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Sofia was able to help Halcan with the attack this time. For this she had to use a secret weapon. Halcan would have never ever thought that a human be responsible for such a weapon.

Suddenly, they heard the sound of the army soldiers leader shouting.

"Prepare for the war! Be sure to get your protection armor, everyone!"

When the attack in Justin Point happened they were close to destruction but that only lasted for a little while.

"I want to hurry and see the outcome of this fight."

Sofia thought. She would then be able to finish working with Halcan… But, her commands haven't changed.

"Aim every missile at Halcan."


"So, you came."

Jaehwang said as he continued to launch arrows like a machine. He could tell that someone was there without even looking.

"Secretary. Awesome."

The spirit was just walking not looking excited at all.


Jaehwang asked. The spirit then shook her head and answered.

"Ugh, I'm going insane. This is so boring."

"We'll be done here soon…"

Jaehwang replied.
He then begin to shoots the arrows even faster so they could finish up sooner. Thousands of Oaks were lying dead on the ground.

"Wow, it's already been a few hours."

"Now we just have exactly two hours left. Let's try to get through this without a lot of trouble."

"Sounds good."

The spirit said in reply to Jaehwang.

"But you don't have to rush."

She said trying not to burden him. Jaehwang then suddenly turned his head and saw Halcan. He was with a crowd of Oaks.

"That was the guy who was shooting arrows the last time."

Halcan said to himself.

It was his fault the Oaks and him almost lost their lives in the fight.
Jaehwang wasn't paying much attention to them staring at him as he was focusing on shooting arrows. The only thing Jaehwang wanted was to break the friendship between the Oaks and the church members.

Seeing him in person shooting arrows made the Oaks realize how powerful he actually was. They were even more impressed seeing how young he was. It was obviously they couldn't be him with what they've prepared.



The spirit answered without looking up from her tablet while eating candy.

"Get ready. It seems I'm about to have something else to do."

Jaehwang said and the spirit then replied with a surprised expression,

"Another fight?!"

"No, not that…"


She replied in a bit of a disappointed tone.
The spirit recently got a high level of energy so she was always excited for a fight.
Jaehwang then smiled and said,

"For this you'll be able to run as fast as you can."

He said and the spirit seemed to look at least a little less disappointed.

Jaehwang and the spirit chatted about their plan and then quickly headed to Justin Point 3 kilometers away.

Everything was covered with protection prepared for the battle. All of the soldiers were in formation with their weapons in their hands. Jaehwang then shot an arrow into one of them while still staying hidden.


One of the soldiers shouted drawing attention to the injury.

In the past Justin Point lost their leader so the Oaks took over his position and Halcan trained preparing himself for another attack so they would never lose again.

Their hearts were beating fast.
Currently the fight between them was with a superhuman archer.
Although he was just a human he put up a good fight.

It was time for him to redeem the place that he treasured.

"Bring the others!. It's time to attack!"

Pong! Pong! Pong! Pong!

In that moment he began to shoot dozens of arrows at once that went flying all over the place stabbing into the Oak soldiers.

The arrows shot up to a distance of 3 kilometers reaching all of its targets.

Pong! Pongg! Ppong!!

Trails of energy trailed behind the arrows as they flew through the air.
However, it was time for the Oaks to begin their attack.
"Domination attack!"

Their leader shouted and the army of 500 Oak soldiers marched doing their best to avoid the arrows.


Their leader Lucan, led the march with a smile on his face.
All of the Oaks followed behind him heading to Justin Point to fight back. It was time to end the battle.

Halcan was fully prepared and on his way. He begin to start running the moment he was close to Justin Point. The second he arrived he started to attack.

Tak! Takk! Tak tak! Takk!

He shot with a machine gun in every direction barely even knowing what he was shooting at.

He then became surrounded in black energy.
The machine gun speed power began to slow down but Halcan refilled it to speed up again.

"They aren't even going to greet themselves. Has it really come to this?"

He said to himself.

Kwang! Kwang kwang! Kwangg!

He kept shooting with the gun uncontrollably.

Justin Point was becoming a complete mess.

The Oak soldiers weren't scared as they were actually there with a big surprise for him.

"We have a gift for you! We've completed the order!"

"Keep shooting!"

Pong! Pong!!

A missile was in the sky on its way down to Justin Poing. But, it wasn't just one. There were dozens of them flying in the sky on their way down to the ground.

Originally the missile was supposed to hit into the ground and take out a lot of enemies at once. However, that didn't go as planned as the missiles were for hunting monsters and could only track down and attack monsters. What an inconvenience.

Everyone was able to run out of the way and avoid the missile.


The 8 missiles were getting even closer to the ground. There was a number of about 240 and every one of them were going to crash into an Oak. Even Halcan couldn't find anywhere to hide from them.

Kwang kwang kwang!!! Kwang! Kwang!!!

Not just Halcan or the Oak soldiers leader but the entire neighborhood suffered from the effects of the missiles. Hundreds of them hit the ground one after another causing a huge sonic boom. Because of that explosion hundreds of Oak soldiers and Oaks citizens died.

Even Justin Point obviously suffered a lot.



The missile control management team members and leader cheered.
Things couldn't have gone more perfectly. All it took was on missile attack.

The ground shook as if it was a tsunami.
It was a fatal weak point for the Oaks. Their leader died and most of the soldiers and citizens did as well or suffered from terribly severe injuries. The leader for the humans suffered a little too but his injuries were able to be healed.

"We win."

Sofia said with a smile on her face.
Halcan died and the battle was clearly over.
The church members and Sofia celebrated their victory.

However, Sofia's co leader started to worry about something.


"What is it?"
Sofia then looked at the screen.
All she could see was a cloud of smoke but as it started to go away a few moments later they saw an Oak with an arrow sticking out of him. There was also a beam of green light shining down on him.

That Oak was Halcan.

"This can be real…"

Sofia said with an angry tone in her voice.
They launched hundreds of missiles. No one should have been able to survive. It was too overwhelming for there to be any survivors.

Everyone in the room was silent and hesitant to make any assumptions so soon. Maybe they could just be seeing things? Or maybe they just made a mistake in their attack.

Halcan was still alive.


Halcan then got up and started to run. He was running for the wall of Justin point. There was then another explosion!

"Get him!"


Halcan's entire body became covered in black energy as the explosion erupted and he continued to run for the wall.

Kwang kwang kwang!!!!

The moment he reached the wall of Justin Point there was a huge explosion.

Whoosh… Kwang kwang kwang!!! Kwang kwang!!!!

Despite its loud noise the explosion wasn't so big. However…

The severity of that explosion startled everyone.
All of the dust and smoke caused by it began to slowly clear away.

"Woww! It collapsed!"

"Look out!"

Defense Match 2, The end.
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