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After finishing her work, Wei Xin asked Song Jia if she could leave early and to which Song Jia gladly agreed. It was already past six in the evening when she left from office. The address she had given to Fredrick the other day was of a cafe that was a forty minutes drive from the Song International Corporation. She got into her car and drove off.

As she was parking her car, she noticed a familiar figure outside the entrance of the cafe.

It was... Wu Zihao? Her heart thumped loudly for the first time in a long while.

What is he doing here?

Wasn't he in United States?

She looked in the other direction, rubbed her eyes, blinked a few times and then looked in his direction again.

He was.. gone. No one was standing at that spot now.

Maybe she was hallucinating.

She brushed off her thoughts and got out of the car. After walking inside the cafe she took a seat next to the window facing the entrance. Fredrick has not yet arrived, she ordered a mocha and a chocolate truffle for herself while she waited.

"Eating without waiting for me? Isn't that a bit rude?" Well it was obviously Fredrick with his ever so cheeky smile.

"Look who is talking? You make a girl wait for half an hour and that is not rude?" Wei Xin rolled her eyes.

Fredrick sat on the chair next to Wei Xin and smiled, "You are right, I should not make such a pretty girl wait." He then turned around and placed order for a few more snacks and a latte for himself.

"Cough.. We are here to talk business." Wei Xin severely lacked when it came to compliments. She just couldn't help herself from feeling awkward.

"Yes.. right. So tell me what do you want me to investigate?" He asked when the waiter left after serving his order.

"First of all you tell me, how many cases have you solved successfully till date?" Wei Xin took a bite of the truffle.

Fredrick took a sip of his latte and stuck out his fingers of his left hand, to make a circle from them, indicating a zero.

"What? Are you kidding me? You haven't solved a single case successfully till now?" Her eyes were just about to pop out from their socket and her jaw dropped to the floor.

"Yes." He nodded his head and continued, "Because you are my first."

"How can you be so sure that I will be your first when you don't even know the case?." She had misunderstood him to think that he was saying hers would be the first case he will solve successfully.

"You are mistaken. Yours is the first case I have taken."

"WHATTT?" Wei Xin choked on her coffee as she heard him. Hers was the first case he would be taking? "What the heck? Are you freaking mad?"

"What? I am just telling you the truth. Isn't it good business ethic to speak the truth before entering a deal?" He was as calm as a millpond.

Wei Xin was so angry that her hands were itching to slap the hell out of him. This guy always managed to get on her nerve. "Where were your ethics when you shamelessly boasted about your achievements on your website?" She was gnashing her teeth so hard that they would have broken any moment if she gnashed harder.

"It was all about my skills. Where did I write that I have solved cases?"

"Eh?" Wei Xin got silent and tried to recall the details on his agency's website. Now that she thought about it, she realised he was correct. He has actually no where mentioned that he has solved any case. All he had done was brag about his skills.

Damn this guy!!
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