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As soon as Wu Zhang came back to his room, he gave Li Jing a call "You have become really worthless, I am cancelling your leave you applied for."

Li Jing on the other hand who was in the office, working, his jaw dropped. He could not understand what happened and hearing that his leave, that he has got after eight months of work was being cancelled, he wanted to cry. "But President... " he did not know how to respond.

"Did I not tell you to find out about Miss Song and report it to me?"

Li Jing wanted to kill himself " President I have already sent it on your e-mail"

"Oh! Did you?" Wu Zhang asked

"Yes Sir"


"But president my le... " even before Li Jing could ask anything about his leave, Wu Zhang has hung up.

After ending the call Wu Zhang went straight to his study and turned on his laptop. As he read through the mail, he found out a lot about her. Although it did not have much information about her family, it spoke a lot about her work, achievements, Song empire, and how she has quadrupled the Company's turnover in just one and half year of taking over, he felt she had good potential. The mail even included information about Feng Ying, even including that they broke up last night. Li Jing has indeed done an impressive work. After reading about Feng Ying, he finally understood why Song Jia was near the lake. He got a rough idea that she might have cried their all night in rain and hence caught fever. He felt sad for her. It was a strange feeling, he wanted to comfort her and protect her so that she never have to cry again. Just the thought of, tears falling down her pretty face made his heart ache.

While Wu Zhang was still wondering about Song Jia, a knock on the door disrupted his thought. "Mr. Wu, it's me. Song Jia." He immediately minimised the window on which he was reading his mails, and pretended to be busy in work as the door opened. He turned around to see her standing at the door. This was the first time he got to have a proper look of her body. When he brought her she was unconcious, so he did not notice her body much. But now when he did, he was even more attracted towards her. She was wearing an off white, gucci leather jacket over a black body fit top, ending just a little above her small waist, she has paired it with simple black jeans, which displayed the outkine of her perfectly shaped long legs. Her hairs were tied up in a messy ponytail, clearly displaying her delicate face. Even though she had no make up on, she still looked flawless. It was now when he noticed she had a mole near her lips, making him want to kiss her.

"Mr. Wu, I came to take my leave. My assistant is here and i should leave now. It was nice meeting you. Thank you for your hospitality. I will wait for your call." she bowed, expressing her gratitude.

"It's all right miss Song, no need to be so formal. I will look forward to meeting you again in the future" he replied with a poised exterior, while deep down he was controlling himself so hard to not to kiss her, that he had clenched his palm into such tight fists that his knuckles started hurting.

"Where have you been?"

"Why do you look so pale?"

"What happened to you"

After Song Jia got in her car, Wei Xin bombarded her with questions. Even though she was her assistant, they had been classmates in high school. After she became Song Jia's assistant, they slowly became friends. She kept their conversation prefessional in office premises and work hours, but after that they were just friends. And right now she was so worried about her that she did not care about being professionl at all.
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