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After climbing out from Fredrick's car, Wei Xin had just taken two steps to walk towards her car, when she heard a familiar voice.

"Hey Nerdy Raisin."

Wei Xin was surprised to hear the voice. There was only one person who called her with this name and with that thought she felt like her heart thumping again. She paused and then turned around hesitantly. And just like she expected, she saw Wu Zihao coming in her direction, waving his hand.

'How can you day dream so much.' She murmured to herself and then turned around, and repeated the same process she did earlier. She rubbed her eyes, blinked a few times and then turned back. But this time Wu Zihao was present. He didn't vanish. He was coming in her direction in a three piece burgundy suit, looking as handsome as ever.

Wu Zihao came to her and slapped her arm playfully, "Nerdy Raisin, what a pleasant surprise."

Wei Xin opened her mouth to speak, but no word came out. She was too confused.

So it means when she saw him earlier, she was not hallucinating, he was for real.

"H-- Hi, Wu Zihao, Hi." Damn! What am I saying.

Her reaction was a combination of surprise as well as shock. He was the last person she was expecting to see.

"Why do you look so shocked? I am not a ghost." Wu Zihao pouted. Seems like he has lost his charm after going to The United States. First that Song Jia gave him such a weird reaction and now Wei Xin. Indeed, birds of a feather flock together.

"Weren't you in USA? How come you are back all of a sudden?"

"Obviously I had to come back. I was not planning to settle there anyway."

"Oh.. I see." Wei Xin nodded. She was still trying to calm herself down from this sudden meeting.

Wu Zihao glanced at the car she has climbed out from and saw a man sitting inside. From the looks he didn't look like a driver to him, so he leaned closer to Wei Xin and asked in a rather teasing way, pointing his chin towards Fredrick's car "Got yourself a boyfriend?" He was still the same gossip monger.

"What boyfriend?" She was confused, so she followed his gaze and saw Fredrick's car. He was sitting inside looking at the laptop screen, probably looking at the video in the pen drive.

"No, he isn't my boyfriend. Just.. Just a colleague." Right! A colleague that just kissed me. ( -_- ) "What are you doing here?" The area was not a very posh one and for someone like Wu Zihao to come here was weird.

"Ah, we have recently bought some stores in this area, I came here to check on the progress. I was leaving when I happened to see you."

Seeing him standing in front of her, it reminded Wei Xin of her time in school. After Song Jia had left school to go to USA, Wu Zihao's class section was changed and he and Wei Xin ended up in the same class. They were the type of friends who always kept bickering for no reason and the essence of their friendship was just bickering. They would argue the most when Wu Zihao would call her 'Nerdy Raisin' and tease her. After bickering and bickering, Wei Xin fell in love with him, to control her emotions, she distanced her self from him and their communications became less. After growing up, they would sometimes run into each other during parties or some gatherings of mutual friends and that was all the communication they had. After passing out from school, this was probably the first time they would have chatted for so long. She was feeling a rush of emotions, seeing him after so long. To prevent it from getting awkward, she decided to end their conversation and leave. "You are going somewhere?"

"No I was just heading home. What about you?"

"I also have to leave. I am actually in a bit of rush. Hope you don't mind."

"Not at all. Do you need a ride?"

"No I have brought my car. I shall be leaving first then. Bye." She hurriedly walked away.

After they were gone, Fredrick turned down the screen of his laptop and looked rather disappointed. He had recognised Wu Zihao, just from the first glance. Seeing him talking so casually and so happily with Wei Xin, made him feel uncomfortable. He himself couldn't figure out the reason why he felt so. He pulled out a cigarette and took a long puff. After he smoked more then half of it, he finally drove away.


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