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In the office, Wei Xin reminded Song Jia of her meeting with the CEO of Zhao industries. It was a major company in Europe and were planning to expand business in China. Rumor had it that the Zhao's wanted to move back to China, so they were expanding their business in the country.

When they reached Mystic Oriental, the meeting venue, Song Jia and Wei Xin were escorted to a private meeting room. Inside the room sat a middle aged man dressed in a steel grey suit along with a woman with hazel eyes and softly curled hair. However the woman was in a fancy red dress and from her casual looks she didn't look like she was someone from CEO Zhao's official team. Beside them stood a man with a stone face who looked like the assistant of CEO Zhao. However Song Jia didn't ponder over the woman much and greeted them with a smile.

"Mr. Zhao, I hope I didn't make you wait for long." She initiated the formalities as she sat down across the two people and shook hands with them.

"Not at all Miss Song." He returned the same formal greeting. "Well Miss Song I also brought my Wife along, I hope it's not an issue."

"Until Mr. Zhao is fine with it. Nice to meet you Mrs. Zhao." Song Jia smiled in the direction of the woman.

Mrs. Zhao nodded her head and returned the smile. "The pleasure is all mine Miss Song. I don't have any kins in the city so I didn't want to stay alone at home, hence I tagged along. Please don't mind me."

"It's alright Mrs. Zhao." And slowly the conversation turned towards the deal they had come to negotiate.

"Well Miss Song, what did you think about our business proposal?"

First of all Mr. Zhao, thank you for offering us this contract. However I am quite curious as to know why would you give this proposal to us when there are so many bigger companies in the market." Her expression showed no signs of anxiety or curiousness apart from the mandatory formal smile. However while talking she got strange vibes from the wife of CEO Zhao. Every now and then Song Jia felt Mrs. Zhao's gaze on her. But then she brushed aside the thought by thinking that maybe she was just listening to what she said.

"Call it business instinct Miss Song, but after my team's research I think your company is the best platform to become our supplier." Mr. Zhao said with a polite smile.

"If you say so Mr. Zhao. And if we talk about the proposal, I am quite impressed with the contract you have sent. So let's call it a deal."

"Absolutely." CEO Zhao smiled and so did his wife.

After the meeting and the lunch, Song Jia was ready to leave when Mrs. Zhao stopped her.

"Miss Song, since we have come back after a very long time to the country, I have organised a small gathering for meet and greet tomorrow. It would be nice if you could come."

"I would love to Mrs. Zhao but I already have other plans. I hope you don't mind." She rejected politely even though she didn't have any other plan. She didn't like attending such gatherings of social butterflies already, to top it that it was organised by someone she hardly knew. She had no reason to attend so she denied directly instead of beating around the bush. However to give the elder lady some face, she didn't make it blunt.

When they were on their way back, Wei Xin could not help asking, "Why was Mrs. Zhao unnecessarily trying to make small talk?"

Song Jia was busy texting Wu Zhang, she paused and shrugged her shoulder, "I have no clue. She gave a complicated vibe. Maybe she was being over-friendly. I don't know exactly." She gave it a deep thought but could not give words to the feelings she had after meeting her. Maybe they were over thinking.
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