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After Song Jia took her food and medicine, she felt better. Although her body was still aching, she no longer felt weak. As she lay in the bed, thoughts of Feng Ying struck her mind and she wondered if he would try to contact her. Thinking about contact, she realised she did not have her phone with her and she has not contacted her father and her assistant after coming back, she looked around the room to see if her phone was kept somewhere, but she could not find it. Just as she was about to get out of the duvet, the door of her room flew open and Wu Zhang entered. He had her phone and car keys in his hand "I thought you might be looking for it".

"I was about to go out to ask for it, and you happened to bring it" Song Jia smiled as she extended her hand to receive the keys and phone.

"Your car has been brought over but I will suggest you don't drive as you still haven't recovered so I will drop you whenever you feel like going back."

"It is alright Mr. Wu, you have already taken care of me, i will call my assistant, she will take me back."

Wu Zhang nodded his head, and was about to turn and leave when Song Jia stopped him "Mr. Wu, thank you so much for bringing me home and taking care of me. And I am... also sorry for misunderstanding you earlier" she looked a little embarassed as she recalled the incident "Allow me to show my gratitude to you by treating you to a meal sometimes."

Wu Zhang smiled "it is no big deal miss Song, but I will be happy to dine with you." Happy to dine? His response made even Wu Zhang wonder what was wrong with him, he has never been like this in the past. The Wu Zhang others knew, never cared to impress a girl or take care of her, neither has he ever taken so much interest in knowing any of them, nor has he ever felt 'happy' on going out with them. So what did this girl has that kept him drawing towards her. The truth was, he could have asked any one of the househelps to pass on the phone and keys to Song Jia, but he chose to personally come over and give them to her, because he wanted to see her once more and find an excuse to talk to her. Above all he did not even go to office today and was working from home, because he wanted to see her again. But the thing that delighted him the most was that now he had one more chance to see her, she has herself invited him over for a meal and he was more then happy to accept the offer. So even though he was reluctant to leave now but he still decided to, so that he could call Li Jing to know if he has found out anything more about her, and moreover he had another chance to see her, which made him feel content for now.

Meanwhile Song Jia checked her phone to realise she has more then twenty missed calls and none of them were from Feng Ying, maybe he was too scared to call her after she threatened him. Yet she could not help but wonder if she was so worthless to him that he did not even for once, tried to reconcile.

She was still in daze when her phone started ringing, bringing her back to reality. It was Wei Xin, her assistant. "Madam, are you all right? I have been trying to call you since morning, but no one answered. Mr. Song was worried about you"

"Yes, Wei Xin I am alright. Tell dad not to worry. I am sending you an address, please come to pick me up." and she hung up.
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