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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father Chapter 14: Encountering a Mental Case

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Chapter 14 Encountering a Mental Case

Several big men with two maids no longer have the arrogance they had before. They kneel before MuYan , sniveling and tearful, as they repent for their wrongs.

If they let the world see these people who look exactly like them, but posing in such a shameful arrangement, how will they conduct themselves in the future?

Not to mention keeping on being a palace guard, they won’t even have enough guts to go out the house!

“This heroine, queen, goddess, we know our wrong! We beg you to please give this painting to us!”

MuYan smirks and says: “When you kidnapped an innocent woman and made her undress for a painting, didn’t you enjoy playing? Now you know how to ask for mercy?”

Several people prostrate themselves on the floor and keep on repenting.

Now, the head guard is really regretting to the point that his intestines have turned green.

When encountering the beautiful woman along the road, he thought he could please the Third Prince by bringing her back.

He never expected to ultimately bring back an evil star. The head guard remember the ~身 ~ pose he just performed and it sure is incredibly embarrassing, he wishes he was dead instead.
(Imagine 身 as a stick figure)


But when they are crying and begging for mercy, they suddenly hear an excited voice in the carriage. “Beautiful, very beautiful. This charm, this style, these tones, such a breathtaking painting could only exist in the heaves ah!”

Lou Beiyu is holding MuYan’s painting in his hands –

Still wearing the thin clothes from the painting, crossing his legs, and biting his lips – an alluring beauty on the couch.

However, not only is Lou Beiyu not simmering in shame and anger, he instead has bright eyes.

All of a sudden, he pounces to MuYan. “Master, please teach me, how to draw such a painting with a charm and ingeniousness. I’ve been studying how to paint for more than ten years and thought I had already seen the cusp of it. But now that I’ve beheld Master’s work, I now know my own ineptitude.”

MuYan’s mouth twitches, she feels like she just suffered mental damage.

The guards and maids at the side have their faces warp and weft red, yellow, green, and blue – it’s extremely fascinating.

MuYan lifts her foot and kicks him off.

But Lou Beiyu just climbs back up from the ground, completely heedless of his revealing clothes, and whether his important parts are exposed, “Master, master, if you lack money or Mysterious Plants, apprentice can give them to you in offering, so long as you are willing to give some pointers. ”

MuYan turns, with veins popping on her forehead, “Xiao Bao, let’s go!”

This mental sickness, she can’t provoke it so shouldn’t she avoid it?

The carriage curtain opens and Xiao Bao’s figure appears. He walks over to MuYan’s side and allows her to hold his hand.

MuYan opens the carriage window, and is just about to jump out.

Lou Beiyu rushes out and calls, “Master, little senior, don’t leave ah! As long as you’re willing to stay, I would be willing to comply with anything! Do you want a treasure from the Fog Forest? I, what we can get from this trip, I can offer them all to Master!”

The head guard at the side just sees his vision go dark, wanting but unable to slap his master.

MuYan stops her movement as her eyes turn to slits momentarily, “You’re headed to the Fog Forest?”

“Yes, yes!” Lou Beiyu sees that MuYan actually stopped in her action so he immediately nods frantically, and says in rapid succession, “A meteor fell into the Fog Forest a few months ago. A few days ago, multicolored light was also observed in the skies. It was also a sign of the presence of treasure. That’s why my emperor father had sent me to explore the forest.”

“Sent you?” MuYan couldn’t help but shake her head.

She feels that Emperor of Chi Yan Country probably has a problem in his brain, for why would he send such a hopeless mental case to explore the Fog Forest?

Lou Beiyu eyes flashes with a brilliant light as he slightly straightens his back, “Master, don’t underestimate me. I’m only twenty years old this year, but I’m already an early Earth grade practitioner.”
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