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"What the hell do you mean? If you haven't solved any case.. No.. correction, If you haven't TAKEN any case, why did you brag so much about your so called skills?" She wanted to puke blood.

"Just because I didn't take any case doesn't mean I don't have any skills." Fredrick spoke matter of fact.


"And didn't I prove to you that I am worth your case? Remember Second Young Master Wu? Fredrick spoke with a smirk on his face.

"Shut up." Wei Xin pricked her fork on the back of his palm.

"Ouch, you sure are a wild girl. I like wild girls." He winked. His words sure had some ambiguous meaning.

"Do you want to die?" If not for the matter that they were in a restaurant she would have slaughtered Fredrick by now.

For a nerd girl like Wei Xin, who had focused on nothing but studies during childhood and teenage and then on work later on, to meet such a careless and non-sense spouting man was too much to handle.

"Why would I? Okay let's talk business, don't waste too much of my time." He said like he was the busiest person on the earth and Wei Xin had nothing better to do then waste his time.

"I am wasting your time?" If she stayed even a second longer she would get a nosebleed. She finally slammed the table hard and sprang up on her feet. The people from neighbouring tables, looked at her curiously. Ignoring the gossip seeking gazes, she collected her bag and cell phone and decided to leave.

"Feel free to pay the bill." She has just taken the first step when Fredrick pulled her back by her wrist. But surprisingly the force he used was a little too much and Wei Xin lost her footing, landing directly on Fredrick's lap.

The people nearby all turned smiles and started gossiping. A group of teenage girls who were sitting nearby whispered to each other,

"Ah, isn't that so cute? I just love how he is trying to calm down his angry girlfriend. She sure is a lucky chick."

"Yes!! Yes!! Look at the way he is looking at her, so love filled." The second girl echoed with the first one.

Awww!! Their gazes all turned dreamy, taking them to their own la la lands.

While on the other table, a couple was sitting across each other. The girl's eyes filled with envy when she saw the 'boyfriend trying to mend things with his girlfriend.'

"Just look at how hard he is trying to please her. And you, who doesn't even care for if I am angry or not." She complained feeling disappointed.

The guy who was her boyfriend looked helplessly in the direction of the 'couple' and cursed Fredrick inwardly. And when he could not take any more complaints from his girl, he paid the bill and dragged her out of the cafe.

"What do you think you are doing? Let me go." Wei Xin tried to wriggle out from his grip. But Fredrick pinned her down with a grip too strong for her to escape out of.

"No, you will have to first promise me that you will hand over the case to me. Then I will let you go."

"Leave me." She wanted to scream, but because they were in public place, she hissed from between gritted teeth.

"No. Promise me first." He gave his verdict with no room for negotiation.

"Fine I promise. Let me go now."

Fredrick looked in her eyes with a complicated expression and in the next second, before Wei Xin could even process what was happening, he pulled her face towards his and locked his lips with her, leaving Wei Xin shocked.

The group of teenage girls who were keenly looking in Wei Xin and Fredrick's direction, looked like if someone even killed them right now, they would die happily. They were kind of fangirling the two.

Before Wei Xin could even understand what was happening, he broke the kiss and loosened his grip. Wei Xin's face was flushed red by now. She looked extremely angry and embarrassed. She stomped her foot, with her heels on and almost crushed his toes again with the force she applied on her heels.
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