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Wei Xin had stomped her foot so hard that Fredrick felt like his toe would get paralysed and his face twitched in pain. She got up from his lap and sat back on her chair with a smirk on her face. She was quite satisfied with the force she had used to stomp her foot. Had she been in some supernatural plot, she was sure that the ground beneath her would have torn apart and a secret civilisation would have come in their view.

"That was for what you did just now."

"Ouch!! That girl sure is ruthless, my heart hurts for her boyfriend." One of the teens from the girl group commented, clutching her heart dramatically. And the other two sighed nodded their heads in agreement.

Unaware of the discussion around them Wei Xin spoke, "So are we talking seriously now? Or you still want to beat around the bush?"

"No Mi Lord, talk. Tell me what is it?" He was now seriously paying attention to the case.

"Here." Wei Xin pulled out a small black pen drive and placed it on the table. "I want you to investigate the authenticity of this video and find out if it has been tampered with or not."

"Let's go to my car. We'll watch it there." With the look on Wei Xin's face, Fredrick knew it was serious, and he thought it won't be appropriate to play it here.

"Okay." Wei Xin agreed and after Fredrick paid the bill, they left.

He took her to his car and after climbing in, he fetched his laptop from the back seat and inserted the pen drive.

As the video started playing, "Isn't that the Elder Young Master of Wu Family? Wu Zhang?" He arced his eyebrow as he asked.

Wei Xin just nodded her head as the video continued. They silently watched the entire clip and till then no one spoke anything. Fredrick paid a lot of attention to the video, trying to find out the faults in it. He then silently switched to the other folder, which had the letter in it. After he read everything he turned to Wei Xin, "First of all, why do you want me to investigate this? What has Wu Zhang's personal life got to do with you?" Fredrick was quite confused as why she would want to investigate such thing?

"Are you trying to use it to get close to his brother Wu Zihao?" He could not find any other reason for her behaviour.

"Have you lost it?" Wei Xin rolled her eyes and continued, "Wu Zhang is dating my Boss, Song Jia. We are not just employer employee but also friends. I don't want her to fall for a worthless guy again."

"So you want me to investigate if he is an adulterer or not?"

"You can say so. But most importantly I want to know the truth behind this video."

Fredrick's gaze didn't leave the laptop screen for even once when he listed out his observations.

"It is one hundred percent sure that the video has been tampered. There are a lot discrepancies that made me draw this conclusion."

He played the video from the start and started pointing out. Just as the scene switched from Wu Zhang sitting alone to the girl entering he paused the video and said, "Look, the table was empty before this and now it has a glass of Martini on it. Which means the scene of wait staff has been cut out who served him. It is highly possible that something else happened too which has been edited and removed."

"Now look here, the girl is hiding her face, and from the looks of it, it looks like she hid it intentionally, not wanting to reveal her identity which means it was recorded with the intention to mislead."

He re-winded the video to when Raechel entered the room, "Look at his face" he pointed towards Wu Zhnag, "From what I guess he has by now drank only one glass of Martini and that too half of it. And he looks very drunk, which is impossible with just a few sips of Martini." One by One Fredrick pointed out everything that Wei Xin had noticed and even more by watching the video only once where as Wei Xin took more then half of the day to point out the flaws. She was now convinced that she chose the right person for the job. His observation skills were beyond belief.

"I want the results as soon as possible." She pulled out a stack of money and handed it to Fredrick. Then she gave him the envelope in which the pen drive was delivered. "I received the pen drive in this." And after telling him everything about how she got pen drive she left.
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