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Guan Ning just dumped his finished cigarette on the ashtray and ignored the hysterical laughter his friend is having.

After a few minutes of laughter, he heard Su Bin said, "By the way, you said bookstore, where? At ReadIt? What are you doing there?"

Guan Ning just lit up another cigarette, ignoring Su Bin's question. He took a drag and blow a puff of smoke and said, "I was there because one of the employee at the front desk resigned, and Father told me to fill it while finding someone, at the meantime." He took another drag and continued, "He also said it's a good training to interact with different people."

Su Bin scoffed and shook his head. "Training or punishment? We all know that you got busted from your drag raising last month. And your family tried their best to suppress the media about it."

Guan Ning's face turned grim. He loved drag raising. It's his hobby since he was 16 and his family is against it, especially his father.

"Maybe both. You know I can't say no to my father." Guan Ning said while flicking the cigarette into the ashtray.

Su Bin just sighed and took a drag. He really understand his friend. He knows how overbearing Guan Ning's father is sometimes.

"And you're okay with it?" Su Bin asked.

"Of course not. Who wants to be in a goddamn bookstore anyway? But today I find it a blessing in disguise because I met her." Guan Ning uttered. His eyes had a hint of smile as he mentioned her.

"Why her?" Su Bin asked after blowing off some smoke.

In a serious tone, Guan Ning uttered, "I told you, she's my wife. I'm gonna make that happen."

Su Bin chuckled. "You're mad." Then he added, "Ugh! Where's my friend. I miss the playful Guan. Where is he?! Please, bring him back. I'm bored to death!" Guan Ning wanted to roll his eyes at him but he didn't. "You know what, we better call some girls over here." Su Bin bent over to call for room service over the service phone inside the room but was stopped by Guan Ning.

"Stop right there." He warned. His tone carry some authority that can make someone cower.

"Why? I'm bored as hell." Su Bin ignored Guan Ning's warning.

"Then get the hell out!" he roared.

Su Bin was taken aback. He rarely see Guan Ning acting this way. His friend is a playful person in front of his family and friends, even to other people.

"Why are you like this? Is it because of your father or…that woman?"

"The latter." He drank from his wine and added, "Why would I be mad with my father?"

"I just thought so. Is it wrong to speculate?" Guan Ning did not respond to him so he continued, "I know why you're mad with that woman. Is it because she didn't recognize you?" he chuckled. And added, "You know what, that girl must be dumb. Ha!"

Guan Ning nodded gently. When he is about to take a drag from his cigarette, he froze, furrowed his brows, seeming to have a thought. "Actually no. I think I'm mad at myself." He looked at himself from head to toe. "That's it! Tch! I'm wearing too simple. I should've wore some designer clothes today." He really is disappointed with himself.

Su Bin just laughed at him while shaking his head, and didn't said anything. 'He really is mad' he thought.

After a minute of silence, Guan Ning felt his phone vibrate under his pocket. He fished it out and answered.

"Mother," he said lovingly with a smile on his face.

"Guan, dear. How are you?"

"I'm fine, Mother," he said reassuringly. "Do you need something?"

"Nothing. I just want to ask you if you are free this Friday. Come home, dear. Mother misses you so much. We will be having dinner together." His mother said, full of love and concern.

He sighed before answering, "Okay, Mother. I will."
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