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The very same day, at Fei Constructions Fei Yan was sulking over. She had been in a very foul mood since past few days. Or to be precise since Old Madam Wu's birthday. It would be a lie to say Fei Yan was not shocked to see Song Jia not only appear at the birthday banquet but also walking hand in hand with Wu Zhang. She was not only jealous but also upset with the fact that the place next to Wu Zhang, that was supposed to be her was taken by some one else. And not only the place was taken, she had also embarrassed herself in front of all the guests after her intention to insult Song Jia had backfired so miserably. And to top it all, Mo Biyu was also a little disappointed with her because of her behaviour. Not that she said it directly but she had felt it in her eyes and the gentleness she has showered on Song Jia that evening.

Poor Xiaozhi who always had to be the scapegoat to let her boss vent out all her anger on her, was standing in a corner of the brightly lit office room too afraid to even breath loudly. Last time after Fei Yan had returned from the party, she has almost fired her. If only Xiaozhi's husband was not sick and she had not been unable to find another suitable job which could provide her the money to pay his medical bills, she would have switched jobs already. And if not switched, she would have resigned for sure.

"Are you going to keep standing there all day like the flower vase?" Fei Yan who had seen Xiaozhi standing silently asked in a slightly frustrated tone.

"Ah? No- No young miss." She was a little startled and confused as to what to do now.

"Then do you want to say something?"

"Yes." She nodded her head timidly to finally speak what she has been holding on to for so long. "Young Miss, Miss black is here and she looks a little desperate to meet you."

"Who?" Fei Yan who was a little lost could not catch, which Miss Black was she referring to.

"Miss Black, Raechel Black." Xiaozhi murmured slowly. She had been in the room for so long to tell that that Raechel was waiting to see her but seeing her boss's volatile mood to be so foul she could not speak, scared that she would again start insulting her for over the video.

"Ah, Raechel Black?" Fei Yan's lips quirked up slightly as she leaned back on her chair, spinning the crystals encrusted pen in her hand. "Why didn't you tell me earlier? Bring her in."

Xiaozhi was slightly surprised to see this reaction which was something she could have never expected. But being the efficient assistant she was, she went out immediately to come back with Raechel.

"How are you Miss Black?" Fei Yan asked leisurely as she gestured her to take seat across her.

"Do you really not know how am I?" Raechel pulled out a chair for herself and asked after being seated.

"Oh Come on Miss Black, how would I know how are you doing? We ain't friends after all. Right?" Fei Yan smiled.

"Can you please cut the crap now and tell me why haven't you recommended me for the TV series you promised me in return of getting your work done?" She was obviously referring to the work she has done in Rocks n Glitz.

"What series?" She looked surprised as if she had no idea what Raechel was talking about.

"Are you going back on your words now? Didn't you tell me you will put in a few good words for me in front of the Director of 'Bloodlust'?

"Exactly those words. I said I will put in a few good words for you and introduce you to him, which I did. So how did I go back on my words? Now if you are so not talented to convince the director how is it my fault?"
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