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Lin Che looked at Mo Huiling absurdly. She felt very speechless after being talked down with so much hatred.

"Gu Jingze is aware of my Weibo posts. I believe that if he had any issues, he would have reminded me. I don't need you to do that. Regarding what you said, you're right. I do not know how people live in a high society but I have never believed that living in a high society was a good thing. I'm used to how I live and I will never change anything about myself for Gu Jingze. I believe that as long as I'm honest and sincere, I will be respected no matter what kind of society I'm in!"

"You… "

Mo Huiling never expected this Lin Che to be so good at talking back.

Mo Huiling scoffed, "The more one lies lowly, the more justified one would feel to acting in such a manner!"

Lin Che laughed coldly and then heard someone coming from behind.

Gu Jingze entered and saw Mo Huiling there.


Gu Jingze walked briskly and went to Lin Che's side. He pulled her to stand by him as he moved silently in front of her. As if intentionally, he put Lin Che safely behind him.

Mo Huiling saw Gu Jingze and immediately changed her face.

"Jingze, you're here at the gala too?"

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che and seemed to be checking if she was safe and sound.

But Lin Che only looked unhappy. It seemed like nothing major happened.

Gu Jingze looked toward Mo Huiling, "Yes, I have to come once a year."

Mo Huiling said, "Me too. My mom and dad are both here. They're outside."

"Oh, then shouldn't you be with them? What are you doing here?"

Mo Huiling quickly smiled and wanted to go over to him. However, she stood there and kept herself reserved.

Her father was right. A woman must be reserved. She had to keep a distance and not clamor all over him.

Mo Huiling said, "I came to the washroom and bumped into Lin Che, so I talked with her for a while."

Gu Jingze said, "Oh. Yes, I had to bring a female partner this time."

Mo Huiling bit her lip. Yes, that was his wife…

But that was supposed to be her position.

Mo Huiling tolerated it and smiled warmly at Gu Jingze, "Really? I see that Lin Che is all dolled up nicely today. Oh right, Lin Che. You're an actress. My dad wants to find someone to act in his advertisement. Your image is actually very good. You can consider taking up our advertisement if possible. Our home appliance brand is the national bestseller. When the time comes, the advertisement will be played everywhere. I know the endorsement fee is not so attractive to people like you, but you must see the influential power. Our advertisements are rather influential."

Lin Che did not listen to her. She would rather save the effort and trouble.

Lin Che thought that Mo Huiling might as well be an actress herself since her acting skills were so good.

Why was she needed?

However, Lin Che still smiled and said, "That is up to our company to arrange. I can't make decisions for myself."

Mo Huiling looked at Gu Jingze, "Jingze, I have no other motive. I just wanted to say that I'm serious about changing regardless of whatever misunderstandings there were previously. I hope you guys will give me a chance. You can take this like I'm making up for it?"

Gu Jingze looked deeply at Mo Huiling and stared into her eyes. He said, "Huiling, it's right that you can think this way. It's alright. As long as you don't act so stubborn and be more mature instead, you're fine."

Mo Huiling said, "Then can you let Lin Che take up our advertisement? I'll take it like your forgiveness for my past childishness."

Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze with objection in her eyes.

There was no way she would film it.

If a job couldn't make her happy, she would rather be tied to a leash.

This was obviously not going to make her happy. Instead, it would make her furious. Also, who knows what kind of motive Mo Huiling would have? She was not going to walk into a trap.

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che, then turned to Mo Huiling and said, "I don't want to force her to take up any job. It is entirely up to her."

Mo Huiling could only laugh dryly, "Is that so? Anyway, Lin Che, you can think about it."

Lin Che let out a breath of relief and said, "I will consider it."

Mo Huiling still wanted to talk to him, but she could only look at Gu Jingze and tolerate it. She said to Gu Jingze, "You can go back to the auction. I'm heading back too."

"Hm, okay."

Watching Mo Huiling walk away obediently, Gu Jingze slowly turned around.

Lin Che glanced and said, "What exactly is up with her? Seriously."

She walked away so easily. Lin Che was still not used to that.

Gu Jingze replied, "Maybe she really reflected on herself back at home. I have warned her that she was being too stubborn. She is already over the age of being stubborn; she should have been more mature, but she just couldn't. Perhaps it's because I have been too relaxed with her in the past and never cared a lot about her ways."

"Oh," Lin Che said.

Gu Jingze continued, "She's actually not a bad person. It's just that she doesn't know any better. If she's willing to improve this time, I'm also willing to give her this chance to encourage and motivate her."

Lin Che laughed dryly, "You're right. Whatever she did was because of you in the first place."

Lin Che quietly thought, She was the woman he liked so even if they were angry, things were definitely going to be alright once he coddled her.

She would rather not interfere in whatever went on between them. She did not intend to seek her own suffering.

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che, "No matter what the reason was, it's not right to cause a nuisance like that. Even standing in the same spot as her, many people will choose to handle it in a different way, unlike her. I know that she went overboard in some areas."

Lin Che replied, "You really are a serious person. But…" She looked at Gu Jingze, "Well, will the Weibo post that I published tonight affect you?"

She knew that Mo Huiling was targeting her.

However, after thinking about what Mo Huiling said, she felt uncomfortable.

What Mo Huiling said was actually not wrong.

She and Gu Jingze were from two different worlds. She indeed did not know what she should or should not do usually.

Gu Jingze looked at Lin Che, "Weibo… The one that you posted today?"

"Yes. If I'm doing something wrong, you don't have to indulge me. You can tell me directly," Lin Che spoke seriously.

Gu Jingze said, "It's alright. Nothing happened after you posted either. What's wrong?"

Lin Che said, "Oh, I thought I wasn't supposed to. Miss Mo said you prefer to keep a low profile. I was worried that I did something bad that might affect you."

Mo Huiling said that?

Gu Jingze frowned again.

He thought that there was nothing forbidden about posting on Weibo. And he did like keeping a low profile, but not to the point of being that harsh.

It was just that he didn't like being in the limelight usually. But strangely enough, he enjoyed being in the limelight with Lin Che and seeing her shine with pride.
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