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The next day, Lin Che's stomach was hurting terribly when she woke up.

However, she still had to go to the venue to begin preparing. The program was going to begin that night, so it was extremely busy at the venue in the daytime. There were people rehearsing and people doing one last dry-run.

Yu Minmin came to knock on her door early in the morning. The room that the staff on this side had prepared for Yu Minmin was a small standard room. The room they had prepared for Lin Che was a suite. It was already considered very good treatment for a guest like her. It made Lin Che ecstatic for a long time. She wanted Yu Minmin to just come and stay with her, but Yu Minmin still said that she wanted her to stay in the room a little more comfortably. After all, she still had a full day of activities today.

In the morning, Yu Minmin went upstairs to look for Lin Che. After knocking on the door, the door opened. However, the person who appeared before Yu Minmin was Gu Jingze, looking refined from head to toe.

The corners of Yu Minmin's mouth twitched. She looked at Gu Jingze. "President Gu… "

Gu Jingze hummed. "Lin Che is still in the shower."

"Oh. Then, I'll wait for a bit. We still have time."

Naturally, Yu Minmin did not tactlessly go in and wait. She stood outside obediently. Gu Jingze did not close the door either. In no time, Lin Che ran out.

When she saw Yu Minmin, Lin Che also felt a little embarrassed.

Who knew that Gu Jingze would suddenly come in the middle of the night? Right now, he was even in the same room as her. Now that Yu Minmin had seen them, her thoughts were definitely going to stray in the wrong direction.

However, it was true that nothing had happened between them at all.

Lin Che said, "I'm done. Let's go."

"Hey, there's no rush. Prepare properly. Make sure you didn't forget anything."

"There was nothing much to bring either."

"That's true as well. Come on! Let's go downstairs."

Fortunately enough, she had not asked those two assistants to follow her upstairs. Otherwise, they would have definitely fainted from shock upon seeing this scene.

Luckily, Yu Minmin had known from early on. Furthermore, she had been in the industry for so many years. It was only because there was nothing she had not seen before that she did not scream out of shock when she unexpectedly saw Gu Jingze there.

Lin Che hastily said to Gu Jingze, "Then, I'll leave first."

"Alright. Hey, come back." Gu Jingze pulled Lin Che back and stuffed a pad into her bag.

It was only then that Lin Che recalled that she had still forgotten to bring something.

"I almost forgot."

"You're so forgetful." Gu Jingze looked at this muddled Lin Che.

Lin Che stuck her tongue out at him. "I'm happy to be like this!" Then, she quickly shut the door.

Only after they went out did Yu Minmin look at Lin Che and ask, "Why didn't you tell me that someone had suddenly come?"

Lin Che said, "He came all of a sudden yesterday night, I… "

"Looks like President Gu seriously can't bear to part with you. After only one day of not seeing you, he quickly came after you." Yu Minmin smiled as she teased her.

Lin Che's face turned red but she still continued to look at her speechlessly. "Of course not, alright?"

"If not, why would he suddenly go to S City all the way from B City? Isn't it to surprise you? I couldn't tell that President Gu was quite the romantic. I always felt that he was a stern person who was serious in speech and manner."

"He's really a very stern person. And he's definitely not romantic." Lin Che said, "This time, he really came for a reason."

Lin Che knew that he only came because he thought that she was really sick.

Yu Minmin said, "No wonder I saw that the entire level was cordoned off when I came up. So it was because Gu Jingze had suddenly come. I was still thinking that you still haven't become such a big shot. You didn't need to seal off your room all the time and even have them empty out the whole floor. All this time, it was because of Gu Jingze. Then, I was probably able to go in because Gu Jingze and I met before. He only let me in because he knew that I was your manager.

Lin Che said, "Really?"

Lin Che did not know at all that Gu Jingze had such strict security even when he went out.

Yu Minmin said, "But Gu Jingze's personality is still not bad. Earlier, he made it a point not to close the door at the entrance earlier because he knew that I was your manager."

"… " Lin Che said, "Why does that tell you that he's not bad?"

"Of course. Even if he closed the door, I wouldn't have said anything and I would have just waited at the door. But he really knows how to leave people some leeway. He made it a point not to close the door, which showed a very respectful attitude towards another person."

Thus, Yu Minmin now felt too that Gu Jingze's personality was not bad. Her impression of him also improved.

Lin Che said dumbly, "Oh."

Yu Minmin said, "He did all of this out of consideration for your reputation. If it wasn't for you, he definitely wouldn't have been so respectful towards me."

"Of course not. In actual fact, he's really a person who places great emphasis on good manners. After some time, you'll realize this."

"You really don't know how Gu Jingze deals with people outside. Given Gu Jingze's status, he really doesn't need to show respect to anyone at all. Good manners? The well-mannered way he speaks to you is already respectful because his status is so obvious."

"Is that so?"

"Alright. I understand now. It's useless even if I explain it to you. Right now, you're the little woman who is being pampered to the skies by Gu Jingze. Your level of intelligence is zero."

"Get lost!"

Lin Che thought to herself, How did Gu Jingze pamper her at all?!

Much less to the skies.

She truly did not know because Gu Jingze had definitely been excessively mean to her all along.

Of course, there were times when he did treat her well too. However, he did this only because he treated her as his wife.

Sure enough, the venue was a complete, busy mess.

Lin Che was in the dressing room getting her make-up done. Very soon after, Qin Wanwan also came in.

She specially brought coffee for everyone. Her reputation was fairly good. Everyone who saw her come in greeted her.

Qin Wanwan placed the coffee beside Lin Che. Lin Che thanked her and she sat down as well. She sat beside Lin Che as they did their make-up together.

"Lin Che, hehe. Tell me the truth. What naughty things were you up to last night that made your complexion so bad now?"

"… " How did she know that Lin Che had done naughty things?

However, it was indeed true that she had done something naughty. She almost did something very, very bad.

Now that she thought about it, her period had suddenly come at an opportune time. Initially, it was probably going to come sometime during these two days, but Lin Che had always had a muddled mind. She did not really remember the exact date that it was supposed to come. However, perhaps the blood suddenly rushed out when she got excited yesterday.

"I'm on my period, alright? That's why my complexion is bad," Lin Che said.

Qin Wanwan looked at her sympathetically. "That's so tragic. Your period came early for the live broadcast."


"By the way, I have medicine with me. Later, I'll get some for you to try. It's really good for relieving pain. If you're feeling unwell, you can just take it."

"Thank you."

"Why are you being so formal with me?" As Qin Wanwan asked this, she leaned closer again, smiled, and said, "Then, who was the person who picked up the call last night?"

"What call?" Lin Che's face was full of confusion.

Qin Wanwan said, "Don't act dumb. Yesterday, I gave you a call to ask you out to have fun. In the end, it was a man who picked up the call. Hey, tell me. Exactly what man are you hiding beside you? You even brought him along when you came to attend the event. Hey, by the way, that voice was so alluring. It sounded especially pleasant to the ears and it even sounded a bit familiar when I heard it. I seem to have heard it somewhere before."

Immediately, Lin Che thought of one person… Gu Jingze.

Who else could it be but him?

He, he, he really picked up a call on her phone?

Lin Che looked at Qin Wanwan in a daze. At that moment, she did not know what she should say either. If she told outsiders that she had a man… then, how would she deal with it?

She and Gu Jingze had been in a secret marriage all along.
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