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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father Chapter 128: Obedient Han Ye

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Noticing Muyan approach, the man looks up and gives her a fawning smile, “Miss Muyan, I’m so sorry, did the noise bother you? Please rest assured, this subordinate will be done in no time! Guaranteed that it won’t take longer than a stick of incense!”

This person standing in front of her is Di Ming Jue’s trusted subordinate, Han Ye.

He is covered in dust, his face is grey with the scattered powder. His white teeth are particularly noticeable when he grins, and it’s unusually silly.

Muyan drawls, “What are you doing?”

Pausing, she narrows her eyes in suspicion, “Or rather, why are you here?”

If she remembers it correctly, shouldn’t there be a family of four living next door?

Han Ye pats off the dust on his body and gives Muyan a slight laugh: “To answer Miss, this yard had already been bought by our Jun Shang. Now, you and Jun Shang are only separated by a wall, but Jun Shang thinks that this wall is no good. It separates and distances you two for no reason, so this subordinates intends to build a door right here. After this, it will be much easier whenever the two of you want to meet.”

Muyan really wants to roll her eyes.

Who wants to go and meet with that guy?

Moreover, that person can silently sneak into her room, does he need to break the wall if he wants to meet her?

Muyan’s mouth curls into a smile that isn’t a smile. She hooks her fingers for Han Ye to come closer.

In terms of age and cultivation, Han Ye naturally far outstrips Muyan.

However, she is Jun Shang’s future wife, an Empress among the queens of the Three Realms a!

Han Ye doesn’t dare to be rash, obediently following her beckoning.

Muyan smiles deeper, her countenance turning brighter and more beautiful. Like the splendidly blazing sun up in the sky, people dare not look directly, but yearn for in joy.

Even Han Ye is dazzled in that instant.

It’s not that there isn’t anyone that looks more remarkable than Miss Muyan back in the Xiuxian Continent, but there isn’t any woman that has this kind of charm like the young woman in front of him. When she smiles, those pair of peach blossom eyes glitter like the light reflected by flittering water.

It’s no wonder that their Jun Shan has been so obsessed since he had first laid his eyes on Miss Muyan.

Just as he’s thinking that, he hears a clear and melodious voice in his ears, “Your Jun Shang instructed you to smash this wall?”

Han Ye repeatedly nods.

“Then do you know that this wall is shared between your yard and mine?”

Han Ye nods once again: if that isn’t the case, then Jun Shang won’t make him destroy the wall!

Muyan chuckles darkly, “Since you know that this yard also belongs to me, then why did you destroy it?”


Muyan extends her slender, lily-white hand and grabs Han Ye’s collar. She says in a languid tone, “So I’ll give you half an hour to be good and properly fix this wall up for me, otherwise… do you understand?”


Muyan loosens her hand in satisfaction and pats Han Ye’s wrinkled collar. She leisurely leaves.

After Muyan has disappeared from view, only then does Han Ye come back to himself.

Oh God, he… he had just been intimidated by the momentum of a mortal from Yanwu Continent.

Finished! Finished! Everything is Finished! Resistance is futile.

Han Ye places his face on his palm: Even if it’s the woman that Jun Shang fancies, this is really too awful!


After an hour, Muyan goes back to the backyard and sees that the wall has been properly repaired. She nods in satisfaction.

Just as she has returned to her room however, a knock comes at her door.

Aunt Chen pushes the door open and comes in, followed by four individuals carrying two heavy wooden chests.

Muyan asks suspiciously: “This is?”
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