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When Lin Che arrived at the company the next day, the company informed her that they had accepted an endorsement deal on her behalf and instructed her to go over and sign the contract while she was here.

Lin Che had always been an easy-going artist. The company really liked this aspect of her personality too. She did not nit-pick for no reason and did not become more and more difficult just because she suddenly got popular.

It was also because Lin Che trusted Yu Minmin and knew that her decisions were made in Lin Che's interests.

Yu Minmin said, "Right now, your endorsements should still prioritize your image. All of the endorsements I selected are those that can improve your image. This is a cell phone made in the country. It's pretty widely used by the younger demographic. It will get a lot of airplay too."

"Was the contract I signed for a quarter?" Lin Che said.

"The contract you signed was for a year-long endorsement. That company doesn't sign long contracts, only short endorsement deals. But I reckon that the advertisement will only be broadcasted for a quarter. Repeated airplay for this quarter will be enough anyway. If it's played for too long, it will incur displeasure from the public."

"That's true." Lin Che knew about this cell phone. She had even used this brand before. Naturally, the cell phone that she had changed to was gifted to her by Gu Jingze.

In no time, she signed the contract. Yu Minmin went out together with Lin Che. While they were walking, Yu Minmin said, "Mu Feiran was initially slated to do the commercial this time. We're really lucky to have gotten it. The directors for this commercial are all very brilliant. The product will definitely be a classic. It will look terrific."

Lin Che said, "Really? Then, let's have a meal together to celebrate tonight."

"Great. It's your treat. The endorsement fee is a large sum too."

"Of course. Of course, it's my treat." However, while saying this, Lin Che came face to face with someone. She was standing there tall and graceful, smiling faintly, and looking over.

Unexpectedly, it was Mo Huiling.

She did not expect to see Mo Huiling here. Lin Che stopped in her tracks and Yu Minmin also followed suit and stopped. She looked in slight confusion at the woman who was coming over.

"Lin Che." Mo Huiling smiled as she walked to them. She looked at Lin Che and said, "You came to sign a contract, right?"

Lin Che's expression was slightly unnatural as she looked at Mo Huiling and said, "Yes, Miss Mo. What a coincidence. Why are you here?"

Every time Mo Huiling appeared, she was always getting into a fuss about nothing. Lin Che really could not be bothered with her at all.

Mo Huiling was always wearing very high heels. At that height, she appeared very unapproachable. In any case, Mo Huiling was just a person who was difficult to approach. After all, she was a rich young lady.

Mo Huiling smiled as she looked Lin Che up and down. "The cell phone that you signed a contract to endorse is manufactured by my family."

Lin Che froze.

Immediately, Lin Che was a little shocked. Thereafter, she then began to feel uncomfortable.

Mo Huiling smiled as she feigned closeness with Lin Che and grabbed her hands. "Lin Che, from a long time ago I felt that your disposition was very suitable. This commercial will definitely look fantastic with you in it."

Lin Che paused and looked at Mo Huiling. "Was it Miss Mo who recommended me for this commercial?"

"Yes," Mo Huiling said with shining eyes.

Lin Che looked at her. "That's not too good. To be honest, I'm not very suited for it. I heard that you chose Mu Feiran before this. Honestly, she's much more suitable."

Mo Huiling immediately looked at Lin Che and asked, "Why? Are you still angry about what I said before? I already admitted my fault to Jingze and I reflected on myself too. I'm doing this to express my sincerity to you as well. I hope you won't be angry with me anymore."

Lin Che did not know what Mo Huiling was trying to do again. She only knew that anything related to Mo Huiling would not be good.

Mo Huiling smiled and said, "I'm really looking forward to your product. Good luck, Lin Che."

Mo Huiling continued to speak exaggeratedly for a little while more. She said that she was already aware of her mistake and came precisely to admit her fault.

It was only when she finally left that Yu Minmin said, "You're acquainted with her?"

Lin Che shook her head. "I know her. But it's impossible for us to be friends."

Naturally, Yu Minmin had already discerned this much earlier. "Then what will you do about this commercial? She definitely didn't make this hasty decision because she wanted to help you. I was wondering why four people tried out but you were selected. Initially, I thought that it was because Mu Feiran didn't have time because she had to attend the film festival in Japan. I didn't expect that…" Yu Minmin looked at Lin Che, "If you can't do this, it's better for us to repudiate the contract instead."

Upon hearing this, Lin Che said frantically, "No need. That's not necessary. I just have to film a commercial. Actually, it's nothing. It's just that she has some grudges against me. I told her so many times that those things had nothing to do with me, but she didn't listen at all. Forget the fact that she didn't listen. Right now, let's just follow her wishes and act accordingly. We'll just adopt measures appropriate to the actual situation."

Yu Minmin looked at Lin Che and sighed as she shook her head.

Lin Che returned home very soon after. However, she saw that Gu Jingze was coincidentally here. When he saw that Lin Che had returned, he said, "Why are you looking at me with that expression?"

Lin Che said, "It's nothing… So it turns out that the PIPT cell phones are owned by Miss Mo's family."

Upon hearing the words 'Miss Mo', Gu Jingze raised his head. His deep gaze rested on Lin Che searchingly. "What happened to her?"

Lin Che said, "It's nothing. I only just found out."

"Her family has been working on this brand for many years. In recent years, they invested large amounts of capital to advertise the brand and make it successful. Exactly what happened? Lin Che, tell me." Gu Jingze did not believe that Lin Che would casually bring this up.

Lin Che said, "It's nothing. It's just that I only found out that this cell phone belongs to their family because I'm going to film a commercial for their company."

Gu Jingze gazed deeply at her. He frowned as if he had thought of something and said to her, "Go wash up and change your clothes first. I'll go and make a call."

Gu Jingze went to the study room very soon after. He closed the door and his grimness showed on his face. He picked up his phone and called Mo Huiling.

"Huiling," he said immediately when the call got through.

Over the phone, Mo Huiling said, "Jingze, is anything the matter?"

"Did you get Lin Che to film a commercial for your family's company?" Gu Jingze asked directly.

Mo Huiling said, "Yes. Why? We happened to be looking for a spokesperson for this quarter. I thought Lin Che's image was very suitable and I knew her personally too, so I recommended her to my father."

"Huiling, if anything is the matter, you can tell me," Gu Jingze said.

Mo Huiling paused over the phone before asking, "Why? Jingze, what do you mean by this?" Mo Huiling's voice turned cold. "Why? Could it be that you think I recommended Lin Che because I want to do something to her?"

Gu Jingze remained silent for a few seconds. "Of course, I hope that's not the case."

Mo Huiling immediately said very dejectedly, "Jingze, since when did you actually begin to see me this way? I just wanted to apologize to you. That's why I gave Lin Che a hand. It's only because I wanted to prove to you that I can acknowledge my mistakes that I helped Lin Che obtain this endorsement. Do you think I'll do anything to Lin Che? It's just an endorsement deal…"

As Gu Jingze listened to Mo Huiling's voice, he frowned and said, "That's enough, Huiling."

Gu Jingze drew in a deep breath before saying, "Alright. Since you've said this, of course, I'll choose to believe you."

Mo Huiling said, "Because I haven't thought about anything else at all. Right now, I'm just very upset. It's so rare for you to give me a call, but you called me just to talk to me about this?"
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