary who immediately called 120.
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