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Mu Feiran looked at her mother in puzzlement. "When did you meet him?"

"Well… I did meet him."

"You went to my house?" Mu Feiran got annoyed at the possibility that her mother went to cause a scene with Black Eagle.

Mother Mu looked around and knew that she could not hide it any longer. She grunted and said, "Just look at what kind of taste you have in men. Why did you choose that guy? I told you that you'd get cheated and you still refused to believe me. You two are not compatible at all. You have different statuses. Furthermore, how can he ever hold a candle to you? Hmph. He should take a look at himself before he dares to touch you. On the other hand, you're so stupid. Of course, you'd fall into his trap."

Mu Feiran was puzzled. Was she talking about Black Eagle?

But it felt like Black Eagle probably wouldn't be so hateful.

But she could not be sure either.

She thought that Black Eagle was an arrogant person. Perhaps he did say something to upset her mother.

Mu Feiran said, "Since you've already met him, what else do I have to say? I can save the introduction now."

"Hmph. Bring him over. Let him come over. I want to see if he has the audacity to come over."

Mother Mu said.

Mu Feiran said, "And what are you going to do if he comes here?"

"If he doesn't even have the guts to come and meet me, then he can forget about being your boyfriend. You said that you're not getting cheated, so prove it. Let me tell you. He wouldn't last a minute here. I'll give him hell and make him so embarrassed that he can't face people."

If he dared to come over, she would definitely make his ears bleed.

This sugar baby wanted to leech on and cheat her daughter?

Mu Feiran looked at her mother. She knew that she could not hide her boyfriend from her family forever. Sooner or later, they would have to meet.

Since she had already seen him, she could ask Mo Jingyan for his opinion. There was no harm in bringing him here.

Mu Feiran said, "Fine. I can ask if he's willing to. If he is…"

"Hmph. See if he's willing to? Of course, he wouldn't."

Mother Mu immediately interrupted her.

Mu Feiran could not be bothered. She took out her phone and walked outside.

She dialed Mo Jingyan's number and very soon, he answered her call.

"Feiran, what's up?"

Mu Feiran said, "Jingyan… My family said that they know about my boyfriend…"

"Oh, okay. Why? Do you still want to hide from them?"

"Of course not. But now they want to meet you. I was wondering if you want to meet them."

Mo Jingyan said, "Oh my, meeting my in-laws so soon? Really. I haven't prepared any gifts."


He agreed happily.

"No, my family… Jingyan, I'll be honest with you. They kinda disapprove of our relationship, so I'm worried that they might make things difficult for you." Matters like this were better said in advance.

Mo Jingyan heard this and chuckled. Disapprove?

He said, "I see… Alright. It's understandable that they disapprove of us. After all, you are their precious daughter and you're important to them. It is natural that they have high expectations for your boyfriend. Alright, I'm coming over now. Wait there."


Mu Feiran heard this and was a little panicked.

He said, "Hang up. Wait for me."

Mu Feiran then hung up.

Mo Jingyan had this one gentlemanly move that nobody would ever think he would have.

He always waited for the other person to hang up before he did himself.

It was like this every single time and it seemed very thoughtful of him.

Mu Feiran hung up. When she went back inside the house, she heard her mother say to Chen Hao, "We've seen him. He's a sugar baby. Seriously. She's getting cheated and she doesn't even realize it. You'll see once he comes here. If he has the cheek to say that he is Feiran's boyfriend, his skin would really be as thick as a wall."

Mu Feiran was puzzled. Why would she think that Black Eagle was like that? And he was a sugar baby?

He didn't look like a sugar baby.

He was sweet, but he definitely wasn't a baby.

After waiting for about half an hour, Mo Jingyan was here.

The car stopped outside. People walked in carrying gifts.

At first glance, it was just a box of wine. But upon closer look, it looked like those famous Martell bottles that could cost thousands of yuan.

The people who came in were those lads who usually followed Black Eagle.

The one leading the way was regularly seen. He saw Mu Feiran and greeted, "Hello, Lady Boss."

Then, he went straight in.

The people behind were still carrying more wine. This one was another type of red wine, but it also looked very expensive.

These people…

Inside, Mother Mu immediately saw that boy walk in.

With one look, she recognized the man that she had seen with her family earlier?

"Hey, that's him…" she exclaimed. However, she immediately saw that he was carrying a box of Martell.

That wine… seemed to cost thousands of yuan per bottle.

And there were so many of such bottles.

At first, she was a little surprised. Then, she thought that even though these were expensive, he probably used Feiran's money to buy them.

She immediately rolled up her sleeves and prepared to lecture him.

Unexpectedly, more people filed in from behind.

Each one of them carried a box of wine.

They all looked like different brands, but they were all top class like Martell.

Oh my, this was…

Mother Mu was confused now.

All the way at the end, a man in a leather coat stepped in.

Standing tall, he seemed to eclipse everyone around him.

He saw Mu Feiran first and smiled. He walked to her like a breeze.

"Feiran, I'm here."

Mu Feiran pointed in shock at the situation inside. "Those things…"

"Oh. It's my first visit, so I must bring some gifts, right? I asked around and was told that most people bring wine and cigarettes."

Yes, you could give wine… but nobody told you to buy the entire liquor store.

Mu Feiran thought that the next time these people give him ideas, they should talk about the quantity first.

Otherwise, he couldn't always do this.

There were so many boxes going back and forth.

Her living room was already filled.

Just then, Mother Mu already came out in shock. She stared at this man who was like a ray of sunlight. He stood there with a domineering look as if he really had an indomitable spirit. She didn't even dare to blink.

Who was this?

"Feiran, this is…"

Mu Feiran replied, "This is the boyfriend I was talking about."

Hey, he was not the one she met…

Mother Mu pointed at that boy just now, "And he…"

"Oh… That's his subordinate."


Mother Mu cried internally. She got it wrong.

This man standing in front of her now looked dignified and had a different aura. It was just that she did not know what he did for a living.

Just then, Chen Hao also emerged with surprise.

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