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Wu Zhang had not even climbed in his car when rumbling sound of thunder erupted from the sky. This sudden sound startled Song Jia and she almost jumped in his arms. When they looked above in the sky, it started raining heavily and the rain soon converted in to big pieces of sleet.

"Let's go inside." Song Jia pulled him towards the door.

Wu Zhang covered her head with his palms to prevent her from getting hurt by the sleet and they both ran inside. Because the car was parked a little distant away from the building of the manor, it took them some time to reach inside after crossing the thick shatterproof glass sheet and both of them got wet on their way.

Both of them were panting, but Song Jia looked a little awkward. Her t-shirt had become translucent after getting wet and because she was not wearing any bra, her torso had become somewhat visible. Wu Zhang noticed her embarrassed state and removed his coat jacket to cover her from front like a gentleman.

"It doesn't look like it's going to end anytime soon." Song Jia struggled to speak from between her chattering teeth. The cold weather of january added to the chilling effect of sleet making her shiver. "The road on your way home is under construction, it's not safe to drive in sleet, stay here tonight." She pressed the coat tighter to her body, hugging her self.

"Are you sure?" He raised his eyebrows as he asked.

"Yes, it's not safe to drive." She obviously didn't understand the ambiguousness behind his words.

"Then can we sleep together?." He asked shamelessly.

"My ass sleep together. I am letting you sleep because it's not safe to drive this time. Don't let your horses run wild."

"Alright, show me the room then." He sulked on the surface, but when she turned around to show him the room, their was a mischievous smile on his face and he let her take him to his room.

Inside the guest room, Song jia increased the temperature of the room and gave him a towel after showing him the bathroom attached to the room. "I will get you a change, you go and take a shower by then."

She was turning around to go, but he pulled her back by her wrist, letting her bump into his chest. "Change your clothes first, you don't want to catch cold right?"

Amidst the chilling cold weather, two wet bodies stood inches apart from each other. Looking in each other's eyes. The temperature of the room increased all of a sudden, making it hot.

They were so close, their breath interjected. It wasn't sure who initiated, but the next moment they were merged in kissing each other. Nibbling each other's lips.

In a swift move, Wu Zhang pushed Song Jia against the wall near the door and the sudden move made the coat fall down from her shoulder to the floor, revealing her slender body from under her wet clothes. He lifted her hand over her head and locked them with his one big hand. He bent down and planted kisses on her face, starting from her forehead to her eyes, her nose tip to her cheeks stopping on her chin. He sucked lightly on her chin and when she was getting lost in the moment, he bit her softly on her chin.

"Aah." She moaned softly, further increasing the temperature of the room.

He moved to her neck, planting more kisses and biting on her feather soft skin. She was sensitive on her neck and his kisses made her shudder softly. Wu Zhang smiled after finding out her sensitive spot and nibbled harder on her neck, sucking the skin.

"Wu.. Wu..Aah.." She tried to speak but he bit her neck again before she could utter anything. Her legs were trembling from the activity on her neck. He pressed his muscular body against her lean figure and slid his free hand in her top feeling her bare back. She could clearly feel the erection in his body down south.
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