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It was already past eight when Song Jia returned to Wave Manor. She was quite tired and just wanted to hit the sack.

As she entered Nanny Lin who was watering the plants near the entrance called her. Her ankle had healed by now and she was doing fine.

"Young Miss, I have just prepared dinner for you. Hurry up and come to eat, before the food gets cold. I will prepare the table immediately."

"Nanny Lin, I am too tired to eat, keep it in the kitchen, I will eat later. I am going to take a nap."

Nanny Lin saw the tired look on her face and didn't persist anymore. She nodded and went back to watering the plants.

Song Jia went to to her room and headed directly to the bathroom to take a hot shower.

After she was done, she realised she has forgotten her bathing gown like usual. Looking around, she luckily found a towel, so she wrapped it around and stepped out. The very next moment after she has come out, her phone started ringing. It was Wu Zhang. Just his name made her heart warm and forget all the worries. She answered the call and placed the phone on her dressing table after connecting it through her bluetooth earpiece.

"Hey, got back from work?"

"Yep, I came half an hour back. What about you?" She picked a bottle of moisturiser as she answered.

"I am still in office. I have a little bit of work pending." His voice sounded tired. "I want to come and meet you right now."

"What is stopping you?" She went to her walk in closet and pulled out her undergarments.

"Accept my video call request. I want to see you."

"Ahem!! Umm now?" She stared at the lacy panties in her hands, her imagination running wild.

"Why? Is there any problem?"

She was quiet. Yes it is a big problem. What was she supposed to tell him?

That she has just stepped out of the shower and was wearing nothing except a towel?

"Xiao Jia? What happened?" After getting no response for almost a minute Wu Zhang asked.

"Umm.. it's just that, video call wouldn't be quite appropriate right now." Her skin that has flushed to a light shade of red due to the hot water turned almost crimson now. She was hurriedly putting on her clothes so that she could take the call after getting dressed.

"Why?" Wu Zhang had no idea why she was behaving like that. It wasn't like they were going to video call for the first time. "Just a video call, It's not like I am asking you to seduce me on the screen Haha." He joked.

Song Jia "..." Accepting a video call in half naked state is seducing in itself Okay? Bad Joke!!

"Umm... I..."

"Okay wait, I'll call you back in some time."

"Liste.." Before she could speak anything further, he hung up.

Song Jia didn't think much about it because he was in office, so she thought he might be busy. She got in to her pajamas and stepped out of her walk-in closet.

As she lay down in her bed, she realised her fickle sleep has ditched her again. Now that she has laid down, she wasn't sleepy anymore. She tossed and turned from left to right, but she just could not sleep.

"Grr.." Hearing the growling of her stomach, she decided to go down and eat something, and maybe then she might be able to fall asleep.

She climbed out of the bed and reached the door, just as she pulled it ajar, she saw Nanny Lin standing outside, her hand mid-air, ready to knock.

"Nanny Lin? What happened?"

"Young Miss, there is a guest for you."

"Guest? Who is it at this hour?" She has not invited over anyone, so who was it?

"It is some Mister Wu." Nanny Lin wasn't much educated, so she didn't know anything about corporate world, and therefore she didn't know who this Mister Wu was. But with his looks she knew he was someone powerful.
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