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"You cheat. Why did you do this?" Yue Tianxiao was growling loudly. Everyone looked at him with a shocked expression. How dare he shout at their President?

However their lips were also curved slightly with happiness due to the clause. The clause read "All the above mentioned clauses shall be valid for a grace period of three months from the date of appointment of Mr. Yue Tianxiao as the chairman of Sparkle & Shine. If in the provided period Mr. Yue Tianxiao fails to bring the company a minimum of five percent of net profit on the capital of the company, he shall have to vacate his office and shall not be eligible for being reappointed in Song International Corporation or any of it's other subsidiary companies."

"Mr. Yue behave yourself." It was Wei Xin who spoke on behalf of Song Jia. Just because the clause is not satisfactory enough for them, Song Jia has become a cheat?

"Why should I behave? How dare this woman add such a clause? Why should I resign?" He was going mad with fury.

"My son is correct. Why should he resign if he can't earn enough profit? The company has just recently been incorporated few months back and has not even officially entered the market yet. How can he earn so much in just one quarter?" Yue Ming who was equally angry came to his son's aid.

"Why? Didn't you say that your son is highly capable and I won't regret appointing him?" Song Jia intentionally skipped Song Chen's name because she didn't want him to loose face in front of everyone. And this small little gesture didn't go unnoticed by Song Chen. He looked at Song Jia with a complicated gaze but she was not looking at him. She was talking to Yue Ming.

"Yes, yes I said so. But this is taking it too far. You don't have to be so ruthless." Yue Ming tried reason with every possible excuse he could come up with.

"Not confident about your son's capabilities?" Song Jia chuckled. She looked very calm with no trace of anger or annoyance.

"Why would I not be? He is immensely capable." Yue Ming hissed from between his gritted teeth.

"Song Jia, don't over do it. How can you doubt the capabilities of your elder cousin? I am far more capable then you can imagine." Yue Tianxiao said with a deeper meaning.

"Exactly." Song Jia snapped her finger and smiled widely. "I know your capabilities are far more better then I can even imagine, that is why I gave you this target." Her eyes had a provoking smile.

Yue Ming and Yue Tianxiao were dumb struck now. It was now they realised they had fallen in her trap. She made them boast shamelessly in front of everyone and now when they did, she slapped them with her reason for setting such target for Yue Tianxiao. If they said it was difficult, they would be making a joke of themselves. And if they accepted and failed, which they would for sure, then Yue Tianxiao would have to resign. They were stuck between the devil and the deep sea and the devil was no doubt Song Jia.

"What? Are you scared now?" Hui Liang who had understood everything by now asked.

"Who is scared? But this..."

Before Yue Tianxiao could finish, Song Chen interrupted him, "Tianxiao, the time you have been given is sufficient and given to the fact that you couldn't get through the interview round, you will have to go an extra mile to prove your worth. There is nothing wrong with the clause and I second it."
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