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His hands snaked inside her top, feeling her slim waist and bare back, while his lips locked hers, his tongue exploring her mouth.

Sensing that it was getting difficult for her to stand, he released her locked wrists and placed his hands on her perfectly round butts lifting her up. She locked her limbs around him as he worked his magic on her collar bones and cleavage, leaving hickeys every where his mouth went.

Song Jia sub consciously held on to his hair, clutching them hard. He held her tighter, to prevent her from falling and continued leaving hickeys everywhere his mouth touched.

"Wu Zhang I.."

"Sshh.. Don't say anything"

She unlocked her limbs and climbed down. Initiating hesitantly she got on her toes and kissed his lips slowly. While kissing, her hands reached to his chest and she unlocked the buttons on his shirt one by one.

He smiled and then helped her take off his shirt revealing in front of her, his broad shoulders, hard built chest, trimmed waist wrapped under his smooth fair skin.

After taking off his shirt, he reached for her waist and pulled out her top, flinging it across the floor somewhere, leaving them with nude upper bodies.

Feeling shy, Song Jia covered her smooth supple breasts with her arms and buried her face in his chest. He smiled and kissed her crown, rubbing her back simultaneously. He pulled her back by her shoulders and turned her around. He wrapped his one arm around her flat tummy and with the other hand pressed her back to bend, leaning her against the wall.

Leaning closer to her, he swiped her hair to the front and licked the back of her ear, sucking onto her ear lobe.

"Mmh." She shuddered, his tongue making her feel electrocuted.

"Are you liking it?" He whispered softly in her ears.

Song Jia bit her lips, feeling to shy to admit. Seeing her holding back, he sucked hard on her nape. "Say it darling."

"Ye- Yes Aah."

"Yes what?"

"I- I am liking it.." It took her a lot of effort to complete her sentence because Wu Zhang's sucking was making it hard for her to speak.

In the next second she was in his arms and he took her to the bed, placed in the center of the room.

She felt her body softly bouncing on the soft bed, and Wu Zhang lied down next to her. She was still covering her bosom. He slid his hand under her head and pulled her hair to lift her chin. Exposing her neck he sucked her under her chin, biting her softly.

All she could do was moan softly, filling the room with her melodious moaning sound. With other hand he gently removed her hands from her bosom, gazing at her firm breasts with nipples erected.

His gaze darkened and the next moment he was on top of her. Licking her all the way from her collar bone to her cleavage, he moved to her breasts. He took one nipple in his mouth, sucking on it and cupped the other kneading it with his big palm.

Song Jia arched reflexively and clutched the bed sheet above her head. Her toes curled and she moaned louder, raising Wu Zhang's excitement and hardening his erection.

He now moved to her other breast and repeated the same, gradually moving down.

Licking and wetting her tummy with his saliva he bit on her waist line, before sitting back.

"Lift your waist honey." In the moment of pleasure, Song Jia's mind was already blank, she could not think clearly anymore and complied immediately. In the next moment her pajamas were pulled out from her leg and landed on the floor silently.

Wu Zhang parted her legs and placed them on either side of him on the bed. Seeing her vertical lips tightly shut, he extended his hand and parted them slightly with his fingers.

He bent forward and sniffed her wetness, inhaling the pungent smell of her fluids. He stuck out his finger and caressed her slowly, to feel her wetness.

"Aaahhhh." Song Jia could not help moaning loudly and tried to close her leg. Wu Zhang caught her by her thighs immediately and stopped her. "Honey, don't hold back yourself, I won't hurt you." His voice was mellow and soothing.

Song Jia calmed a little and relaxed, while he stuck out his tongue and gave a long lick. She shuddered and clutched his neck, digging her nails in it. He didn't mind and continued licking her, exploring her walls first and then the depth.

His tongue made her even more wet and the smell grew stronger, filling his nostrils. Song Jia was by now relaxed and to her surprise enjoying herself. She was sub-consciously even pressing his neck closer to her small treasure.

Getting the hint that she was enjoying, his tongue moved faster, making her moan more and more. Her eyes had become watery by now and she would arch her back every now and then.

After she was self lubricated enough, he took his finger to her insertion and rubbed it softly. He slid inside his index finger slowly, but not even a centimetre went inside, when Song Jia screamed in pain. Her eyes went wide open and tear drops seeped out of them, breaking her haze of pleasure. Wu Zhang stopped and lifted his head. He was surprised to find out that it was her first time and this discovery made him feel both happy and guilty. He was happy because they would be each other's fast and last. Guilty because he had almost let her first time pass away so casually. He decided it there itself that he would give her a very special first time. So he stopped and lay back.

Pulling her into his embrace, he kissed her hair and gently patted her back. She hugged him back and they lay in each other's arms quietly.

Of course Wu Zhang was forced to take a cold shower later on.
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