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Niu Guan Ning composed himself and answered, "The other girl already resigned a couple of days ago. Anyway, let's not talk about her. Let's talk about you. What's your name? How about your number? Oh, and is he your boyfriend?" he casually asked. As if he's talking to a girl whom she wanted to ask out on a date while he rested chin on his knuckles. He gave her his killer smile that could capture any woman in Xinjiang.

The woman's frown deepened and said, "Excuse me? Who do you take me for?"

The man beside the woman laughed, "Baby, I'm not his boyfriend. But I'd be glad if you can be mine." The woman also laughed at what she heard. Guan Ning is really captivated by her.

He saw the man sizing Guan Ning up and look at him with carnal desire. He cringed at that what he saw. 'God! This is unexpected,' he thought.

He composed himself. "You're here for me, aren't you? Come on, I know it already. Someone leaked an information of me being here, am I right? You don't have to pretend. It's okay, I'll go out with you today. You don't have to ask. I'll willingly oblige," Guan Ning shamelessly said and shrugged his shoulders off, ignoring the man.

The man beside the woman can't contain his laughter and said something incoherent, he even clapped his hands.

The woman scoffed and said blankly with an arched brow, "How did you even get that position to brazenly say that? Are you even qualified?" She really looked cool right now that she's angry, Guan Ning thought.

"Babe, don't you know that I'm over qualified for this position?" he proudly said and continued, "Wait, you don't who I am? You don't recognize this handsome face?"

"Why do we have to know someone like you? Are you a God?"

Then he heard the man gasped in surprise. He heard him say, "O-M-G!! Are you who I think you are?! You're…"

The man couldn't continue what he was going to say because the woman beside him pulled him by his arm and said, "Wan Li, we better get going. We're wasting time here. Let's just go home," and the both of them stormed out.

Guan Ning looked at the door, confused. He tilted his head and uttered, "How is that possible? They don't know me?!"

He then pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialed a number. After three rings, the call got through.

"I want you to find someone for me. His name is Wan Li," Guan Ning said out of breath.

The person on the other line muttered with complain, "I'm not your assistant, yet. Don't order me around. You're not the boss of me. Yet."

Exasperated, he said, "Hell! Well, soon you will be so, you better follow my orders right now. Or else…" he paused.

"Or else what?" the person on the other line asked, waking Guan Ning up.

Guan Ning sighed, he continued, "Alright, if you can do this right, I…I'll give you my car."

"Woah! Really, man!? You sure about this? What car?"

"If you do the job right." His anger flared up.

"Who is it again?" the man asked.

"Wan Li. I want you to know his closest friends. All of them. Uhh, no, just the girls."

"Man, what does he owe you for? Why just girls? And is his surname Wan or what?"

"Why are you asking so many questions? I don't know. Just do it!" Guan Ning said frustratingly.

"Geez, bro! I know your brother will hand you the title of being CEO soon, and I will be your assistant, okay, but you don't have to torture me like this. I'm still your friend here," the man on the phone protested.

"Do you still want my car?"

"For heaven's sake, yes! How many days?"

"Three days," his tone sounded serious.

"Come on, bro. A week?"

"Deal. Meet me at 8. The usual spot. I'll give you the details," Guan Ning said then hang up immediately.
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