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"Director Hui Liang, what is the matter?" Song Jia asked suppressing her smile. She obviously knew he was here to whine. His eyes had a questioning gaze and his face was full of confusion, seeking for confrontation.

"Madam, I am sorry but may I ask why has Mr. Yue been appointed as the Chairman for Sparkle & Shine?"

Song Jia didn't try to console him and simply said, "Because I wanted to. Can't I?" Her tone spoke of her authority and clearly expressed that she had no intention of changing her decision whatsoever.

However Hui Liang had no intention of backing down now because he wanted to know the reason. But Madam we all know he is not capable enough to handle the company. Then why?" Director Hui was visibly upset. He didn't want the company to fall in any incapable hands, because it had tremendous growth possibility and under Yue Tianxiao's hands it was bound to suffer losses.

"Mr. Hui, are you questioning my judgement?" She lifted her eyebrow as she asked. Even Wei Xin was surprised to see someone so openly challenging Song Jia's authority. Did he loose his mind?

Hui Liang hesitated at first, but then he added "Not at all Madam, but I think I am not wrong if I ask the reason." Hui Liang answered politely. But his stand was clear, he wanted to know the reason behind her decision. He wanted to know why she would work against the policies of the company.

"You will find out soon Mr. Hui."

"But Madam-"

Before he could add any more ifs and buts Song Jia cut him off mid sentence, "Mr. Hui I know what I am doing and I am not answerable to any one of you. All I will say right now is that have patience. You will find out the answer soon."

Her one sentence that she is not answerable to him silenced Hui Liang completely. He knew Song Jia had an excellent decision making skill and she would never take a bet she had chances of loosing. So he quietened down, nodded his head and left.

After Hui Liang left, Song Jia asked Wei Xin, "Has he reached?" She was referring to Yue Tianxiao. He was supposed to come for a meeting with the board of directors today and then he would assume the office of chairman from the other day.

"Yes, he has been waiting for almost an hour now."

"An hour?" Song Jia was quite surprised. The supposed time for meeting was half past eleven and it was quarter past eleven now. Does it mean he has reached more then an hour early? Was she dreaming?

Well it was for the first time in his life Yue Tianxiao has reached somewhere early. He never valued time and had a habit of being late everywhere making people wait. But today maybe it was his excitement for the new work that he reached early. Or way too early.

"Yes, he reached early and is right now waiting in the meeting room." Wei Xin hated Yue Ling and her family so even when she was just talking about work, their was a hint of annoyance in her eyes. She just didn't like them at all. Simple.

Song Jia's face was filled with amusement. She had originally wanted to make him wait for a very long time before starting the meeting. But knowing that he has shown such eagerness and punctuality for the first time in his life and also the last most probably, she decided to show him her kindness immediately without delay.

"Prepare to convene the meeting."

"Yes." Wei Xin nodded and went to prepare the meeting room.
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