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Lin Che looked at him. His skin was fair and soft, and he had classic oriental features. The outer corners of his eyes were slanted very high upwards. He was also quite young.

Lin Che's eyes brightened and she said, "I wonder if you have any thoughts of being a celebrity."

Cheng Yuantu said, "A celebrity… to be honest, I've never thought about it. I haven't been exposed to it either."

Lin Che continued to look him up and down with great scrutiny. "Frankly, you're very suited for it. Your appearance and your aura are both not bad."

The fact that he could be chosen as the lead story and garner the loathing of all men after entering was enough to prove his good looks.

But in reality, people looked different in real life than on camera. Even she herself looked different on camera.

Thus, she was still considering these other factors.

"I think that you can try a full-screen test if you're interested. Our company nurtures celebrities. If you have potential, you can make a living from it. Of course, the premise is that you're interested in it because it's not easy to continue in this line of work. I don't want to casually pull someone into it."

Cheng Yuantu thought about it before saying, "Of course, I'm interested. Which child hasn't dreamed about becoming a celebrity? But in the past, I always felt that it was a very distant dream. If I can do it, I'm willing to try."

Lin Che responded, "That's good. I'll help you contact our staff later. You can go there directly for the screen test. If all goes well, they will arrange for you to become a trainee."

Cheng Yuantu looked at her gratefully. "Thank you."

Lin Che smiled. "It's alright. But I must tell you that trainees don't get paid too much. We provide food and drink, but their pay is quite low. They will only have an income if they manage to book jobs. Usually, all of them go out and work."

"As long as I have a place to live. I can also go out and work," he said.

Lin Che nodded. She hoped that he would be a hardworking person. Because she was hardworking, she also liked colleagues who shared her same bad habits.

After settling things here, she went out only to hear word going around that Xue Yang had been injured on set.

Cheng Yuantu was still trailing behind her. He heard an assistant come over and say to Lin Che, "Xue Yang fell from a hanging wire on the set."

Lin Che hastily asked, "How is he now? Is his condition very serious?"

"We don't know yet. Abby has already made her way over."

Lin Che said, "In that case, let's go and take a look too."

Lin Che turned and said to Cheng Yuantu, "You can go and take a look as well. You can see what being on set is like and what being a celebrity is like. Perhaps it will help you decide."

Cheng Yuantu nodded. "Sure. I can see if my help is needed anywhere."

Beside her, the assistant asked, "Is he going to be our trainee?"

Lin Che said, "Yes. I'm considering it."

The assistant grinned while blushing furiously. "He's my type."

Lin Che smiled. "He hasn't gone for a screen test. I hope he looks better on camera and that he does well in this industry."

"Actually, we can make minor adjustments if he doesn't look good," the assistant said.

Lin Che knew what minor adjustments meant. Some people had a good foundation but did not look good on camera. Minor adjustments through surgery would make a huge difference.

Lin Che said, "We'll see when the time comes."

She had nothing against it, but most of the company's celebrities had not really made any minor adjustments. They were worried that going overboard with the adjustments would be detrimental to the celebrities in the future.

The assistant said, "But seeing that his face is so slim and so small, I think he'll look good on camera. His legs are so long too. From my professional point of view, with a figure of such proportions, he will look quite good on camera."

Lin Che said, "We don't even know how Xue Yang is doing, but you're already smitten with someone else."

She was Xue Yang's assistant. That was why she had rushed back to notify her.

She quickly smiled sheepishly. "I think Xue Yang is probably alright. Sister Che, don't be anxious."

However, when they arrived, they found out that news of Xue Yang's injury and hospitalization had already been leaked from the set. There were many fans gathered outside.

The drop-off point was inside. She saw that some of the fans were kicking up a fuss outside, waiting for news, and were already in tears.

Lin Che sighed and said, "Let's go inside first and take a look. What did they do that made him fall?"

The assistant said, "It's just because the production crew was dumb and did not do their work seriously. They thought that it was fine to check only once. No one expected something to go wrong this time. When he swooped down, he simply fell off. Fortunately, nothing happened to his face. Otherwise, what would Xue Yang do?"

It was Cheng Yuantu's first time coming to a place like this. He looked at the fans outside. He had seen this on television before but did not feel anything. When he witnessed it firsthand, he genuinely found it quite shocking.

The assistant moved closer to him. Anyone would be glad to get in on the action with a handsome man.

"Hey, handsome. You're new, right? You can ask me if there's anything you don't know."

Cheng Yuantu asked, "Is being a celebrity always so dangerous?"

The assistant said, "Of course. Especially during filming, it's common to have cuts and bruises. It happens no matter what kind of scene you're filming. After all, there are many people on set, and you may have to make some large movements that will hit someone. There are many cases of males getting hurt. Repeatedly filming scenes like fighting scenes can cause them to have bruises here and there. Eh. Do you think that being a celebrity is easy? Actually, it isn't easy. You don't get enough sleep too. You have to stay up all night and rush to your next schedule every day, take the plane… our company is considered one of the better ones. The boss is more humane and isn't greedy for money. Those under greedy companies would definitely be miserable."

Lin Che turned around. "Are you trying to scare away our trainee?"

Hearing this, the assistant hastily said, "Dear me, no, no. Of course, there are benefits too. Look at the fans outside and you'll know."

Cheng Yuantu said, "There's danger in everything. There's hardship in everything too. I'm not afraid of hardship."

Lin Che smiled and said, "You're right. It's much better now if you were to compare it to the past. There was even more hardship on set in the past."

Abby was with Xue Yang.

Xue Yang looked extremely uncomfortable on the hospital bed.

When he saw Lin Che arrive, he quickly sat up and asked, "Sister Che, why are you here?"

Everyone knew that Lin Che was pregnant, so they would not usually cause her any alarm.

He did not expect Lin Che to come here because of his leg injury.

Lin Che said, "It's alright. I happened to be at the company, so I came to take a look. Quick, lie down. Don't move around."

Abby stood there with a pained expression on her face. She pouted and asked, "What stupid production crew is this? He could even fall while swooping down."

Lin Che asked, "How is he now?"

"He suffered a slight fracture of the ankle and there's a crack in his bone. But he probably won't need surgery, even though he will have to recuperate for some time," Abby sighed.

Xue Yang said, "It's fine. I can resume filming as soon as possible."

Lin Che said, "No need, no need. It's good for you to take the chance to rest too. Don't be so anxious. It won't be good if there are residual effects."

Abby said, "Precisely. There are no schedules that you have to attend, either. At most, we'll earn less money. It's not as if you can't make a living for yourself right now."

Xue Yang felt very guilty. He felt that they would have to pay a lot of money in compensation if this were the case.

Lin Che said, "Don't worry about it either. The production crew will probably compensate us for all the losses."

Abby said, "We won't lose any exposure either. We can still sensationalize this matter for some time."

Xue Yang felt much better as they chatted back and forth. He looked at the two of them gratefully. "It's fortunate that the two of you are wealthy. Otherwise, you guys will really lose money doing business like this."

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