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Lonemoon's eyes twinkled. He was just about to discuss the plan in further detail when he heard a soft clanking behind him, as if something was breaking into pieces. The light beam which had illuminated the night sky previously had suddenly disappeared.

"Little An!" Bao Feiping exclaimed, running toward his child. He rushed forward and caught him as he was falling to the ground. "How are you? Are you alright?"

The child's eyes fluttered open. Then, he responded in a weak voice, "Father."

Bao Yi rushed to join the group as well. "Little An…"


Bao Feiping quickly checked his son's pulse. After a few seconds, he heaved a sigh of relief before turning to Yi Qing. "Thank you for all your help, Fellow Immortal. We are forever grateful."

Yi Qing shook his head and replied, "Don't worry." He took in a deep breath and got to his feet. In a low voice, he said, "The Sword Qi… in his body is clear. But… I don't know when he will relapse. He has to… quickly learn to control the sword Qi in his body."

The two other immortals stared blankly back at Yi Qing with worried looks on both of their faces.

Shen Ying turned to look at her chef, walking toward him and frowning.

"Can I ask you, Fellow Immortal, when the sword Qi will relapse?" Bao Yi stepped forward, cupping his fists.

"I don't know," Yi Qing answered.

"How should he control the Primordial Soul Sword Qi?"

"Over years of hard work… and training."

"Well…" The father looked more anxious than before.This meant that his son had to train continuously in order to learn to use the sword Qi to his benefit. But Little An was only eight. How could he be expected to fight the raging sword Qi inside his body?

Bao Yi and Bao Feiping exchanged a meaningful look, as if they had already decided on something.

Then, Bao Yi took another stepped forward with his fists still cupped. "Fellow Immortal Yi Qing, I know that you are like Lonemoon - full of benevolence and justice. I, Bao Yi, have never begged anyone for anything before. But I do have something to ask of you today, Fellow Immortal…"

"Chef!" Before Bao Yi could finish speaking, Shen Ying interrupted him and stepped between the two of them.

Bao Yi paused, then continued as if nothing had happened, "Fellow Immortal, actually I…"

"Shut up!" Shen Ying suddenly shouted, glaring at him. They felt a palpable aura fill the air around them, and Bao Yi felt a weird force pressing on his body. He fell silent. It was as if he was facing death. His body began to break out in cold sweat. He tried to focus his gaze onto Shen Ying, but saw that she had already turned back around.

Was that his imagination?

Shen Ying reached out to help Yi Qing up. "What's wrong?"

Yi Qing stared at Shen Ying, feeling a strange warm feeling in his heart. He spoke in a low and weak voice, "Master." She could tell.


He spat out a mouthful of blood.

"Holy shit!" Lonemoon came back to his senses, shocked. He ran toward Yi Qing and Shen Ying, helping to support Yi Qing and help him get to his feet. "Hey, hey, hey. Don't scare us. Didn't you just say you were fine?"

When Lonemoon saw Yi Qing walk into the beam of light without hesitation, he thought this would be an easy task for Yi Qing. What's going on now?

He quickly felt Yi Qing's pulse as Bao Yi moved to grab Yi Qing's other hand. Immediately, their expressions changed. Both of them turned to Yi Qing, shocked.

"Talk!" Shen Ying said.

"There are two types of sword Qi in his body, attacking each other!" Lonemoon said, his expression darkening. "He's suppressing the sword Qi, but he has already major injuries to his meridians."

"Master… I'm fine." I must complete the task that Master has assigned to me!

"Fine my ass!" Lonemoon glared at him. "Your meridians are all damaged. How are you fine?"

"My Little An did this to him!" Bao Yi was wrecked with guilt. "He was handling Little An's sword Qi for way too long - the sword Qi managed to invade his body and attack his own innate sword Qi. That is the cause of the conflict happening within his body."

"What's the solution?" Shen Ying pressed.

Lonemoon and Bao Yi exchanged a meaningful glance. "Only he can get rid of the sword Qi in his body. He could also try to suppress it but this would take an incredibly long time…"

"How long?"

"A few hundred years, or… a few thousand." And he would have to endure the pain of the sword Qi fighting within his body for that entire time.

"Shit!" Shen Ying looked extremely furious now. That's far too long!

Bao Yi frowned and turned to face his son. "Feiping, get the Nine Firmanents Distortion Mirror!"

"Huh? Ah!" Bao Feiping's eyes widened. He answered, "That's the previous Country Lord's gift to Qu Shuang City. It's a valuable treasure, and it can only be used…"

He was interrupted by the intensity of Bao Yi''s glare.

Bao Feiping paused and then felt immense guilt. He apologised, "Feiping is being too narrow-minded. I will retrieve the Nine Firmanents Distortion Mirror now." They saved Little An's life after all. How valuable was an immortal weapon compared to that?

He turned around and walked brusquely away toward the front yard. He returned within minutes, carrying with him a bronze mirror. He handed the mirror over to Bao Yi.

"This is the Nine Firmanents Distortion Mirror," Bao Yi explained. "It contains a dimension made with half of an immortal's meridian. Entering the mirror is akin to going into the immortal meridian. The immortal Qi in that space will help our fellow immortal control the sword Qi within his body. Given his understanding of the Primordial Soul Sword Qi, I believe our immortal friend can do something during that time to get rid of the excess sword Qi in his body now. What's more… time and space works differently in that dimension compared to the immortal realm. It moves at least a hundred times slower, so our immortal friend would not have to be worried about time. I wonder if he would be willing to give it a shot?"

Yi Qing glanced at the bronze mirror in Bao Yi's hands, then at Shen Ying. Frowning, he faced Lonemoon and said, "Father Niu, Mas-"

"Okay!" Lonemoon rolled his eyes before Yi Qing could finish speaking. "It's just food. Don't worry, I won't starve her. Quick, get out of here!"

I've had enough of your retarded ways!

Yi Qing visibly relaxed, but something was obviously still bothering him. Hmph! You've lucked out!

Shen Ying: "…" For some reason, she felt as though she were being looked down upon.

The Bao father and son: "…" What does that mean? What exactly are they saying?

"Thank you, Exalted Immortal Bao!" Yi Qing thanked Bao Yi.

Bao Yi conjured a seal and muttered a curse over the immortal weapon in his hands. The mirror began to reflect a blinding white light. He angled the mirror so that the light reflected on a spot on Yi Qing's forehead. Suddenly, the light engulfed his entire body.

"Fellow Immortal Yi Qing," Bao Feiping hurriedly instructed, "This Nine Firmanents Distortion Mirror can only be used once. After you get rid of the excess sword Qi in your body, don't rush to come out." The immortal Qi in that dimension can be very helpful.

"Thank you," Yi Qing nodded. The white light swallowed his body as Yi Qing entered the realm in the mirror. The mirror, which was clear and bright at first, was now only reflecting a white mist. They could no longer even see their own reflections in it.

Everybody heaved a deep sigh of relief. Bao Yi handed the mirror over to Lonemoon and said, "Fellow Immortal Yi Qing needs time to get rid of the excess sword Qi in his body. Why don't the two of you remain in our abode while waiting?"

Lonemoon paused. Travelling back and forth would indeed be very troublesome, and the mirror did belong to the Bao Family. It would be more appropriate for them to remain in their abode instead of returning to Invincible Sect. He nodded and said, "Thank you, Exalted Immortal, we will have to trouble you then!" He thought for awhile and added, "I wonder how long you expect my fellow immortal to take?"

"Time works differently inside the mirror, but I'm not sure exactly how different time works because the mirror can only be used once. I've heard that a day in the immortal realm is equal to at least a hundred years in the mirror. Given that there's immortal QI from half an immortal's meridian inside there, normal immortals would need at least a thousand years to reap the full benefits of the immortal Qi."

"I see…" That means that Yi Qing would be in the mirror for at least ten days.

"So don't worry, Fellow Immortals. Wait for half a month-"

"Master!" Before Bao Yi could finish speaking, the mirror in Lonemoon's hands broke into pieces. A familiar figure appeared in front of them, tugging at Shen Ying's sleeve. "Are you hungry? Do you want to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper?"

Shen Ying: "…"

Lonemoon: "…"

The three people from the Bao Family: "…"
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