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"How dare you slap me?" Fei Yan shot up to slap back Rachael but Rachael was quick and she not only caught her hand but also turned around Fei Yan and twisted the grabbed hand around her back. Xiaozhi who was standing at the corner witnessing this scene unfold, didn't feel even an iota of guilt for not stopping Rachael. Deep down she was happy and decided to let it continue for a little while more.

"Let go of my hand you slut." Fei Yan shrieked in pain, wriggling her body to free her hand, but Rachael's grip was hard to break out from. "Xiaozhi you idiot help me."

After Fei Yan called her, Xiaozhi had to step in. She immediately walked towards them and tried pulling Rachael away from Fei Yan. But Rachael's anger has shot up her energy to a different level and she was difficult to be handled alone by Xiaozhi. When Xiaozhi failed, she immediately went and pressed the red button under Fei Yan's desk to call for security guards.

"You think just because I am poor and at a status lower then yours, you can say whatever you want to? I took your slap silently the other day because I thought you will stick to your words. But you are one despicable bitch Fei Yan. How dare y-"

Before Rachael could finish, the door to Fei Yan's office flung open and two security guards barged in. They immediately went to Rachael and pulled her away from their boss.

"Take her away." Xiaozhi ordered them.

"Wait." Fei Yan stopped them while rubbing her wrist that Rachael has gripped.

The guards held Rachael tightly by her hands and Fei Yan came closer and the next moment her office room echoed with three back to back sounds of slaps that Fei Yan threw across Rachael's face.

"Listen to me whatever Black your name is. I Fei Yan was being kind towards you by not destroying your career for kissing my Zhang that day. And you still had the nerve to barge in here and slap me?" She slapped her once more turning Rachael's cheek into a dark shade of red before grabbing her jaw in her fingers and digging her nails in Rachael's tender skin.

"Trust me when I say this, your career is finished, and so are you. You dug your own grave by coming here, but by slapping me you have jumped right into it. And now I shall seal it for you."

Rachael who has stopped struggling to free herself from body guards now spoke, "What do you think you are? Do you think such a lowly woman like you can get Mr. Wu Zhang? Never." She was laughing in Fei Yan's face.

Fei Yan has by now started trembling in anger. She turned to her table and grabbed her wooden pen stand to throw it right at Rachael's face, bruising it and then screamed, "Take this bitch out of here right now." The guards immediately complied and took Rachael away. Fei Yan plopped to her chair and wiped her face. After a few minutes her attention fell on Xiaozhi, "Get out." She shouted at the top of her voice pointing towards the door. Too scared to speak Xiaozhi immediately ran away closing the door behind.

In truth, Rachael was both pretty and talented. Call it bad luck, but even after having so much talent she could never make it big. Maybe because she couldn't make enough connections in the film industry that she never got the big break she deserved. And to offer her body to bag roles was not something she wanted to do. She has met Fei Yan during the celebration dinner of a movie in which she has played a small supportive role and Fei Yan was an investor in that movie. Due to her interest in films, she often invested in film projects she thought could make it big on the box office.

Rachael had agreed to work for Fei Yan because she didn't really have to do much and her identity would also be safe. And not to forget the big break Fei Yan promised her, she could not say no to it. However she was regretting it now. And she was soon going to regret it forever.
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