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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father Chapter 48: Said It’s Better to Kill

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Above the Ninth Heaven, Xiuxian Continent.

“Jun Shang, you’ve returned!”

As the lofty man enters, everyone in the hall kneels.

The old man lifts his head and opens his mouth to ask, but before he could say anything, the other man leaves quickly without paying him any mind. He only leaves the others with a view of his tall and proud back departing.

Han Ye, who follows soon after, is still absent-minded and his steps are shaky.

Right now, he feels like he really needs some space to calm down a bit and to properly examine what had just happened.

Before he has the chance to disappear though, he finds himself surrounded by a group of people.

The old man nervously asks: “Han Ye, how did it go? Did Jun Shang really kill the destined woman?”

“After he killed his destined, did Jun Shang suffer any backlash?” another person anxiously brings up.

Han Ye looks at everyone absent-mindedly and shakes his head.

“No backlash?” The old man and the crowd loosen their nerves.

Unexpectedly, Han Ye’s complexion turns green and white. After a long while of that constipated-looking face, did he manage to squeeze out a few words, “Jun Shang… did not kill!”

Not just let her live, but he directly helped himself to the destined woman!

Then he quickly ran away after hitting on her.

When his state of mind returned to normal, he had also seen that Jun Shang’s ears were red.

He still had a serious face, and the chill emanating from all over him did not lessen in the slightest.

However, he swears that he really saw Jun Shang’s ears turn red!

“He didn’t kill the destined woman?” The old man reveals an astonished expression “There’s someone from the lower bound that Jun Shang is unable to kill? How is it possible?! Quickly, say what’s the matter in the end?”

Han Ye’s brain is paste. He opens his mouth several times to try and cough up the actual situation, but he just ends up swallowing it back down.

He thinks that, if he really speaks of what he saw, this group of people would think that he’s joking or there’s a problem in his brain.

The women of Xiuxian Continent appear unfeeling, but these women go in wave after wave to throw themselves to Jun Shang and try to gain his favor. To those women, their Jun Shang is indifferent, cold, and heartless. How could he have done something so brazen?

But it so happens that their Jun Shang’s mind is never reflected on his face, so how could they guess what his intentions really are?

Wouldn’t it be so nice if someone were to tell him what’s happening in his Lord’s mind?

While Han Ye is going crazy from the confusion, the lofty figure that had just left, now suddenly reappears in the main hall.

“Jun Shang!” Everyone falls to their knees.

The old man asks: “Pardon if I ask, does Jun Shang have any instructions?”

The man’s brows are slightly raised. With an ice-cold expression, his voice is powerful and resonating; “I hereby order, thoroughly expunge all news regarding the Shen Musician. Whether it is in the Xiuxian Continent or the Xiuzhen Continent, I do not want anyone to know that the Shen Musician’s successor has appeared.”

The old man is stumped: “Jun Shang?”

“Do you understand?”

“Und-understood!” The old man is intimidated by the other’s severe expression, and he immediately gives an affirmation.

His mind is filled with questions.

What happened? Wasn’t there a concurrence to kill the Shen Musician heir, the fated woman who will bring trouble upon Jun Shang?

How has the terms changed that it became a task to cover up the news that the Shen Musician has appeared?

Jun Shang, what… what are you up to in the end?


In the space, Muyan slightly sorts through the memories from the Shen Musician’s inheritance. Then she takes Xiao Bao to go out.

The Internal force fluctuations in the Fog Forest are extremely unstable due to the large number of Strange Beasts in it.

The space will be affected and become unstable if Muyan remains inside.

Furthermore, she intends to leave the Fog Forest after finding some spots to gather mysterious plants and then try the Shen Musician’s skills in refining drugs.

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