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Gu Jingze said speechlessly, "This way… You're really not suited for this. You keep depending on me; how are you going to have fun?"

Lin Che didn't care and still held onto him, "No. What if I fall when I let go?"

"I won't let you fall. Let go first."

"No way. I don't believe that you'll definitely catch me."

Gu Jingze looked speechlessly at Lin Che. He watched her grip his arm relentlessly and only mumbled, "Are you intentionally leaning on me today because you didn't touch me enough yesterday? You can just tell me directly. We'll go back and slowly lean on each other."

"…" Lin Che squeezed his arm.

He instinctively dodged.

He forgot that Lin Che was still standing on the snow. She was unstable and immediately slid to the side, landing on her buttocks.

"Ouch! Gu Jingze, you said you weren't going to let me fall."

Gu Jingze saw and immediately squatted down to help Lin Che up, "Nobody told you to be so stupid. You can't even stand properly and you insisted on coming here to ski."

"I've never skied before, especially not in an indoor ski park. The artificial snow here is so realistic. It's very pretty."

"Of course! The people here know how to enjoy themselves. It's just that the weather in Los Angeles is always in the twenties and it's impossible to have snow. Thus, they can only have artificial snow. I'll take you to Dubai next time. The snow at the ski park there is imported from Europe."

"Such luxury… It really is a wealthy village. Forget it. If I really wanted to see snow, I could just go to C Nation. There's plenty of snow in the north."

"That's not the same."

"Yes. One requires money while the other is free. You rich people just love spending money."


Gu Jingze held her, "Not really. I don't spend money but you do."

"…" Lin Che looked up and glared at him.

He chuckled and helped her up. He continued teaching her to ski, "Slowly. Make your feet parallel and straighten your body. Yes, that's it. Just like that."

On one side, a couple watched Lin Che and Gu Jingze. They smiled and spoke in English, "Mister, is this your girlfriend? You treat your girlfriend so well."

They had been watching from the side just now and saw how careful and thoughtful Gu Jingze was. He patiently taught Lin Che and didn't get frustrated. He held Lin Che the entire time without letting go. He was a really good man.

Lin Che looked at the two blonde foreigners and couldn't understand what they were saying.

Gu Jingze smiled, "No, this is my wife."

"Wow, how nice. You're so good to your wife. What a great husband; you are a great man."

Gu Jingze laughed and looked at Lin Che beside him, "It can't be helped. She's too dumb so I have to treat her better."

"That's so sweet. I hope you two live blissfully together forever."


Gu Jingze thought that praise for treating his woman well was a good recognition.

Hearing other people say that made him very happy.

He looked at Lin Che and felt a great sense of achievement.

Lin Che could not understand a single word. She hit Gu Jingze lightly and asked, "What was she saying?"

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che strangely, "Why? Could you not understand a word?"

"What's wrong with not understanding?"

"Nothing. She asked why you are so stupid. I said that you have the mentality of a child and that I couldn't just not take care of you properly."

"Bastard. That's impossible!" Lin Che thought that the girl looked kind and definitely would not say things like that. Even though she couldn't understand what the girl said, she could still read facial expressions.

Gu Jingze raised his brow and said, "Believe it or not, that's what she said."

"I definitely don't believe you. You two were talking for a while and it wasn't that brief."

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che, "Sigh, you don't know anything at all. Where is the English that you learned in school?"

"Who says I don't know anything? I know The Three Kingdoms, okay?"

"Hmph, besides your mother tongue, the only English words you know are 'okay' and 'yes'. Does that really mean that you know English?" Gu Jingze was already familiar with her arguments. He knew that she was going to say that.

Lin Che indeed glared at him and said, "Yes, I can say that I know it. But I didn't say how much I know of it."

"I knew you would say that. But besides English, what else do you know?"


"Hmph. You? Know Japanese? Say a few lines to me," Gu Jingze looked at her incredulously.

Lin Che coughed dryly. She said hesitantly, "Yamate, iku iku…"


Gu Jingze's face blushed a little.

This Lin Che!

She had been watching all this nonsense.

By the end, Lin Che didn't learn how to ski.

Gu Jingze eventually gave up and just skied flawlessly around. He immediately grabbed everyone's attention. It was breathtaking.

Lin Che quickly clapped along. Seeing Gu Jingze return, she thought that Gu Jingze really knew everything. He was so amazing.

She looked at Gu Jingze with admiration. Lin Che thought that even if she didn't manage to learn, this trip to the ski park was well worth it.

The next day, Lin Che and Gu Jingze returned to their homeland.

Throughout these few days overseas, Lin Che always felt as if she and Gu Jingze were in a completely different world. In this world, it was just her and him.

She selfishly didn't want to return.

However, it was time to face reality.

She still needed to return to filming and Gu Jingze needed to return to his work.

She called Shen Youran first to tell her that she was coming back.

Shen Youran said, "In the days you weren't here, the news was exploding. If you see a lot of reporters at the airport tomorrow, please don't panic. But when I saw the picture you posted in your social circle, your accommodation looked really big. Is that also Gu Jingze's house?"

"Yes yes. Hehe. I specifically took the photo to show off. How was it? Was I pretentious enough?"

"It's enough to envy, be jealous of, and to hate you. Shall I use it to show off?"

"No problem. Take it, take it."

Gu Jingze listened at the side. She was so straightforward about showing off. She was really shameless.

However, during those days, Lin Li was fuming mad at home, especially after seeing on the news that Lin Che was really fine and only had minor injuries. She even stayed in such a big and lovely place in the United States. Lin Li was so mad.

How did this count as going to the States for treatment? It was clearly a vacation.
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