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Soon after all the board members entered the board room one after another including Yue Ming. Yue Tianxiao was already seated on a chair on the right side of Song Jia's. He was wearing a neatly pressed three piece suit and looked a tad anxious.

After everyone got seated, the door of the board room flung open and Song Jia entered followed by Song Chen. She gracefully walked to her chair to sit and Song Chen occupied the place on her right side. She has specifically asked him to attend the meeting to discuss Yue Tianxiao's appointment.

"Let's proceed." Wei Xin spoke after Song Jia got seated.

"We will be discussing the appointment of Mr. Yue Tianxiao as the Chairman of Sparkle & Shine today in the meeting. A lot of people have raised their objection to his appointment so we will first discuss the terms of Mr. Yue's appointment and then you can raise your objections if you have any." This time it was the Vice-president.

After he spoke, Wei Xin passed a copy of his employment contract to everyone present. They were baffled after reading the first page. The amenities provided were too much. He was given so much power and had the full authority of the company. Yue Tianxiao smirked seeing their reactions. Their was a sense of pride in his eyes and his smile was of mockery. He wanted to ridicule everyone present. Yue Ming had the same expression as that of his son. However deep inside he wanted to laugh at Song Jia. He always thought she was a hard nut to crack, but she foolishly handed his son everything. He wanted to laugh at her foolishness. Song Chen on the other hand looked grateful towards Song Jia. He was happy that she considered his request and gave his nephew such a big opportunity. All now he prayed was that his nephew does not disappoint him in future.

"Please turn over to clause F sub-clause 3." Wei Xin spoke again.

Every one turned over to the respective page and read the clause carefully. Yue Ming's expression darkened as he read the first few lines. He looked at Yue Tianxiao's face to see if he knew about this clause. Judging from his expression he knew he didn't. Yue Tianxiao had the original contract with him. He was feeling so smug that he didn't turn over his page. His folder was sitting unopened. Wei Xin noticed him and then pointed out, "Mr. Yue you also."

Yue Tianxiao opened his folder with a bored expression and looked at everyone else. Song Jia was observing his actions carefully. Just from his little smug action and the way he was acting like he owned the place, she knew he won't disappoint her and will be kicked out soon. She actually was not greedy for money or the company. But this company was her grandfather's dream. He had set it's founding stone himself. Even though it was Song Chen who was responsible for bringing the company to such heights, it was still something her grandfather cared a lot for. So there was no way she would let these fools take over the company and destroy it. She had everything thought and planned.

Seeing that everyone was very carefully reading the clause F, Yue Tianxiao's interest peaked and he bowed down his head to read it. He had earlier not read the entire contract because he was too happy after reading the first three pages that he ignored everything else and signed the contract then and there.

However as he read the first line, his mind started going blank. He sprang up from his seat and growled at Song Jia, "You deceived me. How can you do this?"
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