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As soon as the news about Yue Tianxiao being appointed as the chairman of the Sparkle n Shine spread in the company, all the employees switched to gossip. They were clearly displeased with the decision because many of them had earlier tried to get their relatives in the company through sources but were rejected outright.

"Why would President Song appoint someone with nil capabilities to hold the position of Chairman?" Few of the junior female employees were in their gossip mode.

"I heard it was Mrs. Song pressurising the President."

"But isn't it against the rules of the company? Is it because they are the office holders they can manipulate the policies as they want?" Another female employee chimed in. She was completely displeased because she has earlier tried to get her cousin a job in the company by pulling strings in the dark but was rejected straight away.

"Are you lot tired from your jobs?" A stern male voice startled all of them. The gossiping employees turned around and saw the vice president He Bai standing behind them with a facial expression equally stern as his voice.

"Vice President He Bai, we are just discussing the unfairness in treatment that the company has given to us. Just because that Mr. Yue is a relative of President Song he gets a job without qualification?" The girl who was earlier complaining voiced her opinion.

Almost everyone in the company was aware about Yue Tianxiao's employment and none of them were happy. However there were only few who dared mouth their opinion, and this female employee was one of them.

"Don't create such a fuss about it. If President Song has made a decision, there must have been a reason behind it." Even though he said those words politely, his tone brooked no argument, immediately silencing the employees.

Vice President He Bai had understood Song Jia well during the previous few years and knew she would not make such an irrational decision without any back up plan in her mind. His only thought was that if she has done it, there must be a reason behind it.

Just as the dissatisfied employees were quietened, another male voice was heard, "What did you say? President Song has appointed Mr. Yue in the company? Do you mean Mr.Yue Tianxiao?" It was Production Department director Hui Liang. He was shocked because it was him who had earlier rejected Yue Ming's request to hire his son. He was completely baffled and obviously angry.

"Yes director Hui you heard right." An employee from the gossiping group confirmed.

"But why would president do it?"

"Director Hui, please don't blow up this issue." It was Vice president He Bai this time. "If President did it, she must have valid reasons." He didn't want a chaos in the company first thing in the morning.

"But.. I must know the reason. Let me go and ask President myself." Hui Liang headed straight to Song Jia's office.

"Madam Director Hui is here to meet you." Wei Xin informed Song Jia.

"Bring him in."

The director gushed straight towards Song Jia's desk. He looked like he would just start crying. Yue Ming had continuously approached him in a row for so many days to help him to get Yue Tuanxiao in the office and he had been rejecting him without even batting an eyelid. And now to his utter disappointment Song Jia herself had done the same thing she asked him not to do. He must find out the reason.

If he knew Song Jia would appoint that useless man in the company he would not have bothered with rejecting him in the first place to be bothered for so many days.
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