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The very same day, Yue Tianxiao received his appointment letter. However to his surprise the letter was for his appointment as the Chairman of Song International Corporation's subsidiary company Sparkle & Shine. It was a small company that was formed recently to enter the jewellery and gems market. The company had not officially entered the market yet, but it's returns were promising. Their main aim was to focus on the diamond jewellery and other rare gems. Not only the job even the salary to be paid to Yue Tianxiao was quite handsome. Even after all this the most shocking part of the employment contract was none of these clauses, but the last clause of the contract. It clearly stated that the operations of the company would be in complete control of Yue Tianxiao and he would have the ultimate and exclusive authority over the matters of the company. No one in the family believed that Song Jia would be so generous to hand him over one entire company instead of a department.

Yue Min immediately called his sister to share the good news, "Sister, I can't believe that brother-in-law still had so much influence over your stepdaughter. Just a few words from him and she appointed him as the Chairman of the company. Sister you are the best. Had I known that Brother-in-law would convince her so easily I would have never gone to talk to her." It would have saved him so much humiliation after all. Every time he thought about the conversation he had with Song Jia, his anger would start bubbling up.

Even Yue Ling was quite surprised after hearing the news. "What?"

"She appointed him as the chairman?"

"Yes sister, and not just that he would have full control over the affairs of the company. Today it is just Sparkle n Shine, one day we would have the entire Song International Corporations in our hand. Old Song has already retired and after we get the company for us we would throw that pair of father and daughter out of the company." Yue Ming guffawed with happiness. He just could not contain his excitement. They were after all one step closer to acquiring the entire Song International Corporations.

"Don't get too excited. That girl is quite clever. I am sure she has some tricks up her sleeve. Let me tell you, warn your son to be very careful. We can't afford to make any mistakes." Amongst the whole bunch of Yue family, Yue Ling was the smartest and the most calculating of them all. She knew Song Jia very well so she naturally understood that things were not the way they looked on the surface.

"Don't worry sister. Nothing wrong would happen. We have successfully achieved the first milestone of our plan. And we are anyway just taking what truly should have belonged to us. That old man, didn't give you any share in the company even after our nephew died so now we would take the entire company for us.That is only correct." Yue Ming's' eyes were burning with anger and determination. Their first step was to get Tianxiao in the company somehow. And they achieved it successfully. Since he was the Chairman of a subsidiary company he would slowly set foot in the Song Corporation as well. Being the chairman was in every way better then being the director of a department in Song International Corporations because that way their would be less people to keep an eye on their activities.
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