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But the taste of him lingered in her mouth and it didn't feel disgusting at all. Instead, the moisture somehow ignited her passion and lit her entire body on fire. She had the urge to hug him.

Gazing at him as he pulled away, the corners of her mouth still glistened from him. She looked at his handsome face in an adoring manner like a slow waterfall flowing in his palm. She had the impulsive feeling to hug him so tightly and deep in her chest, she wanted to kiss him very deeply.

When she saw the corners of his mouth curl up, she quickly turned her head and let go of his hand. Then, she ran inside.

Gu Jingze chuckled and watched her run in from embarrassment. A slight sense of accomplishment flashed in his heart.

Lin Che hid under the blanket. She was still thinking about that wet kiss from Gu Jingze that would have made anyone shy.

It was too much!

How could anyone forget that?

As she thought about it, her body inevitably grew hot. She really thought that she was lovesick and that was why she had this extreme desire for a man…

Lin Che buried her head under the blanket. She was so shy that she did not dare to look into her own heart.

While they were in the United States for treatment, the news of Lin Che's injury during filming had already spread like wildfire back at home.

When Lin Che woke up the next morning, she discovered that her Weibo was almost bursting with new messages. So many fans were asking if she was injured and how she was.

The crew released information that she had gone overseas for treatment as soon as she got into the car accident.

As a result, people inevitably wondered if it was serious.

There were even rumors online saying that Lin Che was disfigured. They said that her entire face got hit in the accident and she lost a lot of blood, so people feared that she was disfigured.

This news made the already hot TV series suddenly shoot up to the top of the most searched list. Lin Che's news once again made the headlines.

Lin Che looked at her Weibo. Her fanbase was steadily increasing and she couldn't help but feel worried. She quickly called up Yu Minmin who could only say, "It's alright. Just continue your treatment in the States now. Rest for a few days before returning."

Lin Che said, "Okay. I should be able to come back soon."

Yu Minmin replied, "You really don't have to be back so soon. We don't know who caused the accident this time but since we've been given this chance, we should make good use of it."

Lin Che repeated in puzzlement, "This accident was caused by someone?"

"Why else would you suddenly get into a car accident? Someone obviously crashed into you. It's not because of your bad driving skills; it's because of someone else. But we don't have proof of this, so they can say it was unintentional and that it was the calefare's careless mistake. We won't be able to do anything about it. However, since someone wanted to sabotage you, we'll play it off as a mistake. We can also make use of this chance to create some momentum for you. We'll let your news stay in the headlines for a few days. The TV series is going to be aired soon and this can give free publicity. Isn't this better?"

"Alright… We can still do that? But who would want to sabotage me?" Lin Che could not imagine that someone would actually want to target her.

"Let's not talk about this. After all, a lot of people want to see you fall. That's what happens in this industry. Thus, it is always better to be more careful."

Lin Che put down the phone and Yu Minmin continued her work.

Over the next few days, Lin Che remained in the headlines. Because the crew and the management only said that she was undergoing treatment, no one knew how serious her injuries were. As a result, there were endless speculations wondering if Lin Che's disfigurement was serious. Why else would she be undergoing treatment for so long without any updates?

After those few days, the management finally released information that there were only seven stitches to the face and that she went to the States to find the best doctor there for treatment. Thankfully, Lin Che was very lucky and there were no other dangers. Furthermore, her facial injury was only on her forehead. But even so, the management insisted on compensation from the crew. "

The crew also did not object and quickly discussed the compensation.

The few days of commotion made many happy and some sorrowful.

The sorrowful person was naturally the person who created the accident.

The Lin Household.

Lin Li read the news saying that Lin Che was fine and only injured her forehead. She needed a few stitches but it should not affect her appearance. Lin Li angrily threw her phone.

Han Caiying said, "What's wrong? What's wrong? What did the news say?"

"It says that she only hurt her forehead. Hmph," Lin Li fumed as she sat on the bed.

Han Caiying said in surprise, "Didn't they say she was disfigured just a few days ago?"

Lin Li was so happy when she knew that Lin Che was brought to the States for treatment.

She thought that the injury must have been very serious and she must have been disfigured. She happily thought that her anger was appeased. With a disfigured face, Lin Che would never be able to seduce men anymore. Neither would Gu Jingze like her.

Gu Jingze would have probably gotten sick of her very quickly and tossed her aside.

Who knew that she would actually turn out to be fine?

Not only was she fine, but she was in the headlines for so long. For the whole week, the news talked about her disfigurement during the filming repeatedly. Thinking of all this made Lin Li so mad.

Lin Li said, "This brat. I don't believe that she would get away unharmed every time."

"Enough. You should be careful too. If Gu Jingze ever finds out that it was you, our Lin family will never be able to live."

"So what if he finds out?" Lin Li retorted. "Even if I die, I will drag her down with me. It's just the Gu family. What can he do to us? Our Lin family didn't live for nothing."

"Okay, okay. If your dad hears you, he'll definitely scold you. Do you really think our Lin family is that capable? When the time comes where we really provoke Gu Jingze, we will definitely have nowhere to go. We'll see how you handle it. Do you want to become a beggar? You should be thankful that we still have food to eat. What will you do if you get chased out of the B district or even chased out of C Nation?"

Lin Li was not happy. Although she did not want to admit defeat, she could only hold her phone tightly and grit her teeth angrily.

This Lin Che, where did she get all that luck from? Ever since she got fancied by Gu Jingze, she became so **** lucky and escaped every single mishap.

Meanwhile, in the States, Lin Che was looking up places to have fun at. She saw an indoor ski park and was interested.

"Gu Jingze, let's go to the indoor ski park."

Gu Jingze was in the office when he heard Lin Che's request. He looked up and said, "No."

"Why not?"

"It's so meaningless to put on so many clothes," Gu Jingze looked up and chuckled. "Why not go to the pool? At least it's more pleasing to the eyes."

Lin Che grabbed a pillow and threw it at him, "Gangster."

She thought about it and still wanted to go, "Let's go try it out, Gu Jingze. Go try it out… Hubby, I've never gone to a ski park before."

The word 'Hubby' made Gu Jingze crumble.

Looking at Lin Che, he really felt helpless

He could only reach his hand out and rubbed her head, "Fine. Let's go."

"Heh heh. Thanks, Hubby. Hubby is the best!"

"Enough. I'm getting so many goosebumps from listening to you." Although Gu Jingze said that, he felt an endearing sweetness in his heart.
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