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Fei Yan for some reason was quite happy seeing the desperate and helpless look on Rachael's face. Maybe it was because she had been in a sour mood, that she didn't want anyone else to feel happy. She sometimes behaved like a sadist who loved seeing people in pain, especially when she herself was in a bad mood.

"Why are you doing this to me Miss Fei, you promised me to get this role. You knew how much I needed it to give my career a boost." Tears have accumulated till the brim of Rachael's eyes, threatening to fall down any moment.

"Do you want some tea?" Fei Yan turned to Xiaozhi and signalled her to send it in her office.

"Are you even listening to what I am saying?" Rachael stood up from her chair, slapping her palm against the table loudly. She could not control her tears anymore and it slipped out of her eyes.

"Shut up and sit down quietly." Fei Yan's voice turned a little stern, but her expression was still quite composed. And when Rachael followed it silently, because she had no other choice, she smiled again.

Xiaozhi came back with a secretary, who held a tray containing two cups in her hands. The secretary placed the cups in front of Fei Yan and Rachael and left immediately, while Xiaozhi stayed back.

"Where were we? Ah yes, we were talking about your role. Right?" Rachael nodded silently, while the tea cup in front of her remained untouched. She was in no mood to sip tea with her right now.

"You see Rachael, you have to trust me when I say it, I had no intention of going back on my words, but girl, who told you to bump in Tan Yong that day? And to top it all he even recognised you. Tut." Hearing Fei Yan's words, Rachael's heart sank because she knew where the conversation was leading to.

"Now you tell me, how can I give your career a rise at this moment?"

"How is it my fault that he recognised me? Wasn't your assistant the one who was giving instructions? I got out the very instant I was told to. And if he barged in at that very moment, why am I to be blamed?" Rachael stared crying.

"Well girl, I don't care how you put it, but I can't put myself in the risk of being caught so you will have to bear with it." Fei Yan was exceptionally calm today, but her words were stern.

"However I can still give you an insider news, Director Qin has been invited to shoot a very high budget thriller movie in the coming year and you also know that his wife has been on bed due to her ill health from past few months. So why don't you go and warm his bed and in return he might help you bag the role. What say?" The truth was Fei Yan was really angry when Rachael had tried to kiss Wu Zhang in real, and it was there that she has decided to teach her a lesson. And to back her argument, Rachael ran into Tan Yong as well that sealed her decision. And the reason for her calm composure was that Rachael had walked in herself to fall in this mess so she was just deriving joy from her misery.

"How dare you say such thing you bitch. I will not let you go." Anger shot up inside Rachael and without thinking twice she took two long strides to where Fei Yan was sitting and before Fei Yan could process the situation, Rachael slapped her hard across her face.

Fei Yan felt a sharp sting in her cheek bone and jaw line after the slap, and Xiaozhi's mouth dropped open at the scene she saw. Being Fei Yan's assistant she was supposed to help her but due to the insults that had come across her way from Fei Yan, she could not bring herself to stop Rachael.
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