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The Beautiful Wife of the Whirlwind Marriage 138 How Could You Harm Gu Jingze Like This?

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"Gu Jingze, do you have something against me? The more photos you take, the uglier I get…" Lin Che took her phone and looked speechlessly at the blackfaced Gu Jingze. "Gu Jingze, I finally discovered that you actually have a flaw too."

Gu Jingze glared at her and almost jumped up, "What did you say?"

Lin Che said, "You see? What are you taking? Mr. Gu, I feel like you have absolutely no photography skill at all. Sigh. But I can empathize with you. No man is perfect after all."

Lin Che continued, "I guess I'll do it myself…"

As she said this, she positioned herself and took a selfie to show Gu Jingze, "You see, this is called a selfie. Now look at your shots…"

Gu Jingze took a look and looked at Lin Che speechlessly, "Isn't this too unrealistic? That's you?"

Lin Che exclaimed, "As long as I look good!"

Gu Jingze really could not imagine it.

Lin Che said, "What? Do you expect me to post some ugly picture? That wouldn't be good. Of course, I want my fans to see nice pictures. I'm thinking for them."

"…" Gu Jingze was already powerless and could only shake his head.

Lin Che retorted, "You don't understand!"

"I don't want to understand either!"

Lin Che chuckled and looked at Gu Jingze. She pulled him over and said," Come. Let's take one with the beauty filter and one without. Try it and you'll know."

"I don't want…"

"I won't take no for answer…"

Lin Che pulled him over and tilted her head slightly towards him so that both of them could fit in the frame.

Lin Che said, "One, two, three, say cheese."

'Snap!" The image of the two of them was locked in the phone screen.

After adding the beauty filter, Lin Che showed it to Gu Jingze, "See? Doesn't this look very nice?"

Gu Jingze raised his brow, "When people look good, they'll look good in any photo."

Lin Che said, "Wow, see this? The folds on your skin were all smoothened away. Your skin looks so tender."

"Lin Che!" She was minding his age again!

Lin Che saw that Gu Jingze's face became dark again. She burst out laughing and said, "Why are you being like this? You need to have the right attitude to face your age."


Lin Che stepped over and said, "Okay, okay. Don't be angry. I was just saying that your face… looks a lot younger than people your age!"

"…" She was still talking about his age…

"I'm serious…"

"Enough, don't say any more. You might just drive me mad."

Gu Jingze thought that trying to argue with her would only drive him mad. What could she say with that IQ?

However, looking at the picture of them close together, they looked rather matching.

Gu Jingze said, "Send this to me."

"Ah, you want it? But what do you want it for?" Lin Che asked.

Gu Jingze said, "I don't have a photo of you. If you go missing one day, I can use this photo for the missing person poster."


Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze speechlessly but still sent him the photo.

Gu Jingze received the picture, looked at it, and saved it in his phone.

The charity auction soon started. Lin Che posted the picture of herself on her Weibo and then watched the auction with Gu Jingze.

Watching the items go for a starting price of tens of millions, Lin Che was stunned.

After a while, Gu Jingze turned and asked her, "Is there anything you want?"

Lin Che turned to him, "I can't afford it."

Gu Jingze smiled and said, "It would make me happier if you thought like that for everything."

"…" Lin Che said, "Am I not being considerate enough for you! See? I've already humbled myself a lot."

Gu Jingze could not stop himself from rolling his eyes. He completely could not tell…

He only felt that she was getting more brazen and taking him for granted.

Lin Che watched for a long time before getting up to go to the washroom.

The outside was covered in luxury. It was Lin Che's first time attending a high society event like this. She could not help but look around. She felt as if there was too much for her eyes.

She entered the washroom and saw that it looked very prestigious. She could not help but sigh in exclamation. This place was indeed for the high class.

She washed her hands and touched up her makeup. When she walked out, she heard a high voice call, "Lin Che?"

It was Mo Huiling.

Lin Che turned around and saw Mo Huiling dressed in a pastel pink dress. She strutted over in her heels and her nose was turned up so high that her nostrils looked like they were almost facing the sky. She tilted her head at Lin Che and the corners of her lips curled slightly, "Why? Is this your first time here? "

Lin Che's smile fell. She looked at Mo Huiling and said, "Yes, it's my first time."

She was honest and did not think that it was something to be shameful about.

Everybody knew it was her first time anyway. There was no point in lying.

Mo Huiling smiled and said, "Right, Jingze should bring you around more. Otherwise, if you attended a Gu family gathering like this, they'd be shocked. Although this is not as dignified as a Gu family banquet, this is still our C country's biggest annual charity gala."

Lin Che could hear the mocking tone in her voice. She smiled plainly at her, "Thanks for telling me, Miss Mo."

"Of course, you don't know anything after all. Oh, right. I think I saw you post a photo of this place on your public Weibo?"

Mo Huiling saw the picture and was so angry that she wanted to find Lin Che.

This Lin Che was so obnoxious for taking pictures on her first time here. Even though it was just a picture of herself, the fact that she was acting like she was a high-profile was revolting.

That seat should have been hers!

Everything that Lin Che had was supposed to be hers!

Lin Che frowned and looked at Mo Huiling, "What's wrong?"

Mo Huiling's face was serious. She was all high and mighty; full of blame and anger like a headmistress.

"Lin Che, nevermind if you want to be famous, pretentious and show off. But you need to know that Jingze loves keeping a low-profile. He doesn't like to show off. Can you please keep your thoughts in check? Even if you want to show off, you should think of Jingze too! Where can he put his face if you behave like this?!"

Lin Che looked speechlessly at Mo Huiling, "What do you mean?"

Gu Jingze was right there watching her post on her Weibo and he never said anything. Yet, she was here by herself warning her?

Mo Huiling said, "Do I need to make it clearer to you? Lin Che, you should know that given your status, you don't match to Jingze. So maybe you don't know how someone in a high society should live. If you don't know, you can come and ask me. For Jingze's sake, I will begrudgingly tell you about his habits and his life. But can you not behave so recklessly yourself?"
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