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Wu Zhang? Why was he here at this hour? He said he wanted to come and visit me, and he really came?

"Okay, let's go." Her and Nanny Lin went down to see Wu Zhang sitting on the couch sipping tea. Even with him not speaking anything, his presence gave off the aura of a king, strong, powerful and mighty.

Song Jia went to the couch and sat down next to him, cuddling in his chest. He placed the tea cup on the coffee table and hugged her back, inhaling her fragrance. Because she had taken bath recently, lavender smell of her soap was stronger then before.

"Weren't you working some time back?"

"Yes, but I started missing you. So I came here. All your fault." He complained.

"How is it my fault?" She lifted her face to look at him.

"If only you accepted the video call, it would have saved me so much effort." He pinched her nose softly.

"So now you find it burdensome to come looking for me?" She pouted, faking anger.

"Not at all, I can travel this distance endless times to look to for you. I was joking."

"Have you eaten yet?"

"Not yet. Why?"

"Excellent, neither have I. Come let's eat together." She took him to the dinning table and asked Nanny Lin to lay the food. Nanny Lin nodded and very quickly filled the table with multiple dishes.

Wu Zhang pulled out a chair for Song Jia, and after she sat down, he sat next to her. After Nanny Lin served the food, she stood on a side, sneaking glances at Wu Zhang in between. She had seen Feng Ying coming to the Manor sometimes and after he broke up with her Young Miss, she was really sad for Song Jia. But now seeing her with another man, she couldn't help herself from worrying. What if he also broke her heart? Right then and there Nanny Lin swore to herself, if this man dares to break her Miss's heart, no matter who he was she would find get a butcher's knife and slaughter him then and there. It was basically Nanny Lin who brought up Song Jia after her mother ran away so she cared a lot for her and didn't want to see her in any pain.

While they were dinning, housekeeper Lin Dong came inside. He saw Nanny Lin staring at Wu Zhang sharply and nudged her with his elbow lightly, signalling her to follow him.

"What were you doing?" He whispered after they reached inside the kitchen.

"What do you mean?"

"Why were you staring at Young Miss's guest?"

"You don't understand Old Man, they seem like they are dating and I was just trying to figure out if he is a nice man or not. What if he hurts Young Miss?" She looked genuinely worried.

"How many times have I told you not to meddle in the business of rich people. No matter how much you care for her, you will always be her Nanny and nothing more. So don't bother about their lives. Now go and clean the kitchen, I will serve them." He didn't allow his wife to talk anymore and went away.

"Go home after you leave. Don't go back to office." Song Jia spoke putting down her chopsticks.

"En." He didn't feel much because he had a different thought on his mind. How nice will it be to eat with her everyday after they got married? She would always be by his side and he won't have to miss her so much everyday.

As they reached near his car, Song Jia got closer to him, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him lightly on his jaw line to bid him good night.

Song Jia had forgotten that she was not wearing a bra, and when she got closer, Wu Zhang felt her soft breasts pressed against his chest, giving him a hard on. Before she could pull back, he pulled her closer and stuck his tongue in her mouth, delivering a wet hot kiss on her lips. He nibbled and sucked her cherry lips, biting them in between. Although he didn't go further because they were out in the open but they separated only after both of them were breathless.

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