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When Song Jia woke up, she saw Wu Zhang sitting next to her, working on his laptop. The sun rays were falling directly on his right profile, adding a golden tint to his skin and disheveled pitch black hair. She wasn't completely awake and seeing him first thing in the morning, she thought she was amidst a sweet dream. She got closer to him, pulled out her hand from the duvet and took away his laptop. Wu Zhang looked at her amused and a warm smile spread across his face, seeing her sleepy face. Before he could speak, she placed her head on his lap, wrapped her arm around his lap and went to sleep again.

Wu Zhang chuckled and combed his fingers through her softly curled hairs. He was still lost in the moment, when the woman on his lap lifted her head with a frown on her face, eyes closed and slapped him not so lightly on his morning boner. "What are you poking in my face?"

Wu Zhang "..."

She mumbled and then adjusted her face a bit away from his boner and on his thigh and went back to sleep. What she couldn't see was Wu Zhang's eyes getting dark. His lips were pressed in a thin line and he was trying hard to control himself, because he didn't want to disturb her sleep.

Song Jia on the other hand has by now realised something was not quite right because Wu Zhang felt too real to be a dream. To confirm she patted her hand on her surroundings and accidentally patted it on the restricted area. To feel what it was she pressed it and this time again it wasn't very gentle. Wu Zhang looked at her, his face turning darker and darker. She frowned and opened her eyes slowly. She looked around the room and memories of last night came back to her one by one. Wu Zhang who was looking at her with a complicated expression, gripped her wrist just before she was about to pull her hand back. Her eyes went wide open and in a swift moment he pressed her on the bed and laid on top of her, looking in her eyes he spoke in an ultra sexy tone "Sweetheart, what do you think you are doing?"

"I-" Song Jia was at a loss of words. The Wu Zhang she thought she was dreaming about was for real and the worst part was she had unknowingly pressed something she should not have.

"Speak baby." He murmured softly and bent down his head to nuzzle his nose in the hollow of her neck while his hands trailed around the curves of her body.

"I- I thought I was dreaming." She spoke softly, feeling thoroughly embarrassed. Wu Zhang had found some men's clothing in the closet of the room after his shower, so he had worn a pajama from it, where as Song Jia was too tired to even move a finger, so to not to wake her up he had just wiped her body and tucked her in duvet, so she wasn't wearing anything.

"What else did you dream ha?" His gaze looked dangerously captivating and as his fingers dancing on her bosom made Song Jia's heart beat rapid. His eyes contained humour and a smile hung on his lips.

She looked in his eyes, her pink lips parted and her face turning red. She was so possessed in his eyes that she even forgot to breathe.

"Sweetheart inhale." Only after his reminder did she realise she was holding her breath.

She inhaled deeply and then spoke after she calmed down, "Wu Zhang I honestly thought I was dreaming."

"So you dream about pleasing me ha?" He softly pinched the skin near her ilium.

"No.. I.." I felt your thing was poking me in my face so I wanted to move it away. My bad!! *Face-palm internally.*

Wu Zhang finally broke in a gentle laughter seeing her so panicked. "Sweetheart relax." He kissed her gently on her forehead. Her timid look made his heart melt.

The couple was still fooling in the bed when a maid knocked on the door to call Wu Zhang for breakfast. Song Jia pushed Wu Zhang away and pressing the duvet against her chest she got up from the bed.

Wu Zhang saw her looking for something in the closet, "What do you need?"

"Clothes. I can't go out like this right?"

"Wear this." He went to the closet and said pulling out a sleep shirt that was a pair of the pajamas he was wearing. Feeling that all the clothes would be equally large for her, she wore the shirt and seeing that no one was in the corridor, she ran to her room, while Wu Zhang called Li Jing to bring him his clothes.
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