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When love beckons twice 86 You Can Leave if You are Not Satisfied.

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Song Chen's words left no room for further discussion. He successfully managed to quieten down the father-son duo. They were not left with any other choice then to agree.

Song Chen then turned to Song Jia and spoke calmly, "Xiao Jia, I am satisfied with this arrangement and you don't have to change it."

"It's alright Chairman Song. I did it just to give director Yue Ming some face. After all it was him who enlightened me with the capabilities of his son." Yue Ming's face had turned the deepest shade of red from anger. If it deepened anymore, it would become black. But ignoring his face, Song Jia continued, "I am a business woman and I can't let go of such incomparable talents to be scouted by someone else. So I had to hire him. But because I have made an exception for him, I had to make sure that other employees should be satisfied with this arrangement. So adding this clause was very much needed."

"Yes President, I am very satisfied with this arrangement. Mr Yue must show us his capabilities for us accept him as the the worthy chairman of Sparkle & Shine." Hui Liang backed up for Song Jia. He was finally satisfied with this arrangement. The first three months would anyway not make a very big impact on the company's reputation in the market. It was a win win situation for the company for following two reasons:

1) If Yue Tianxiao did well, the company will flourish. Which was great.

2) If he failed, he will never have the face to come back and ask for a job again and creating trouble for the company every now and then, saving them trouble. Whereas speaking of Sparkle & Shine, it's losses would be easily made up for in future period, so that was not an issue at all.

"Chairman Song, please ask your nephew if he is satisfied or not, if he is not, then he has all the right to give up on this offer and walk out. We haven't yet filed the contract officially so he can leave if he wants to. However there is no room for negotiation here." Song Jia was although talking to Song Chen, but her gaze never left Yue Tianxiao's face. She was actually enjoying the black like bottom of a kettle expression on his face.

"My assistant is here, please tell your final decision to her." Song Jia pointed towards Wei Xin and after speaking got up to leave.

"Wait." It was Yue Tianxiao. His expression was still dark and frustration was clearly visible on his little face.

"Yes?" Song Jia asked turning around.

"I don't need to think about it. I am ready to accept this job and I will show you that I am worth this job. Every bit of me is worth this job."

"Good for you." Song jia spoke nonchalantly and left without looking back. Following after her, left all the other directors except Yue Ming and Song Chen. Oy three people were left in the room now.

"Uncle why didn't you tell her to change the clause?" Yue Tianxiao complained as soon as they were alone.

"Because I am fine with this arrangement. Yue Tianxiao you have a great opportunity in your hand. Don't let it go waste. And what are you worried for? If you manage to successfully achieve the results, she is seeking, the Post is permanently yours. So give your best. And with this everyone will accept you wholeheartedly. You will kill two birds with one stone." Song Chen patted his shoulder and left. He knew Yue Tianxiao didn't know much about business, forget running a company. He recommended him because of his wife and didn't want to do anything more. So Tianxiao will have to fetch for himself from now on.
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