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Lin Che wanted to evade him again, but she distinctly felt one of his hands push her towards the wall and press her against the ice-cold wall. Gu Jingze's strong body leaned against her and one of his hands had already sneaked in from underneath.

The instant their skin touched, Lin Che felt the extreme heat of his hand.

Her body began to tremble like a sieve. She felt his calloused fingertips sweep across her skin, leaving her with ripples of shudders in its wake.

More than half the length of her clothes had been lifted up. His palm traveled upwards and followed the contours of her body. But then, they heard a phone ringing.

Gu Jingze detached his lips from hers. With his breathing fast and irregular, his eyes darted away as he listened to the sound.

He silently cursed at this infuriating sound.

The taste of her body still remained on his lips. He licked his lips slightly and somewhat wistfully. He did not feel an ounce of disgust. Instead, it made him feel a sense of great longing.

Lin Che's eyes were misty. Her cheeks were flushed with two patches of red that looked just right.

He let go of her. His hand was still hot and when he took it out, there was a thin sheen of sweat on his palm. After glancing at Lin Che, he then turned his head around and grabbed his phone swiftly.

It was a call from Gu Jingming's General Secretary.

Gu Jingze accepted the call.

"What's up?"

"Second Young Master, we were just notified that a woman did indeed barge in. Does Second Young Master know this person?"

"Yes, her name is Yu Minmin."

"It's definitely her. Second Young Master, don't worry. She has already been sent back on Mr. President's instructions. Everything should be fine now."

"That's good. Thank you."

"Second Young Master, you don't need to stick to formalities with me. Mr. President sends his regards to you and Young Madam. Mr. President will return to the Gu residence in the next few days. He hopes to meet Young Madam."

"Is that so? Alright. He'll have the chance to meet her." He smiled faintly and raised his head to look at Lin Che who was standing at the side with her clothes still completely disheveled.

He put down his phone, looked at Lin Che, and said, "Your manager is fine now."

Lin Che looked at him.

Any trace of everything that had happened earlier could not be seen on his face at all. It was as if nothing had happened; he was still speaking to her as he looked at her with a crystal-clear gaze.

However, she could still recall the very obvious ripples of emotion that he had left on her body earlier.

Her anger was uncontrollable and she seriously wanted to toss all concerns aside and kill him.

With a stomp of her foot, she yelled at Gu Jingze, "Get out! Stinking rogue."


Before Gu Jingze had even registered this, Lin Che was already walking towards him in large strides. She rained punches down on his body one after another; although it did not hurt, it was still irritating.

Gu Jingze could only retreat continuously while looking at her going berserk. Even though he could easily hold down her thin and weak body, he did not do so.

He allowed himself to be pushed outside like this.

Gu Jingze said, "Lin Che, what're you doing?" He grabbed her wrist and looked at her boiling-hot cheeks.

Lin Che glared at him in indignant resentment. "Rogue, get out!"

"Rogue?" His brow immediately furrowed. "You're my wife, so everything I did is completely legal, right?"

"…" Lin Che was actually a little speechless.

Gu Jingze frowned and said, "So, how are you going to look for a boyfriend now? Lie and say that you're not married?"

"I…" Lin Che was merely contemplating it. She had not put it into action at all yet. But how could she say this now?

Gu Jingze stared at her with dark, hooded eyes. He said seriously, "I won't permit you to find a boyfriend now."

Lin Che's heart jolted.

What did he mean by this?

Gu Jingze looked at her. His dark and gloomy expression brought a deep glimmer. "So you'd best give up on this thought."

Lin Che still wanted to say something, but Gu Jingze suddenly came closer again. "If you must give it a try, I advise you not to try provoking me again."

The lines of his cold, hard jaw were pulled taut. When he came closer to her, a sense of dominance arose spontaneously, instantly causing Lin Che to be on edge and her heart to vigorously thump in her chest.

With her eyes darting everywhere, Lin Che quickly pushed him out with all her strength.

"Don't think you can come in again and behave like a hoodlum, hmph."

Saying this, she shut the door with a thud.

Just like that, Gu Jingze was shut outside. He looked at the tightly-closed bedroom door and drew in a deep breath.

He was being shut outside the bedroom by his own wife?

"Lin Che… just you wait,"

Gu Jingze growled lowly at the door.

When he saw a maid pass by at the side, he put on a poker face and walked towards the guest bedroom, mentally preparing to just put up with it for one night.

Lin Che lay on the bed, still feeling an unbearable heat in her face. She tossed and turned but could not sleep.

Meanwhile, in the other room, although Gu Jingze had slept on the couch for so long and only now after great difficulty did he get to sleep on the bed, he felt a slight discomfort all over his body.

Because Lin Che stayed in the bedroom, there was always a light fragrance lingering vaguely in the bedroom air. It seemed to be the scent exuding from her body, but it was also like the scent of any other girl.

On the other hand, there was only the clean and fresh smell of the disinfected blankets in here. Although it did not smell bad, it still made him feel uncomfortable.

When he raised his head and instinctively wanted to go and take a look at the woman with an extraordinarily terrible sleeping posture, he could only see the wall. He vaguely felt a little unaccustomed to the environment. He lay there for God knows how long before finally falling asleep.

The next day.

Following the completion of filming for the television series, Lin Che had to go to the company for a meeting to confirm her future plans.

Lin Che arrived at the company bright and early. She saw Yu Minmin with a dispirited expression on her face and hurriedly walked over to ask, "Sister Yu, what did you do yesterday? You suddenly disappeared halfway."

A tinge of embarrassment flashed across Yu Minmin's face. She lifted her head and said, "I drank a bit too much."

Lin Che said, "I got some people to go over and ask around. They said that you barged into Mr. President's restricted area. Was everything fine?"

Yu Minmin gathered up her own hair as she said, "When I went there, Mr. President had obviously not arrived. I don't how it became a restricted area afterward. Luckily, nothing much happened and they later sent me back home."

"Is that so? That's really great. It looks like Mr. President is quite a good person," Lin Che said.

Yu Minmin shrugged her shoulders noncommittally. However, she looked more or less a little tired out.

Lin Che said, "Coming up next are probably the publicity events."

Yu Minmin said, "Yes, they're rushing to broadcast the television series during the summer holidays. Although filming was completed, the real hectic period will arrive after this. You must be prepared. The company may also arrange for you to get some experience and develop speaking skills for when you accept interviews. If you happen to go for promotions together with Gu Jingyu, the reporters will definitely catch you and Gu Jingyu and ask you all sorts of questions when the time comes. You can't speak recklessly and say the wrong thing."

Lin Che said, "Do I have to be interviewed too?"

She thought, She was still just a small actress and had never properly been interviewed before.

Yu Minmin said, "Of course you have to. You're one of the main characters. Although you're not the lead character, you have quite a number of scenes too. Furthermore, news of you and Gu Jingyu now will always be in the headlines."

Lin Che thought awkwardly, She had simply been pulled up into the headlines despite having no works. It made her confused as to whether she should be glad or plaintive.
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