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Liu Yang wake up with a mind-splitting headache. Two hours of sleep is not bad. Really. You can only get a headache, that's all.

Feels like someone is pounding her head with an axe. Her head is throbbing with pain that she can't handle. She can't call in sick today because of headache. Liu Yang thinks it's a lame excuse. She checked her phone for the time, 5 AM. There's still time to prepare. She got out of bed and went straight to the kitchen. She searched for the medicine kit and took out some medicine for headache. She immediately drink it with water.

Liu Yang opened the fridge and realized she does not have any food at home. She closed the fridge, check the cupboard for something and found a cup noodle. She sighed in relief. She fill up the kettle with water and waited for it to boil. As she's waiting, she noticed Muse nudging at her feet. She smiled and pick the cat into her arms.

"Hello Muse. Good morning." The cat responded with a meow and purred in her arms.

After eating, Liu Yang took a bath and get ready for work. She did not put any make-up today. She's not in the mood to do so. But despite that, she still looks gorgeous, except for the dark circles under her eyes. She looked at herself in the mirror of her vanity and she felt horrible. Liu Yang just put some powder on her face and got out of her bedroom.

Before going out, she put some food on Muse's bowl and water onto the other. She patted the cat and said her goodbye. As she exited the building, she quickly hailed a taxi and went to the publishing. And in all fairness, as she glance at her wristwatch, she noticed that she's not going to be late today. Liu Yang's mood lighten up, her headache taking down a notch. The medicine is starting to kick in.


Niu Guan Ning arrived at Yinyang Enterprises an hour and a half after Su Bin's call. He went up straight to his brother's office. On the way to the office, all the female employees eyed him with interest.

"Is that the Second Young Master Guan?! He's so handsome!" he heard one of the female employee exclaimed.

"He and the CEO are a bit alike. Well, they're brothers after all. But he's more handsome than the CEO," another female employee said.

"Rumors said he's still unmarried. Guess it's true. There's no ring on his finger."

"But rumors also said that he's only interested in female celebrities or models."

"I guess we don't have a chance after all." The ladies' faces turned gloom after hearing this.

Guan Ning heard all of the whispers and couldn't help but smile. When the ladies saw his smile, they could not help but muffle a shriek.

As he arrived at the front door of the office, the secretary immediately stood up and greeted him.

"Second Young Master, CEO Niu and Mr. Su Bin is waiting for you inside," she said with her face flushed.

Guan Ning gave her a smile and said, "Thank you."

The secretary was mesmerized by that smile. I finally found the love of my life, she thought.
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