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-There are so many people here.


The spirit bursted with admiration when the bus arrived at the Dongdaegu terminal. The polluted air had disappeared and was replaced by towering buildings that were pointed towards the blue sky.

But her admiration towards the people went away as soon as she got to look from the other side of the bus. She saw another bus that had an ice cream cake design on it. She just tried ice cream not too long ago and she already wanted to eat all of it from out of the store.

-You should definitely go take that test. The monster is dead but you don't know when you'll need something like that.

Said the spirit inside his heart.

-Okay then.

He sighed and turned on his new phone.

Getting through the hunter license application test online was the easiest way but the tests were harder. This was not an issue in the past when there were a great lack of hunters. One could apply if he/she had enough battle skills but now, they had to hit every metric just to get their license.

-It's not even easy for a hunter.

He checked the contents on the hunter test on the internet with his phone one more time.

The test is about three chapters long. Chapter one included writing, chapter two included physical strength and chapter three included a face-to-face meeting.

Each page had a different subject, Hunter regulations, Raid common sense and common ethics. 300 or 250 points were needed to complete each subject.

The second paper was for physical strength, the magic system was documented to number five, two for physical strength and then there's a 'skills in possession category' that gets three people to demonstrate their skills and grade them.

And one of the last steps was where they would get five people to be judged in a character evaluation test. But, they put three unexpected things in front of them. Lastly, there would be a face-to-face meeting which would be very nerve wracking and difficult.

-You think that your going to fail even with your high rank? You've become stronger.

Said the spirit.

-I have gotten stronger and I hope it's enough but…

What the spirit said wasn't wrong. He's a Gagseog and he just came out after spending two years in Alousu. He was able to level up and he got a lot stronger. He's a lot stronger compared to the Jaehwang who went hunting with the Stardust clan over two years ago.

The problem was that Jaehwang's writing skills were extremely weak.

He would freeze and stall during test when he was in middle school. Traditionally, elite sports would be his focus but the Korean Sports Industry had a malady. With the relationship with the law, even if you're a talented sports student then there's a certain standard that you have to meet to get into a university. But realistically, the school level was still considered to be in an incomplete state.

A beneficiary representative of that consideration was Jaehwang. It was just one month until the test and even after the written test, Jaehwang had to go register into the hunter university in Daegu.

"Mr. Jeon Jaehwang… You have one month to apply for the written test. One month for dormitory… How about your meals? There's a contract for the cafeteria but separate food expenses can add up to $60 dollars so I'll issue you a meal ticket."

The female employee at the desk spoke to him in a formal voice.

"I'll let you know about the meals so you could decide."

"Okay. But… Do you have any personally owned vehicles?"


"And all that together adds up to $780 dollars. The lodging area is on the seventh floor… the lodging is owned separately…"

The female employee explained everything and Jaehwang looked around. He already saw what it was like on the internet, but some changes were visible and everything now looked high class and fancy. It was not big but it looked more decorative than a boarding school. The atmosphere felt like an apartment building, especially with shops on the ground floor.

"Ah… And the skill practice cannot be applied for so you won't need a separate fill in. But looking at test sections and systems, they looked small. How small would you like them to be?"

"I'll apply for the hybrid."

She looked a little surprised at Jaehwang's answer. He looked at him again before quickly turning her attention back to the papers.

"This is the first time in a while that someone has applied for the hybrid. What system would you like?"


She looked surprised again at his answer.

-Why is she acting like this?

-Because the hybrid hunter license magic system and physical strength system are originally a test that's taken together. Besides, everyone envies the abilities of a healer…

Hybrid magic and physical strength are both skills that were very impressive.

People would soon lose their interest hunters anyway…

Healers were once considered a royalty in the world of hunters. That skill as not required to become a hunter but it helped a lot of people since long ago. They had belonged to a small margin of talented people thus, they would treat a healer with great value even before they would get their hunter's license.

For example, the Star Dust Clan would do their raids and they didn't even have a healer. That's how rare they were.

Most of the high ranked members of the clan would form a team so that they could go on missions and reduce the number of injuries or casualties. If there came a chance that one got hurt, they would immediately call for a healer.

"The writing is done. Is there anything else you need?"

"No thank you, this would do."

"Great. Can you wait here for a second? I'll go get your personal guide."

Jaehwang took off his backpack and noticed that the employee started to talk to him in a much nicer tone. She had a soulless look on her but now, she bore that nice and sincere expression.

-A healer is that big of a deal?

-Yeah. Other skills aren't as useful in battles. But a healer's skill has a guarantee.

-But soon you'll register with a bow and arrow!

-What bow and arrow? Bow and arrow… There's no reason for something like that.

He chatted with the spirit until a male employee showed up. He sat in the chair, the female employee followed and started to talk with Jaehwang.

"Let me introduce myself"

Jaehwang soon realized his ulterior motive for helping him enter the school. With the help of another female employee, she bought the existing assignment to a better room. They placed them on the bed and Jaehwang was at a loss of words of how much there was.

"The guiding is now finished. Do you want a document?"

"No thank you. I still…"

He did the application online in the cabin but he didn't know about the document application.

"The document application is for our university. If we could get your picture then that would help us with the documents. Be sure to show your entire face in the picture for your ID."


Jaehwang shook his head with the hat covering his hair and face.

He hesitated and then asked her a question.

"If you're not busy, can I take the picture today? But let's do it on the other side of the studio…"


He then went on his way to the studio with the female employee. She stood close to his side and Jaehwang then gave her a blank stare before asking her a question.

"I know this place well so I'll make sure that your photo would come out good, okay?"

"Oh.. Sure."

She said to him in an excessive nice tone so just he smiled back and shook his head.


They walked into the studio and met a guy sitting at a computer who got up from his seat and greeted Jaehwang.

"Welcome. Oh? Soogmi, you've come too?"


They seemed to have known each other well by their greeting.

"This hunter is completing his documents and he needs an ID."

"Ah, is that so? Right this way, I'll help you."


Jaehwang followed him into a costume room.

"Put on this jacket and let's take off that hat… hmm. Your hair is quite long. I'll take care of your hair as soon as possible and everything would be good to go. Or else your features won't stand out."

Jaehwang took off the hood of his jacket just as he suggested.

"This picture would be on your hunter license so I'll do my best to make it come out as great as possible. Let's take away the ornaments… You should be the only focus."

He offered Jaehwang some lotion and he then took off his hat and swept his hand through his hair. The guy then unknowingly stopped what he was doing and watched. Jaehwang looked into the mirror to fix his hair and noticed that the guy was staring at him.



He was speechless as he looked at Jaehwang's face. Jaehwang put the lotion beside him and got ready for his photo. He looked at Jaehwang's shabby long sleeve shirt and the other clothes he was wearing and went into the other room to look for something.

"Try this on. And this too!"

"You're not going to just take the picture?"

Jaehwang didn't care for better clothes and refused but he insisted.

"Wait. Your style seems great but it needs some work. This would help you stand out in the photo. But that shouldn't be too hard since your parents already did such a good job."

"Uh. Yea."

Jaehwang just went along with the photographer's sudden drive of energy and put each of the clothing on. He then ended up in five layers of clothes and didn't look too happy about how his final look turned out. He came out of the dressing room and walked into the middle of the costume room to take the picture.

He walked back into the room and the female employee who sat there reading a magazine was left speechless. She took her phone out and started taking pictures of Jaehwang's face as if she lost her mind. Jaehwang then gave her an angry look.

"What is there to be afraid of?"


Jaehwang raised his voice a little higher. The female employee came back to her senses and immediately apologized.

"S-sorry. I don't know what has gotten into me…but... Can I… Have a picture?"

She was about to cry like she was already denied of that permission. Jaehwang then smiled and laughed it off, allowing her to take a picture. She then checked the pictures one by one and thanked Jaehwang. She gave him a blank stare once again.


"Thank you."

He was annoyed and couldn't believe what was happening. He refused to take any more pictures and the girl then thanked him and left.

The useless long photo process was then over so he placed back his normal clothes and pulled the hat over his face once again.

The female employee beside him then looked at him and spoke in a sad voice.

"Why are you wearing your hat like that…"

He didn't answer her and just walked out of the studio alone. He was then feeling extremely tired at the end of the day and went to his room to sleep. That night, he asked the spirit a question while he was lying down.

Going to University 1, The end.
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