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Then, there would be plenty of young ladies who would want a body check done by him.

Lin Che felt her lips get fondled by his. It felt numbing and left her in a daze.

Under his teasing, she forgot about everything else. She only remembered being locked in his embrace. She closed her eyes and felt that roughness and tenderness.

It was too exciting.

She was defeated. She was totally defeated. How did she meet this devil and get caught in his trap? She could not pull away at any time.

After some time, he finally released her. He looked down at her clothes and straightened her collar. He then used his fingers to wipe off the wetness beside her lips.

Lin Che was still in a daze and catching her breath. She looked up at him with a silly expression.

He smiled more devilishly, "Alright, get up. We have things to do." He went beside her ear and said plainly, "I know you're not satisfied. We'll take it slow when we get home tonight."

Lin Che's eyes moved and she finally realized what he just said. She immediately jumped up, "Idiot, Gu Jingze. Who wants tonight…"

She forgot that her leg still hurt. She yelled in pain.

Gu Jingze frowned and quickly helped her, "You clumsy idiot. So dumb."

"It's all your fault. Hmph."

If it wasn't because of him, she wouldn't have run away and not watched the road.

"Why is it my fault? This is the first time I witnessed someone fall like that just by walking."

Gu Jingze helped Lin Che back to the car. He thought that she was such a dumb person that if he didn't look after her properly, she might unknowingly lose her way one day.

Outside, the onlookers saw that the two of them seemed to have patched up. With extreme professionalism, they pretended as if nothing happened and returned to their positions. The drivers drove and passengers got in the cars.

The motorcade invited many amazed and envious stares from outside as they headed to the private hospital.

Lin Che and Gu Jingze soon reached the hospital.

The doctor already prepared the best ward upstairs. Although Granny already had a checkup at the other place, they still prepared to assess her other areas that weren't previously checked in detail.

Gu Jingze followed behind Qiao Jian.

Qiu Shuyun saw the two of them enter and asked suspiciously, "Little Che, did something happen to you two? Why did you come so late?"

Lin Che recalled everything that happened just now. Her chest was still beating shyly and her lips still felt swollen. She didn't know if anyone was able to tell.


Seeing her stutter, Gu Jingze glanced at her and said, "She was clumsy. When she walked out of the hospital, she fell and hurt her leg. I helped her clean her wound and soothed her on the way."


As he spoke, he smiled at her and his eyes sparkled with a strange light.

Lin Che wanted to strangle him secretly. This man had the nerve to say he soothed her… On the main road, he was seriously…


Meanwhile, after Gu Jingze finished speaking, he looked in front of him in a particularly natural manner. He completely ignored Lin Che who was staring at him until her eyes almost popped out.

Granny heard this and nodded, "I see. You are too careless, Little Che. But your mother used to be like you too. Sigh. When she was young, she would come back with a body full of injuries everywhere she went."

Hearing Granny talk about her late mother made Lin Che feel sour.

Granny pondered as if she was still reminiscing her late daughter. She chuckled and looked up to say, "Look at me. My mind is running wild again. Right, Little Che, what is this place?"

Lin Che replied, "This is a hospital."

Granny asked in surprise, "This is a hospital? Why is this hospital so big?"

In her memory, hospitals were messy, cramped, and filled with people. In a sea of white, doctors were running about busily and the atmosphere was particularly foul. The smell of disinfectant and those patients mixed together and usually got onto the people there. She remembered how difficult it was to get rid of the smell.

However, this place was ridiculously clean and the ground was spotless. There was nobody in sight and not a whiff of anything dirty.

Lin Che didn't tell her that this was S district's best private hospital. Everybody here was a foreign professor. The surgeons were also foreigners and extremely capable.

Of course, the price was also extraordinary.

This was a prestigious private hospital. It looked like there should also be special preparations.

Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze and was really grateful for his help. She bent her head down and faced outwards, "Someone I know helped me get in here. The doctors here are better."

"Really? Little Che, is that someone you know very capable?"

Of course. Gu Jingze was that someone she knew. He was the most capable person.

"Yes, very capable. Granny, don't worry. You don't have to spend a single cent here."

"Oh my, I only wanted to ask you for my transportation fare so that I could go back."

"No, Granny. You'll be having a minor operation here. I must help you get better."


Lin Che was afraid that she would worry so she told her in greater detail about the operation. It was a small operation and it was minimally invasive.

Granny listened and relaxed.

But she looked at Lin Che and then at Gu Jingze behind her, "Little Che, seeing you marry well puts my heart at ease. You must take good care of your family. Being someone's wife and living by yourself is completely different. You must work harder and earn more."

Lin Che readily agreed. She heard Gu Jingze say from behind, "Granny is still the best. Did you hear that? You married so well that you must treasure this in the future. Be less angry."

"You… "

Lin Che turned around and stared daggers at him.

But Gu Jingze knew that Granny was around and Lin Che wouldn't dare to say anything. He was especially unscrupulous.

Granny said, "Exactly. You're his wife now so don't get angry at him. Men need to earn a living outside. It's very tough."

Lin Che continued glaring at him.

Gu Jingze stood up straight beside her but he lowered his head and said beside her ear, "You still dare to glare at me? Granny is right. It's tough every day and it's all on me. You never do anything and you only know how to enjoy your life."

Granny naturally took it that he was referring to his work.

However, Lin Che simply felt that what he said was… about something that only happened in bed…

Lin Che thought that he was really going crazy for him to be such a gangster so openly.

Gu Jingze also knew that he was playing with fire. However, he enjoyed seeing her understand his meaning but be unable to show her anger. He looked at her shy, blushing face and wanted to tease her even more.

Teasing her was such an interesting thing.

"Then, you're doing things wrong, Little Che. You need to be more proactive in the future," Granny said.

Lin Che's brows almost touched each other as she frowned. She wanted to explain but she couldn't.
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