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Usually to leave peacefully, Jaehwang had a trick of being extra nice. When he finished treatment and came by and he was lonely. The 3rd year sunbae students were in charge so, different students were put aside and yelled at if they got in the way.

He just finished shooting after coming to use the equipment without ruining anything. The director banned walking down the hallway with an arrow after finishing shooting practice. But, this is creating chaos right now.


Jaehwang's decision to quit school had nothing to do with the arguing that he hated. He just politely lowered his head and turned around. But, unfortunately, the sunbaes wouldn't let them slip away that easily.

"Hey! What are you doing? why'd you come, Dongchul? Are trying to skip school?!"


He kept his cool and followed Jaehwang out of the building, giving not the slightest bit of care about the sunbae students trying to start a fight.

"How dare they try to start something with us?!"


One of the sunbaes marched up to Dongchul and hits him on the side of his face. They might have driven them mad because they just walked away without a word or it might be Dongchul behaving like a quiet bear around the school. He kept his calm to the point that they are not sure what to do with him now.

After being hit, Dongchul turned and looked towards Jaehwang in surprise, asking him if he should not hold back this time.

In the beginning, he wanted to be friends with Jaehwang but he couldn't since his parents only let him have friends who play archery. But after introducing his unskilled orphaned friend to his parents, they treated him as their own. That's why since then, Dongchul strived to be better in archery until somehow he ended up being in the same team as Jaehwang.

However, when Jaehwang said that he's finished with archery, that made him uninterested as well. But through all his current thoughts, he got busy fighting some of his classmates.


Jaehwang shook his head.

Jaehwang has work to do. He wanted to visit his parent's graveyard as well as take care of the rest of his family's things. It doesn't matter even if used his mother's name since his uncle's evil plan robbed him of everything. But even so, he has to care for what's left and with him and with Dongchul giving up on school, the future looked bleak for the both of them.

The moment Jaehwang calmed down Dongchul, an older student they triggered his short patience with a single breath.

"Are you stupid!"

The sunbae student hit him again and he screamed in pain.

"Looks like I've been too nice!"

Dongchul grabbed him by the back of his hair as he tried to walk away. He then took his wrist, turned him around and punched him in the mouth.

The others who laughed while watching was forced shut their lips in shock of just happened but It wasn't long before they bared their teeth in anger and ganged up on Dongchul.

A big fight broke out...

But Jaehwang acted faster than them. He grabbed Dongchul and they started to run before the others could take out their arrows.

Swoosh Swoosh!!

He throws 2 arrows within 1.5 seconds. They quickly flew through the hallway and made its mark into the wall, landing just 1 centimeter away from hitting right through the middle of the 'Relax and be Kind' banner written in fancy Chinese writing.


The sonbae students fell on their rear ends. They looked where the arrow had landed before they looked towards Jaehwang in fright, forgetting that they had just provoked a monster in archery.

But what's more surprising was how weak his shooting was compared to before. His current equipment could be blamed, but the shot wasn't even accurate.



"Don't you regret it?"

"It was their fault, ask them…"

"Let's go."

Jaehwang walked in front of the arrow he shot as tears began to well up in Dongchul's eyes. He then looked over towards Dongchul thereafter and throws the arrow over to the pleading students before they left the hallway.


They walked out of the school with no delay and with no words to say to each other.

They marched in the dreary winter weather with the cold wind blowing through their warm bodies..

"Geez…It's so cold."

Dongchul said with his body covered in sweat to which Jaehwang replied with a light laugh. But that feeling soon disappeared when his demeanor started to look more serious.

"Are we really going to quit school?"

"Yeah. There's no reason to stay…especially things are only getting worse.."


Jaehwang just shook his head at Dongchul's answer. Dongchul was actually only going to that school because of Jaehwang's parents. After going to one of two archery events he found that sports aren't for him. He was able to get into the school without much skills with the help of Jaehwang parents but now, it would be hard for him... His support from them was already gone so unless Jaehwang comes back, he had no choice but to leave.

Jaehwang knew that and that's why he decided to join in when Dongchul decided to fight for him. Getting expelled or leaving... It doesn't mean anything to him.

"What should we do..."

"What are you thinking?"

"I...Want to go to the mountains... There's nothing here left for me."

Dongchul looked at him with an reluctant look on face and asked,

"...That hell?..."

Jaehwang smiled. He should be calling their current position hell. The familiar whispers of the city relaxed them as the birds in the background chirped a comfortable rhythm. Nothing's more comfortable than something like relaxation and meditation… and Archery.

"Let's go to my parents grave. I have to go take care of everything…"


Dongchul just shook his head without saying anything and Jaehwang then clicked his tongue as he glared at him without saying a word. He obviously doesn't know what Dongchul was thinking of. He wants him to come with him but, Dongchul has to take care of the younger orphan kids. Maybe it's something conflicting between the two of them..

"So, you're don't want to come?"

"I don't know.."

"You don't have to pay for the food."

Dongchul was left unsure of what to say. He was a big eater.

"Okay. Well…I don't know.."

Jaehwang realized Dongchul's greatest burden so he decided to take that worry away from him.

"Then, what do you really want to do?"

Dongchul scratched the side of his face after he heard his question. He looked over towards the giant building in the far distance. He then saw a picture on the giant multivision screen and said,

"I'm going to do that…"


Jaehwang looked over in the same direction and knitted his brows.

-They just came out of the Daehyun Battle University dimension gate. In the past, 2018's first dimension gate, hundreds and thousands of peoples' casualties were generated. And 60 years later after the first generation fusion, our country's best hunters kept everyone's casualties from being destroyed and the Daegu dimension gate 7th expedition was successfully finished.

Bright fancy lights shone onto the giant baseball field-like multivision through the night match. There was a giant transparent mirror that reached 20 meters high. There were dozens of support lights and about 20 people standing in there.

-Two more post were being built with the expedition that time. And it's available to anyone within 20 kilometers of every direction. And the natives are still...

"I volunteered for military work so, I tried to applied to the Military Gagseog Training program support…The country will pay for all the Gagseog procedures in the country. They said that they will give it to you with 5 years of service."


Jaehwang looked at Dongchul with a worried expression.

Gagseog, hunter... Things like that are said to not be for ordinary people. Of course in the past it was one of the biggest jobs but, those naturally born with the Gagseog talent were more likely to make money.

The examination for Gagseog skills were free, obviously. Whenever the country saw that there were a lack of hunters, they would first find someone with the skills to fill the spot.

The country paid for one's Gagseog procedure so could check their skill rank. It was hard to reach the rank to be qualified…

For reference, Dongchul's rank was 3, and even though it's embarrassing to say, Jaehwang's closest rank was 5.

"You do the procedure and even your skills rank 3 after three years. You have to change by work terms, witch aren't bad terms, right?"

"Rank 4 hunters even die here."

"And besides me, your younger siblings are going to worry about you..."

Jaehwang showed Dongchul a face full of concern.

There were a lot of fancy and brightly shining spotlights in the place.It looked good but, how many Gagseogs died in there? That's something that had to be thought about. Especially hunters ranked below 2, there was said to be an average of a 30 percent fail rate for them.

"Even if you're a rank 2, you'll endure a lot over 5 years when they give 1 hundred million and E level license. Doesn't it sound easy."


Jaehwang knew that Dongchul was strong so he just shook his head for now. Even those with similar ranks needed an infinite variety of physical strength and fighting skills followed by true fighting skills. Even if Dongchul were in the same rank, he may not have top rank fighting skills. But, there was something else that Jaehwang was worried about.

"There's something I was trying to explain to the director…"


After hearing that, Dongchul then looked at him with a sad face and put his head down.

He remembered when they would go to school every day, the school that the director took pride in working for. But now they've quitted school and were considering doing dangerous things like Gagseog hunter volunteering.

"Darn...Maybe you can go during archery season."


Everything changed 60 years ago after the fusion.

The generation fusion… Some have called it the dimension mashup…

Some said that it was a sign of an alien invasion and even though it wasn't a sign of ruin, it was clearly not a natural thing. It was speculated that it involved a passing meteor colliding into the earth. It resulted into a cataclysmic impact that shook the three dimensions.

"That's not it, I'm planning to go and at least reach the 4th rank..."

Jaehwang then took a deep breath....

He's going to try to improve his skills through Gagseog training and make it up to at least level four. Although that sounds very unlikely. If he's good enough to get into third place then maybe he can get into second and maybe if he's lucky enough, he can get into first.

"Say that you just want to at least get 6th place."


Dongchul just laughed.

A Flawless Archery Machine 3, The end.
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