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After throwing out Rachael from her office, Fei Yan pulled the blinders in the room and turned the lights off, converting the office into a dark den. She sat on her chair and after leaning on the headrest, closed her eyes. What happened today was something she would have never expected in her entire life span. It was both humiliating and infuriating for her.

She has got the message passed that no one was to come looking for her today and her schedule for the day was also cleared, pushing everything forward. She was feared and hated by everyone in the office due to he ill-temper so no one really cared for her but they were curious to find out what happened to entertain themselves at her expense. All they knew was they saw a girl being dragged out of Fei Yan's office by the guards and pushed out of the entrance roughly. Everybody had surrounded Xiaozhi to get the piece out from her. However Xiaozhi didn't tell anything in fear of becoming Fei Yan's punching bag.

"Aiyo! I really hate our current president. If not for the President and her father scheming, we would still have had the old President and a harmonious environment in the company. Tut!" An old employee that has worked under Fei Constructions for almost twenty years now sighed.

"What do you mean Mrs. Jing? What old President?" Another employee that had her cubicle next to Mrs Jing asked.

"You don't know? Well I am not sure about the reasons but the powers in the company changed few years back including the company's name. And the rumour had it that our current Chairman got the Chairmanship through some under handed methods. I really miss the Old Chairman and President. They were so good to employees unlike President Fei." Mrs. Jing spoke reminiscing the past.

"Really? I didn't kn-"

The employees would have continued gossiping if they had not been interrupted by Xiaozhi who gave them a threatening glare to shut up.

Fei Yan in her office was in deep thought and exceptionally calm. Had it been some other day she would have gone on a destruction spree but today she sat silently on her chair. The hatred she had been boring for Sing Jia from past few months had sky-rocketed today to another level and she just wanted to crush her altogether.

Before Wu Zhang had met Song Jia, she has never cared about any other girl Wu Zhang hung out with because she knew the secret behind his infamous play boy image. It was only her and the people he was closely associated with who knew that Wu Zhang has never had any romantic or physical relationship with any girl. He was an easy going person apart from when he was in his work mode, and never cared about gossips. He would just randomly hang out with girls to kill time which was only limited to passing time over meals or going to some place together. Because he was the kind of person who never liked talking about his personal life to the media, so no one knew the truth and all the rumors out there were mere speculations by people who had nothing better to do in life then to gossip. And the girls he was seen out with never cared to clarify their relationship status with him because the identity he held could provide great benefits to them. After all who wouldn't like to be associated with the Young Master of Wu Household, even some men might have agreed, had Wu Zhang been a homosexual.

Initially when she found out about Song Jia, going to the ball with Wu Zhang she was jealous but she calmed herself thinking that he would not be serious. But there was a second voice inside her that spoke otherwise. She felt threatened by her, threatened to see the position she has eyed ever since they were kids to be slipping out of her hands. And when the fear started growing bigger she used Rachael to break them apart. But what she didn't know was that the pen drive never reached Song Jia. When she saw them behaving all normal at the birthday banquet she was cautious, if in case it was a trap. But she soon realised that they haven't taken any action yet which could mean only two things. Either Song Jia didn't see the video or else they have sorted things out, the possibility of which was very low based on Song jia's past.

After thinking over things again and again until dusk fell, she finally picked up her phone from her desk and made a call.
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